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Do you guys have any guitars that you can say are "mint"?

Pretty much all through college I took exceptional care of my guitars but since moving back in with my parents and now living in the attic, I seem to have scratched and dinged every single one of my guitars because of the low vaulted ceilings or tripping over shit because my room is too small for all the crap I've acquired over 3 years of living in an apartment.

I get the saying use and abuse, but I just got a new takamine on thursday, and what do you know I put a nice scratch in the headstock. Kicking myself in the ass.
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My guitars are in absolute mint condition. But I have quite a lot of room, so no danger to hit a wall or furniture with them. It is certain that if you have a small room, there are more "dangers" to scratch them
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I have a few "Almost mint", but no absolute new condition.

...I also have beat-the-crap-to-death gear, which is much more common in my bedroom.
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My Les Paul Standard CSB is disgustingly well-cared for; so much so that it is indeed in "mint" condition. My Carvin Icon-6 sixgun bass also meets the standard.
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I, personally, can't help but ding up or scratch up my guitars through playing regardless of how well I try and keep them looking nice, but I also love the look of damaged guitars, so it's no big deal to me, haha.
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Axe Murderer
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My ESP EclipseII, Deluxe Ameican Strat, and Roadword Strat are all mint.
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My Ibanez Prestige was mint, now almost 3 years and its got about a dozen dings in the body. Seems to take a chunk out even if I just tap it on something. I was gonna contour it more on the edges for comfort on my lap and probably not bother painting where I trim it, keep the front and back looking ok
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Generally, they're in good shape across the entire assembly: I have one or two that are pretty pristine, I have some dings on some others. None are really messed up.
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Me like guitars
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Nothing mint, but no beaters either. I gig all my guitars- it's inevitable that something will get dinged on stage or during transit. However, I try to look after everything as well as possible, so nothing is too damaged or anything.

my les paul was decapitated at one point (leaning on my amp enjoying feedback and a bassist crashed into me)- but save for a few finish blemishes it's near perfect again.
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My first guitar, a Samick. So many hours played, not a scratch on it. Also, my RG770DX, but it was a factory second for a finish crack in the neck pocket, which I guess means it isn't mint.
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Nope. Guitars are meant to be played, and when guitars are used, things are bound to happen. Overall my guitars are in pretty good condition, but tiny dings here and there seem inevitable.
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both of my prestiges would be considered mint (i don't gig with them very often, in fact one has never left the room.

and i have one 11/400 Gibson, which thank god is mint.

other than that i probably have 12 'good' condition guitars and two 'fair'.
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My Horizon FRII is in mint condition, as is my RR3 besides one tiny dent that you have too look for. A couple of my others are in very close to mint condition as well. Generally i just try to take good care of them.
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I try very hard to take care of my guitars, but I can't say any of hem are mint condition.
Pretty much all of my guitars have scratches and dents on them.
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Yep. It's so mint, it doesn't even exist.

Otherwise, no. Good condition? Hell yeah, I baby my RG2228. But general wear will always happen. Undetectable scratches in the paint unless up close... very tiny little spots where paint is worn ever so slightly along the edges of the body... some parts of the bridge where the paint has rubbed off and started rusting.

Not mint, but in great condition nonetheless.
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Originally Posted by PsiGuy60
I try very hard to take care of my guitars, but I can't say any of hem are mint condition.
Pretty much all of my guitars have scratches and dents on them.

It can be hard to avoid sometimes and in all honesty I think i got lucky with the RR3 as i've had that for 7 years or so and it's never been kept in a case.
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Puts a bangin' donk on it
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An Epi LP, but that's in the process of being sold. Got a Washburn WG-587 which is nearly mint, bit dusty though under the bridge and on the headstock as I never wipe it down.
Other than those two, all my instruments are heavily modded, bar my first guitar, an Epi Joe Perry LP, which is stock but has picked up a fair few knocks.
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I have 3 that I could truly say are mint, most of my guitars I bought used so they weren't mint when I got them. A couple of them I've even gigged with and they're still faultless, accidents do happen though, I'm just VERY carefull.
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The ESP is I think, even after a few light knocks. No visible damage. My V has a few dings on the fins.
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My ESP is the relic version of the Eclipse. So... I guess its always mint.
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