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I kinda want the red one to take out the trem arm and put an EMG AB in there somewhere.
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Originally Posted by jpnyc
You really should have bought one when the Guitar Center salesmen would suck your dick to get you to buy a Zoot Suit SG for $600.

Haha ill probably pass on the blow jay GC is usually a bit of a sausage fest

but I was just super poor when they were available .. now I can't find a used one for the life of me.. id probably pay $500 for a used one if it felt nice and had a case
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Looks: OK, and the natural finish one looks quite attractive.
Sound: The P90 and dirty fingers combination looks very promising. Probably a good sound.
Feel: Who knows. Neck shape and access, balance, etc. are a personal thing.
Price: Same as the discontinued Midtown Custom, a wonderful guitar. Not too high, for Gibson.
Bridge: Sucks. Put on a stoptail.

Bottom Line: If I had both the need and the money, this would definitely be on my check-it-out list.
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The pinstripe has the ugliest finish, for me at least. Reminds me of a BC RIch finish for some reason
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oh hey look it's a vegas with a regular headstock and a shitty bridge.



buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo.
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Puts a bangin' donk on it
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It's nothing like a Vegas, other than 'it has f-holes'.
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^ f hole lol
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Originally Posted by MrFlibble
No. You'd be surprised how hard it is to get a machine to do something to such a fine point as that with paint. Machines are great for doing very accurate stuff with hard materials, but introduce any kind of liquid or soft compound substance and they become quite useless. A machine can't tell when a brush or nozzle is clogged up, it can't tell when there is a run in paint. They can handle basic finishes okay because you're typically just going for one even layer of colour and accuracy is irrelevant, but even then you still always have people supervising. Paint, other than single-colours and basic bursts, is one of the few things that is still much better done by hand.

edit: and with the new pictures, yup, I'd buy the clear-finished one. Take the arm off, stop the bridge from shifting, whack in a stacked P-90 if the stock one isn't already, rip out the tone control and I'm happy. I've been looking at putting together a chambered or semi-hollow HxP guitar anyway.

I was a Mechanical Engineering student for 2 semesters at the University of Wisconsin. I programmed machines that did very, very finite work. It's actually surprisingly easy to do machine pinstriping. In fact, it's definitely a technology we've had for years. Also, machines definitely can tell when they're clogged up, many have had flow sensors for quite a while.

That said, hand painting pinstripes results in much better quality and much cheaper production costs. Those sorts of pinstriping machine are really only big in like automotive factory line paint booths.

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Those are Fugly as hell
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Glad to hear the security efforts are working.
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