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New bass day!

Everyone likes to post NGD threads in the Guitar/GG&A forums, so how about a bass one? (I figure the same rules apply here, hope I'm right!)

After discussing it on here with others, I finally got a chance to pull the trigger on this bad boy..behold!

(Not the greatest pic, but still gives a good idea!)

Picked up one of the Vintage Modified series 5-string Jazz basses from Squier. As you can see from the picture, it's quite a pretty looking bass for the price point they go for. But how does it stack up where it counts? Honestly, quite well IMHO. I'll try and sum up my first impression of this bass in 3 categories - Build quality/fit and finish, Hardware/set-up, and electronics/tone.

QUALITY - As soon as you pick this thing up, you'll quickly learn that for a budget-level bass, it's pretty well made. The body has some mass to it, and feels like that of a more expensive instrument. The neck is made of a beefy, rock-solid maple, and plays fast and smooth. It is not perfect though. The fret wire cut from the factory isn't the best, and may take a bit of getting used to, or some minor work if you want it to be perfect. I'm enjoying it as is!

HARDWARE/SET-UP - Out of the box play-ability isn't bad. No fret buzz or any issues to speak of, but you will definitely get more out of it with a good set-up job. This was probably intentional from Squier/Fender, as it comes from the factory strung, but not tuned. After some minor tweaks, it will play and stay in tune pretty well. The hardware seems pretty good for the money, but I suppose you can always upgrade it if need be.

TONE - This bass comes from the factory with Duncan Designed Jazz pickups. Some don't really care for the DD line of Duncan pickups, but I like what I'm hearing from them. It's capable of smooth, mellow tones, and also sounds excellent slapped. It's also capable of some aggressive punch with everything cranked up, so for those curious, don't let the name "Jazz bass" fool you - This thing is really versatile, and can pretty much cover anything from jazz to metal.

My overall take on this - If you're on a budget, or need a backup instrument, and want some serious bang for your buck, check out the VM-series Squiers. It's a far cry from the MIJ jazz bass I got to play on once, but at this price point, this thing can really hold it's own against more expensive basses quite well. Throw on your favorite set of strings and give it a good set-up, and you'll be pleasantly surprised with this one.
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Yeah, VMs are generally considered great value here. Usually equal quality to a MIM Fender but much cheaper.
Congrats on the lovely bass and HNBD!
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I was gonna get one of these (4 string) until I screwed up both wrists. Currently I'm waiting on the VM Mustang to see if that helps.

I have rarely if ever heard anything bad about the VM line.

Great review as well.
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Very nice! HNBD! Enjoy it!
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HNBD!! Enjoy.....
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Great, I'd like to compare this one with my current Cort T75... You konw, i had the 4 string version of this bass, and it was the best sounding to my ears, of the 4 basses i had...
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