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Doctor-diagnosed gluten intolerent 3 4.17%
self-proclaimed gluten intolerent 5 6.94%
i eat gluten 45 62.50%
I'm a ballchinian 19 26.39%
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Old 01-05-2013, 04:07 PM   #1
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Gluten Intolerence

So, it seems to me, one in 10 people now claim to be gluten intolerant. Anybody else notice this fad?

Don't get me wrong, there are people who are legitimately intolerant to gluten due to celiac disease.

How many friends of yours have become "gluten-free"?

I have one friend who is legitimately intolerant and has been doctor-diagnosed, she gets severe reactions if she eats gluten. Then I have about 4 who are "gluten-free" but still eat cookies, bread, drink beer, pretty hilarious imo.

ITT: discuss gluten intolerence
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jimmybanks youre a genius.

aparently i ar smrt?
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jimmybanks youre a genius

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my roommate eats a lot of gluten free foods, but it's not really because he has an intolerance to it, it's just healthier. i rarely eat gluten free foods, but i don't really mind them. food is food.
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It seems like the latest fashion diet. Hipsters love to say they're gluten free. I have a couple family members with Celiac disease though and that would suck. EVERYTHING has gluten in it.
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Old 01-05-2013, 04:10 PM   #4
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I know a girl who is really gluten intolerant, and it's a pretty serious thing. I'm glad stores have gluten-free food these days so that people with the intolerance aren't limited as severely anymore, but, like with everything these days, there are people who will claim to be anything just to be "special". It's like people who go around ordering "lactose free" everything. People with real allergies and intolerance sicknesses don't feel "special" for having to watch what they eat all the time.
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I've never even heard of this.

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Yeah my dad's had celiac for years before the whole gluten-free thing picked up popularity. Felt really bad for him, but now it's much easier I guess. It's kinda annoying when people do it just to do it, like it's the popular healthy thing to do, but on the other hand it's that mentality that has allowed my dad to have a much easier time getting food he enjoys.

I really hope I don't get it down the line though. They haven't made too many tasty advances in the field of gluten free beer.
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that joke regarding your username was NOT originally posted by blake1221. That was a Gunpowder original.

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I am intolerant of those who are intolerant of those intolerant to gluten
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isn't French.
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My dad had it for a while, but it must have been some sort of stress thing, because it got better. Mind you, it meant that the whole time we lived in France we couldn't really eat pastry or bread. But it sucked.
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Yeah, it's some bullshit. My mom claims to be gluten intolerant because she doesn't like eating bread.

When I was working fast food we would have tons of people coming in saying they had a "gluten allergy" so they couldn't have their food touch the buns. Like seriously probably ten or fifteen people a day.
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I know some people who magically gained gluten intolerance recently. Though one of them is a girl who claims she has a new disorder about once a month. She was trying to tell us that she had Pica because she likes to eat ice.
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A bunch of people in my family have celiac disease. I guess it runs in the family.

It's fun to taunt them with good food.
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I confess, I lie about being gluten intolerant. It's usually the first thing I tell people when I meet someone and they're always very sympathetic, which is what my lifeforce thrives upon. My favorite shirt with the important message of "Say No To Gluten" is a lie, along with my life.
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Typical white people diseases. I have no such diseases
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Originally Posted by WCPhils
A bunch of people in my family have celiac disease. I guess it runs in the family.

It's fun to taunt them with good food.

I know a guy who's roommate has Celiac and every couple of weeks he brings home a meatball sub and eats it in from of him. That's so evil.
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My mom is doctor diagnosed gluten intolerant. I've noticed that its fashionable to be gluten free these days. Is being gluten free healthier than having gluten?
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through being cool
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although people who may falsely claim to be intolerant would trivialize the plight of those who genuinely are, the fact that gluten free food is just about everywhere nowadays is pretty cool.

i'm lactose intolerant. it's really easy, actually.

i don't really care who claims to be intolerant. i can't dispute it so assuming that they aren't actually afflicted would make me a fucking asshole.

the whole health food and nutrition stuff is stupid bull, so i usually ignore anyone who talks about food. bores me.
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gluten and lactose both give me painful diarrhea, and I'm ok with it.
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Gluten allergy is the new ADHD/Autism.
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I'll admit I can be a bit of a hypochondriac and I'll gladly say I'm self-diagnosed OCD and carpal tunnel but I couldn't care less about gluten free products.
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My friend's girlfriend has a legitimate gluten allergy, as well as an allergy to many other things. He's basically a chef, though, so they work around it fine.

I, myself, am not a self- or doctor-diagnosed anything.

Come to think of it, besides a mild case of acid reflux, I don't have any allergies, ailments, or intolerances.

Besides racial intolerance ofc.
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I wish I was American.

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