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I draw STUFF
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1. Brand new Camaro flashed his headlights at me coming down a hill, telling me a cop was on the other side. I slowed the **** down.

Sho nuff, there's the cop.

2. This girl helped me pass Spanish all semester.

I hold doors for people and stuff I guess.

EDIT- I drew you guys some pokemonz doodles.

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due 07
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paid a random's bus fare today.
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Mr. Waaayyyyne
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One time I helped this little old man get some jello from the top shelf at the store. He was sad cause they didnt have strawberry though
I'm gonna suffer for the rest of my life

But I will always find a way to survive
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A good deed is a good deed regardless of post-deed boasting.

That just makes you a douche that did a nice thing.
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Is actually English
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I was in the pub on Thursday for my birthday, A friend of mine works and was working at said pub that day and said across the beer garden that it was my birthday while introducing me to someone else. There was an old guy sitting on his own in the garden who didn't say a word to anyone. When he left he went up to the bar, spoke to my friend and bought me and my girlfriend a drink, then left. He never said anything to us and was gone by the time the drinks came.

I actually felt bad that I didn't get to say thank you.
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I was at a bar on Thursday. I had a rough day, and my wife was giving me shit all day, so I thought I'd have a few drinks. I did, and I calmed down. Anyway, I realized how the little petty arguments with the wife really don't matter much, as long as we're both happy. I finished my drinks, as some fellow came in and was talking to one of the bartenders. Apparently it was his birthday, so I bought him a drink on my way out. Kid looked kinda like a faggot, though.
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Originally Posted by sashki
Has a stranger helped you out? Share your story.

Yes, many times. The hugging thread counts as being helped by strangers, and that is only one example of anon people helping me. Honestly, my stories are too numerous to list.
Originally Posted by sashki
Have you helped a stranger out? Share your story.

Yes, many times. Again, too numerous to list.
Originally Posted by sashki
Do you believe that boasting about a random act of kindness towards a stranger negates the effect of having done something good? Don't share your story.
I think that the end justifies the means in most circumstances. I am a compassionate person because i enjoy helping people, it's fun.
Regarding the furry fandom from the man himself:
Originally Posted by Axelfox
Please understand how little we as a community care

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Other Barry
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I give homeless people money n shit.

And I can't think of any time that I have received a random act of kindness.
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The Virtuoso's Brother.
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Originally Posted by -Retro-
A few years ago I took a class on recording studio techniques. Around this time as well my parents had made the decision that I had to use headphones with my amp. I mentioned to the instructor in between recording that I was gonna buy headphones this week down at my local music store. He pointed at the headphones I was wearing and said "Keep 'em. No charge."

As someone who may be getting into that business and having bought a pair of my own headphones that is awesome!

My first official voice teacher gave me a piano. One of those old pianos that you can play piano rolls on . I'll never forget that and I'll always love her for that and her teaching me.
Originally Posted by Fishyesque
Well, you might make her think otherwise.

You could just show her that you have a PS3 and BANG.


Originally Posted by metal4all
A chainsaw can take a girl off her feet pretty nicely. Then there are less limbs to worry about while you rape her.
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ancient bass
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1. Nope.
2. Yep.
3. Depends on the stranger. Old ladies would be more comfortable, young women will not.
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UGs Only Rhythm Guitarist
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I always give to charity when prompted.
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Last good thing I did was getting off my bicycle and ring a doorbell to alert some guy his car's lights were on.

Last good deed done for me was a guy walking with me when I was asked for directions. It was a 15-minute walk. He tried to seduce me later on though, so I'm not sure how much of it was him being nice and how much it was him being a lonely 40-year-old. Oh well, it definitely helped me.

Overall I think I'm doing decently well on the karma scale, but that's obviously not what I do good things for.
The Pastafarian96 says: Jyrgen and Fat Lard are unscrupulous bastards.

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My Random Act O'Kindness
Originally Posted by laid-to-waste
look nigga, if you're chillin with 5 bros and 2 hos, you're gonna wanna pay attention to all of em equally. not moon over the hos forever and laugh at every shitty thing they say and just stare at them all night, like some of my mates do.
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Got them nerves of steel
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Yesterday I was heading back to college after being in my hometown all winter break, and I had to stop for gas first. So I'm standing there waiting as my truck is filling up and I see this guy walking toward me wearing a dew rag and a grey jumpsuit. I thought nothing of it at first (I've seen people wearing worse in this town). He says "Hey man do you have a phone I can use real quick?" I thought, what the hell, this guy needs help, I'm not gonna be a dick and tell him no. So I give him my phone and as the he's dialing the number he says "Thank you so much, I just got out of the jail down the street here and I need a buddy of mine to pick me up. I've been locked up since May!"

And that's how I helped an ex convict get back home.
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I got asked by a random lady in the parking lot as I was leaving a Best Buy yesterday if I could help her husband lift something heavy. I did.
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The other day my friend laughed at a homeless person.

Once at a cricket match this kid's head split open after he got conked with the ball. St John's Ambulance guy came and got him, started running with the unconscious boy in his arms. And then he tripped over, dropping the boy and then falling on him.

This is the kind of material you were after wasn't it?
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Originally Posted by willT08
The other day my friend laughed at a homeless person.

Once at a cricket match this kid's head split open after he got conked with the ball. St John's Ambulance guy came and got him, started running with the unconscious boy in his arms. And then he tripped over, dropping the boy and then falling on him.

This is the kind of material you were after wasn't it?

