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Some Amp Reccomendations.

Alright, so I'm in the market for a new amp.

I've got a couple ideas of what I want, but I value the opinion of the legion, so let's see what you recommend.

Budget? - $500-$800

Genres? - Blues rock, classic rock, hard rock. Angus Young, Billy Gibbons, SRV, Joe Bonomassa would be a good start, but a little Black Sabbath and the like gets mixed in as well.

New or Used? - Either. I can get significant discount on new stuff via work.

Home or Gig? - Small venues. 50W tube would probably be a nice place to be, but 30W would cover it.

Closest City? - Los Angeles

Current Gear? - Gibson SG Standard, Vox AD30VT

I've been looking into a Hot Rod Deluxe, a JCM800 and a Mesa Maverick.
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JCM 800 would be great for all that if you could get it for the price. And the Fender you could always push with a pedal for a bigger sound
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peavey classic 30/50. don't know how it would be good for sabbath.

cover pretty much anything blues to classic rock and it may have a ittle bit modern with a pedal. may get dirty if turned up too high (as tubes do) again mic it.

but if i were looking to buy used amps, i would pick up one of these and a jet city 20watt combo (jca2112rc) they are pretty good for metal. would probably need to be mic'd

if you had both you would pretty much be settled. i would imagine you could get both less that $500.

i bet if you looked hard enough you could find them both in your budget.
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Marshall DSL401?
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Originally Posted by Offworld92
Marshall DSL401?

that could be a good option. iirc some had a problem. i don't remember which models/years or what was.

(may not be the most informational)
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I think they said anything before 2004 for the DSLs carry a risk of overheating i just got a 2002 that I still have to do a NAD on, but i havent had problems with it, and the previous owner was a gigging musician who never had problems either. I think it's hit or miss. I'd recommend it for sound too. I stick an OD in front of the crunch channel for my main distorted tones, then use the lead channel for leads or songs where we only have one guitar playing. I plan on putting mine through its paces on this winter tour
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Originally Posted by patriotplayer90
Lolz that guy is a noob.

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I would look into the Evil Robot C-30. The prices are going down since they're not only being sold by Fretted Americana now.
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Hot Rod Deluxe + Carl Martin Plexitone maybe. I have the 3-button version and it pulls off the Plexi sound VERY well. HRD takes pedals exceptionally well. Price and wattage falls right in your range.
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You MIGHT find a Marshall Vintage Modern for $800 used, but it wouldn't leave any money for a cab.

There are 4 days left on this:

It's currently in your budget, but that doesn't mean that it'll stay there. I've never heard of those going that cheap.

There are also some Laney's you should check out. I'm not good with their names and prices, as I've never seen any for sale here in the states, but I also don't live in California. Dave MC seems to be knowledgeable in Laneys, so he would know better than I do, but the GL's, AOR's, and Iron Heart are the ones I see the most.

If you want a JCM800, they can be found in that price range, and the budget version would be a Peavey Windsor, which is only a few mods away from the exact curcuit of a JCM800.
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I've got a peavey classic 50 full stack 96 rarely used.
Let me know if you're interested.
It's in mint condition and sounds sweet. Anything from Skynyrd to Sabbath.
Lots of chimey overtones on clean very Fenderish.
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Can't go wrong with an AC30 and a good dirt pedal to cover all that ground
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