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What was the first song you've ever played/mastered from start to finish?

Beginner here, almost got Enter Sandman by Metallica on my electric mastered. This will be the first song I'll master from start to finish. Very excited.

What was your first song?
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My first song all the way through was Tomorrow by Silverchair. Although I never did learn the solo. I always played it with a buddy who would knock them. Solo out. Such good memories. I've learned and forgot so much since then.
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I learned bits and pieces of a ton of Metallica songs, plus some Tool and Nirvana, back in the beginner days, but never bothered learning entire songs. Since then I've mostly just played my own music, while still occasionally learning a riff or a lead here and there when they get stuck in my head. I recently joined a cover band though, and have actually had to learn entire songs, besides my own, for the first time. So, after almost 10 years of playing, I learned my first song, the Offspring's "Come out and Play", like a month ago.
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In Silent Seas We Drown: Silverstein. Major Achievement was The Scourge: Periphery, as it was my first 7 string, tapping, odd time sig, and major lead part
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I think it was Links 2 3 4 from Rammstein - and tons of other Rammstein songs followed. It was great for a beginner, as you really get a feeling for rhythm and timing with their music.

The first song to master completely that made feel proud of it was The Spine Splitter from Cannibal Corpse.
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Premonition by Joe Satriani. I learned a bunch of songs before that, but there was always a small part that was just out of my level, or just felt strange. Premonition at that point was consistently only slightly out of my level at that point. Feels good to have even the small few-note fills down.

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"Need No Company" or some other song from Hardcore Superstar's now classic album Dreamin' in a Casket (2007) was the first song I learned all guitar-parts from entirely by ear - there were no tabs available. As for songs I learned through tabs, I don't remember.
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It was either I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness or Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams. It was 11 years ago, I can't remember.
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Lithium by Nirvana
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I'm an oldie so I go back a long way but the first song I ever learned every part of both lead and rhythm on was the Yardbirds "Mr. You're a Better Man Than I". Jeff Beck's lead on that song was the first lead I ever played note for note and it taught me the basic Pentatonic scale in three octaves though I had no idea that was what it was at the time.
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Originally Posted by Granata

What was your first song?

Mary Had A Little Lamb.

Nailed that sucker.
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Check out some of the other subforums, such as Musician Talk, for this kind of thing. We like to keep it loosely gear-focused here.
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