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Im a ninja of love..
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I used to give a homeless man named Vern my bottles and cans to return. He was cool we would drink wine and smoke bowls on my back porch all the time.
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A couple months back I stopped by Taco Bell after a long day of classes. I pull into the drive through lane and there's a car already ordering. And this dude takes 4EVER to order. I'm talking like 15-20 minutes. When I finally get to the window, the girl working told me that he felt bad for taking so long and that he paid for my entire order.

I thought that was pretty cool.

Originally Posted by Ikillintel
LoL , you think you're so smart, cunning, clever, forum swagger.

Originally Posted by yope
If I were going to medical school I would learn all I could about treatment of the neck bones.
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on a coconut estate
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About 3 years ago my brother decided to go skydiving. He was 18 at the time, I was 17, and we have two littler bros that were about 6 and 8. My family decided to make a thing of it and all go along with him to watch.

We all go out to this big field in the middle of nowhere where they have lessons for skydiving and flying planes and such. I knew it was going to be boring so I brought the nintendo ds my girlfriend gave me for my birthday along with a couple of games like pokemon diamond and spore.

When we got there we ended up waiting about 2-3 hours for my older bro to catch his flight and actually do the jump. During that time he was being taught the general safety and such. The rest of our family was waiting outside with some other random families. One such family happened to be one that apparently camped out in a little airstream camper. They had a daughter about my little brothers' age. As soon as we got there she was trying to talk to my little bros, asking them their names, what were they doing, introducing herself, you know. My little bros did not take kindly to it. They were at that awkward stage where they didnt like to talk to strangers, especially girls. Never girls. So they brushed her off.

She was a very persistent little girl, though, and very polite. She asked them if they wanted to go with her to feed her dogs and they agreed, I guess the boredom had gotten to them. The next thing I know, one of my little bros, who is a REALLY BIG CRYBABAY was running back, tears in his eyes. Apparently one of the dogs had come too close and scared him. He claimed that it bit him but there were no marks. My father then forbid the little bros to leave the area. The little girl apologized profusely, even though I seriously doubt that anything had actually happened. I got the feeling that she was more upset than my crybaby little brother.

My little brothers refused to talk to her, they ignored her questions, pretended like she wasnt there. The little girl climbed up to the table where my mother and I were sitting. She said a few words but mostly just sat there. Suddenly I noticed tears running down her cheeks as she put her head in her folded arms. I cant even keep my eyes from tearing up as I type this. I ask her whats wrong and she says, "I never have any friends, no one talks to me or wants to play with me." I had overheard that her family frequently camped out at different parks. I got the feeling that they were one of those types of families that didnt own a home, just a camper, and drove from camping spot to camping spot across the state. She was probably being homeschooled by her parents. She probably never had the chance to make any long term friends, and here she couldn't even make any short term ones.

Being the awkward, antisocial guy that I am, I immediately defaulted to my mother. She was a deer in headlights. I guess I expected her to know what to do or say, but she is just as awkward and antisocial around strangers as I am. "It'll be okay," was all she said. And then turned her head forward and seemed to hope the situation would just dissolve if she ignored it.

Needless to say, I was shocked. I guess I expected her to do a little more, be a little more caring and helpful. But in hindsight I guess I forgot that my mother had 4 children and they were all boys. She didnt know what to do just as I didnt know what to do.

But this little girl sitting there crying, somehow tugged at my heartstrings. I forced myself to exit my shell and subject myself to more prolonged social interaction. I hopped up from the table and ran to the car. I retrieved the nintendo DS and games, and ran back to the table. She was still there, no longer crying, just depressingly sulking.

I asked her if she knew what it was. I dont think she really knew, but she acted as if she had seen something like it before. I put in pokemon and loaded a fresh new game. I asked her if she could read and she said yes, so after a few lessons about the buttons, touch screen, power switch, etc, she was on her way to becoming a pokemon master.

My little brothers would not have this. They swarmed her like ants on honey trying to figure out why in the world I would let this stranger, a girl stranger, play my beloved game system. I had single handed made her them most popular kid on the block, so to speak. I watched as my little brothers guided her and explained the concept of fighting capturing pokemon. She was so happy.

Later my family was getting ready to leave. My little brothers never missed an opportunity to remind me that the little girl still had my DS. I didnt care. I walked back to the car ahead of my family, grabbed everything else that I had brought and gave it to the little girl. She looked confused and raised the DS up to my hands so she could give it back to me. She must have known I was leaving because we were all packing up and walking off. I put my hands up and said, "No, its yours, you keep it." She looked like she didnt know what to say. I hoped my family hadnt noticed, as I had walked ahead so that they would be getting in the car as I was leaving it. This was not the case. My little brothers bawked at the sight of what had happened. It was as if everything they had known was now in question. They prize their video games more than life, Im sure. Something like that would never makes sense to them.

I left quickly, hoping they wouldnt make a big deal about it and tell my parents. For some reason, i was embarrassed for my parents to know what I had done. Surely, they also would ask why.

I still think about that little girl sometimes. I pray she is happy. I worry that the battery in the DS would die, as I had forgotten to bring the charger. I gave her some money, 15 dollars, I think, so that she could buy one. I told her that specifically, to tell her parents what the money was for. But then I worry that her parents would not believe her and assume she picked it up somewhere, or worse, stole it. I pray I did not make things worse for that little girl. I just hope that, whatever the case, she isn't lonely anymore.

Edit: HOLY COW! What a wall of text! If anyone can wade through that mess, kudos.
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