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Your longest Jam/Noodling/Practice session?

What's the longest you guys have ever practiced guitar for? Was it intentional or unintentional? I just (as in 5 hours ago) decided I was going to tackle a challenging song. I would keep playing, but some of the stretches wore me out.

Your stories?
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I noodled for a good 5 hours once.

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Probably 7-8 hours. I don't really keep track.

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I went into the room on campus where they keep all the big instruments for the orchestra and jammed with two friends of mine last semester. One on keyboard, one on drums, and myself on the guitar. We also fooled around a bit with a gong and other unusual things. It was a hell of a lot of fun.

We were in there for about 3.5 hours, I think. Would've been longer but the brass section had to rehearse or something.
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2 hours

i can't really do the same thing for much longer than that.
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Practice? All day.

Jam? about six hours.

Noodling? Depends. If you mean as a band, about fifteen minutes at a time, about five times.

Also as a band, my band basically let our former lead guitarist solo over everyone all jam once (about three hours)

And by myself, about four hours.
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I used (when I was about 15-16) to be able to faff around on my guitar for hours on end and be quite happy, my brain won't let me do that anymore
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Marijuana + A loud amp with lots of Reverb/Delay/Fuzz = Hours of endless fun.
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Have had some good jams ~30 minutes long with a drummer and guitarist. As far as solo, if I have a loop pedal I can play for maybe an hour before I wander on to something else. I've known guitar hermits that literally practice all day every day when they were in HS. But I usually practice in small chunks of time throughout the day.
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I went 4 hours straight while watching the TGS podcast once.

It felt good.
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garden of grey
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Me and my long gone drummer used to spend entire afternoons jamming without talking much at all, easily up to an hour in duration.

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Played for a good couple hours straight on shrooms once, one of the most cathartic experiences of my life. Then when I finally stopped the trip spiraled out of control....gotta take the good with the bad I guess.
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I could play all day in the right environment. Not sure what the longest I've gone in one sitting is though.
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some 5 hours I think.

You can really make 1 hour fly if you spend 15 minutes making a backing track, just record some cool chord progression and map out some simple-ish drums and loop it. A lot of fun and omg so natural.
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I noodled for a good 5 hours once.
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Originally Posted by theponz
Marijuana + A loud amp with lots of Reverb/Delay/Fuzz = Hours of endless fun.

That's pretty much me and one of my good bud's pastime(usually modulation is involved too) We have gone on for hours doing the whole noisy-psychadelic-shoegaze-ambient thing. Reguarding the OP, intentional of course.
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Probably about 4 hours by myself.
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Practiced by myself: dunno, like 12 hours.
With a band: 7 hours once the day before a gig (wouldn't recommend)
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