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I only know of one roundabout with traffic lights but it's still a prime accident site due to shitty drivers. In fact, any stretch of paved road here is a prime accident site.
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Roundabouts are terrible things, and the few I've encountered are a few too many.
Originally Posted by Trowzaa
I wish I was American.

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we have some in town. i hate them.
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There are a small number of roundabouts to be found here. I experienced one, um, once (at the entrance of Austin Straubel Airport).
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There are two in the city I live in. I have no problem with them but the Oriental people who come into town for college have a hard time with them. They do keep the flow of traffic up better than a four way stop. Though im that guy who treats a four way stop like "oh everyone else is gonna stop im gonna pretend that stop sign is a yeild and go right through".
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We have a few around where I live, but they're uncommon.
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My town just built one where they expanded this highway in my town. ****ing stupid. It's a 3-way intersection for f*cks sake. I could see if it was 5+, possibly 4, even though lights work just fine for 4, but 3? WHY?
Originally Posted by MetalGS3SE
This is the best idea I have ever heard. Ever.

Naedauuf for president people.

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Originally Posted by devourke
I just realised a few minutes ago that although I've seen a lot of American TV shows and movies which involve people driving in cars and whatnot, I've not once seen a roundabout. I knew most states don't have learner plates and I thought that was weird as shit (maybe a little dangerous), but I can't believe I never noticed the lack of roundabouts in American media. Do you guys actually have no roundabouts?

For reference these are roundabouts:

We know what roundabouts are, you jerk!

There are several around my area. I hate 'em. They're just... useless. The areas that have them aren't high-traffic, and would benefit from a simple 4-way stop...
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There's two roundabouts that I use every now and then.
Originally Posted by Bob_Sacamano
i kinda wish we all had a penis and vagina instead of buttholes

i mean no offense to buttholes and poop or anything

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Originally Posted by Bushinarin
There are virtually none in Pennsylvania, but they're all over the place in New Jersey. I think they're kind of inconvenient.


New Jersey is ******ed though so it makes sense
Originally Posted by The_Blode
she was saying things like... do you want to netflix and chill but just the chill part...too bad she'll never know that I only like the Netflix part...
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The Madcap
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Small roundabouts with just one or two lanes are nice and convenient. These seem like hell, though:
Originally Posted by captainsnazz
American roads are all grid like, it's really weird to look at on google maps for someone from England.
I thought our roundabouts were bad, but in France they're even more ******ed. Most ridiculous example:
Arc de Triomphe in Paris

Holy shit it is so dangerous. There aren't any lanes or anything, and the French drive like they don't want to live anyway.

Also, devourke I thought you were murican?
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Originally Posted by bradulator
wtf is that gay shit

eurofag shit, son

really though, roundabouts are scary as shit
Originally Posted by raoooos
slipknot are actually just terrible, they're such a "holy shit i'm 14" kind of band. like fuck off mum i'm not going to school i have to clear the stone of leaves.
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There's a small roundabout down my street.
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There are a ****ing ton in Massachusetts.
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Some dude upstate
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I'm in Syracuse and there's one a block away from my house.
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Originally Posted by StewieSwan
We have them, but they're very uncommon.

They are all over in my area..I think we have maybe 40+
Originally Posted by Pan-Tallica
Originally Posted by jrcsgtpeppers
But theres no reason why i cant be free like a raspberry stuck to the back of a horny elephants ass.

This is maybe the worst comparison in the history of comparisons.
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I could take them or leave them. I feel they have their advantages at times, but a lot of times they're just ill-placed.
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Child In Time
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Roundabouts = efficiency.
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Americans don't have enough cognition to use roundabouts silly
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Go to Swindon. They have the 'Magic Roundabout'

Five mini-roundabouts around a central roundabout. That shit is awesome.

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