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Sonata Arctica from Finland were the band that actually got me into music passionately, and that was in 2006 i think? I know the feeling of having musical favourites get spanned out over a selection of artists and genres. However, every time Sonata bring out an album, I come back to my senses of them being my favourite, and that feeling hasn't gone yet, so I still reckon that they are still a Number 1 Band for me, even if sometimes I forget it, due to the other amazing artists out there too
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anvil is god
new cocaine
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Right now A Silver Mt. Zion is my favorite, but it'll be different in a month.
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No i don't have a favorite band. I can't say that i like everything equally but it sure feels like that sometimes. RHCP used to be my favorite band for years, but now there are many other bands/artists which I believe are on the same level as them and it would be unfair to those bands and to my own musical opinion to elevate one above the rest because i go through cycles of listening to absolutely everything in my music library. I mean, I listened to Simple Plan the other day, 9 years after I decided that i was done with them...I can't say that I will never listen to them again because what if i want to

Originally Posted by due 07
is there any band that means more to you for whatever reason than any other band? (this is to all the i-don't-have-a-favorites out there.)

RHCP got me into playing guitar and many, many other styles of music esp. with their early stuff. Their music also helped me get through some very difficult times, so even if i don't listen to them as much anymore, I still appreciate what they helped me with even if it was indirect help. I also know all their songs by heart and I've attempted to learn most on guitar and i know stupid trivia factoids etc etc etc so I've probably put more time into liking them than any other band.

Bands what I've seen live also have a special place in my heart even if i don't like them as much non-live because of the unique experience I had listening to them perform right in front of me - this is why I like The Kooks

oh and if someone has introduced me to a band I will forever associate everything about that band with the person. lyrics, general feel, etc. which is kinda creepy if it's a UGer but if you happen to identify with this, take it as a compliment cuz you probs have good taste

grr I keep remember extra things to add to this post, but for instance: I don't really listen to metalcore/the like anymore so I won't specifically go looking for new bands to listen to. But if a band I was familiar with before (like parkway drive) releases new material i will def check it out

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strait jacket
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TLE bitchez

Yes, this is them
Originally Posted by ChucklesMginty
If God didn't want people to be gay why did he put a G spot in our asses?

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umm duh.
Originally Posted by fearofthemark
at your avatar

Originally Posted by due 07
Your avatar had me in stitches for a good two minutes.
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No favourite artist no.

I just chop and change between what I listen to.

At the moment I'm just working my way through all my unplayed music alphabetically.

I'm currently on The Clash, then Coldplay, and Contra.
Originally Posted by strait jacket
TLE bitchez

Yes, this is them

The Living End are great, wish I had more than just a few songs.

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Originally Posted by Duff_McGee
Metallica. Favorite band since I was a wee lad in 7th grade. There's periods where I won't listen to them for months but I always come back.

same here man, I started with them in year 6 (equivalent to grade 5) not ashamed to admit it. Priest would be a close second though
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Miss Kristen
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My own band.
Originally Posted by lolmnt
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Comma splices killed Steve McNair. When you post a comma splice, you are supporting murder.

Originally Posted by NirvanaLuvr16
omg its better than i imagined... so dark and cozy and warm...

Now you have no excuse...
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No. I still have a load of favourites (seems natural really) but I listen to a lot of different music for different reasons so having one particular favourite isn't something that I've felt necessary for a long time.
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Don't know. A few artists/bands but not a single specific band I just through and through love.

Been listening a lot to John Frusciante lately. Mostly his solo stuff and specifically Curtains, The Will to Death and Shadows Collide with People. Maybe him?

Earlier it's been both Babyshambles and Bob Dylan and The Clash at times. But meeeh. I like music and I really can't decide on a single one.
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Right now it would be Protest the Hero and Between the Buried and Me

But it kind of depends on my mood. Those two I can listen to anytime really. But if I'm in the mood for something mellower I love The Strokes, M.I.A, Weezer, and Muse, and if I'm feeling nostalgic I'll blast some Green Day.

Green Day was what got me into music originally so they will always be one of my favorites.

I also still really like A7X because they got me into guitar and were a jumping off point into heavier bands like PtH, BTBAM, Mastodon, and Converge. I wouldn't even put them in my top 15 bands right now if I were to make a list, but I will most likely always like them for nostalgic reasons. They are just a fun band to listen to to me.

There aren't really any bands that I once liked that I don't like now.
Originally Posted by The_Blode
she was saying things like... do you want to netflix and chill but just the chill part...too bad she'll never know that I only like the Netflix part...

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Nah. I go through phases of playing one band constantly until I burn them out. Right now I'm on Alice in Chains, and my last phase was Deftones.

I'd say the two most special bands to me are System of a Down and Dream Theater, though. System inspired me to get better at guitar (Green Day was initial inspiration to play), and Dream Theater opened me up completely to progressive rock and tons of my current favorite music. Barely listen to either of those bands anymore.
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the Smiths 'cuz of the influence they had on my taste in music & stuff
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I've never had a singular favourite band.
Even the bands I listen to the most have songs I don't like, and it all depends on my mood at the time.
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For the longest time growing up, back when I was in middle and high school, it was always the Smashing Pumpkins and Nine Inch Nails. I don't have one particular favorite band above all, but those two are still among my favorites. Coheed and Cambria are also one of my all-time favorites, but I got into them in later high school.. haven't listened to them quite as long as Nails or Pumpkins.

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i typed out loads
about how i couldnt pick cos they all have different
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nu year nu me xoxo
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Soundgarden has been my favorite for like 7 years now
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kinda going off music! is that bad?!

previously tool, john coltrane, paco de lucia, cinematic orchestra, house music.

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I think, even with all the bands I listen to, I can safely say Brand New is my favorite. They've just been consistently on point with their music, and no matter what music phase I'm going through, they're still perfectly relevant. I'm never really not in a mood to listen to them, and their songs have meant a lot to me at different times in my life. I still draw a huge amount of inspiration from them, so yeah.

Brand New.
Favorite band.

Come at me.
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Originally Posted by metacarpi
You think that's bad? I found myself voluntarily listening to people like Katie Melua and Norah Jones recently.

Dude, Norah Jones is fucking siiiick.
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