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Scott Jones
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First, ask yourself the following questions:

Am I open to new ideas?

>>this could be a new style of music, a new scale, a new method book...

Am I aware of my core beliefs and assumptions about music?

>>this could be your basic awareness about how things fit together; it could be opinions you've formed independently or through peer pressure about certain styles or methods...

Am I willing to question those beliefs?

>>this could be setting aside your hatred for a certain style of music, or approach to playing, and trying to find commonalities and an appreciation instead...

Do I seek the truth about my music?

>>this is simply: do you live in a state of quest or stagnancy? Do you prefer lies and what you want to hear, or honest and valid critical assessment...

Do I use reason and logic to overcome obstacles in my playing?

>>so, do you run from practice and musical self-improvement, using all the tools available to you from outside, and from within; or do you ignore those options out of fear or laziness?

Do I fully utilize the power of memory?

>>understand that your mind is a powerful sponge and that you can literally memorize anything; and also, listening alone will inject things into your memory, for later access...

Do I welcome change?

>>or do you sit idle, safe and comfortable in your bubble of self-contained, musical microcosm, allowing no entry, no new opinions or reflections...

Can I lead a process of change, that causes others to think differently?

>>once you've attained a new path on which to walk, will you back it up with sharing that new information with others, or will you horde it for yourself?

Ok.....moving on to the discipline of practice:

Now, try the following exercises to revolutionize your practice time:

Identify a commonly used technique, concept, approach or method that you believe could be improved upon in your playing...

>>modes, harmony and chords, soloing, rhythm playing/comping, playing changes, alternate picking, song writing/composition...

Collect enough information about that system to have an accurate picture of that concept's place in your music, how it functions, it's purpose, the degree to which you use it...

>>if you play melodic rock, for instance, and soloing is something you do alot of, then you should be FULLY versed in modal systems and they will be a primary approach for you....so absorb them, and begin applying them...understand WHY they are so crucial in this environment (to the understanding of melody, and genre-specific motifs)

Target those negative aspects that have a major influence on efficacy and functionality...

>>zone in on the fact that though you may play modes alot, that picking them cleanly, has not been happening...

List the strong positive features of that approach, noting those that are used most frequently...

>>your modal approach has given you a broad perspective and knowledge of the fretboard and allows you access to soloing in many different harmonic environments (Dorian, Lydian, Mixolydian, etc)...

Use your assessment and information to develop a new approach, and improve on the weaknesses you discovered....

>>maybe you've always played modes positionally; time to globalize them and see them as one system all over the fretboard then...

Test how well the new approach works, making certain that if weaknesses are strengthened, that strengths are not diluted...

>>if you begin playing as a larger modal systematic approach, make certain you don't lose the foundational aspects of knowing your positions...

Use the ideas in practice, in performance, and other areas of application...writing, recording, etc...

>>test, experiment, apply....

Ask objective forces if they notice a difference...

>>your teacher, friends, whoever hears you on a regular basis and can form an opinion...
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Originally Posted by Scott Jones
a new scale

just where do you think you are
Originally Posted by theogonia777
Hail killed MT

Originally Posted by jongtr
I want to be Hail when I grow up.
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Interesting article. Quite long, but interesting. I did take exception to one part of it. I'm into jazz, gospel, classic rock, country and pop on the guitar. You recommended setting aside a hatred for a certain style of music. I think if "that" genre of music goes against your belief system, then it's going to be fairly hard to put that hatred aside and start listening to it. For me, that would be rap, metal and screamo. Sorry rap, metal and screamo dudes, but that's my preference. While I'm fine with someone else liking those genres, they're just not for me and I'll never be able to accept them.

Otherwise, interesting read.
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Usernames sucks
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A thing i think is very important, is not to not focus too much on techniuqe, compared to playing with other pepole and your own muisc.
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