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"Diggin' the blues"
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Bla-bla-bla The most amazing ngd that I will ever have in my life.

So today I awake to my mom yelling at me to get up because my dad is on the phone and wanted to talk to me, so I stumble out of bed and see what's going on. He said hey I've found something I want you to look at, I think it's a really good deal. I said what is it dad, and he said son how do you feel about a 1968 gibson sg standard?

I was in shock. I said dad you're crazy, that's a $4000 dollar, and then he laughed and said try $650. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, this had to be a scam!! So we call the guy and get the serial number and then call gibson, sure enough it's a legit 1968! So dad takes off from work 2 hours early and picks me up to go check it out.

The drive was hellacious, the guy lived way back in a really tight mountain range, it took forever to get there and we got lost on our way there! When we finally arrived we were greeted by a man in his late 40's and then his father who looked to be 65. The one that looked to be in his 40's was named James, he was the owner of the guitar. He was a great guy, he didn't even try selling me the guitar, we pretty much just talked and then had a short jam session together. He gave me many tips and seemed to be blown away when I had told him how long I had been playing (2 years) He said that he had been playing since he was 15 and that I had no trouble keeping up with him, which made me feel pretty good about myself :grin: But that's not the point, this guitar sounds beyond amazing! We cranked his 70's tube amp pretty loud and gave it an hour long test, playing with his pedals and everything! Really cool guy, gave me tons of advice when it comes to the music business, not to mention he was a great player too! He played some killer Santana licks for me! I wish you guys could of seen and heard what I did today!

Now to the part you're all waiting for, the guitar. The guitar it's self was in a bit rough condition, the headstock had been repaired but the luthier that fixed it messed up on the clear coat so now the gibson logo is really fuzzy. Also the jack needs to be replaced, it pops if you move around to much. The tuners and knobs have both been replaced, and it has a few small dings here and there (But I love the dings, gives it character) The part that I strangely like the most is that the owner before James had sawed off the tremolo bar. Of course he told us every single issue that the guitar had before we went to see it, he was a real honest guy! In his words this guitar isn't a collectors guitar, it's a players. I'm glad we called when we did, after we called he said he had 4 more calls on it but he held it for us. Most of the calls were people wanting to buy it to resale so he was really happy that I got it, and when I told him that I would never sell it unless I had to it really seemed to make him happy. He loved this guitar, but was down on his luck and needed money. Also he couldn't play it anymore, he had messed up his back and could no longer play, he said it hasn't been touched in 2 years.

Overall I am extremely happy with this guitar, not many 15 year old kids can say they have a 1968 gibson sg standard! The best part is the pickups are the original 68's, and boy do they sing!! This thing is oozing with character too, the only thing I would change would be the knobs. Here's a pic of her, I'll have some more up tomorrow guys
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Sweet guitar.

Thank your dad, in fact, get him a card or something.

Happy ngd.
Originally Posted by CodChick

Seriously, I'm not a fan of iphones and guitars mixing.
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Almost like a kitten, it was cheap to a good home.

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Holy shit.
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HNGD, You lucky bastard.

You have me oozing with envy.
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And that's how you become a murderer. So do yourself a favor. Don't be a murderer. Date girls who fuck.
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Only because cookie hits on literally everyone.
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Most guys are like chookie and will **** anything.
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Normally I'd say something about editing the story and giving us just the details, but I think your story was cool and I can tell you really like your new guitar.

Enjoy it. Take care of it. Play the heck out of it.
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Be nice to your dad, 'ey
Originally Posted by lolmnt
guys i have also kissed before too dont believe the rumors that i havent kissed i have
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HNGD, but one thing :

How could you have a jam session with him if he says he can't play guitar anymore because he messed up his back?
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Originally Posted by Cathbard
We had a guy in the band admit that he liked Nickelback. We immediately started looking for his replacement.

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Originally Posted by Jacques-Henri
HNGD, but one thing :

How could you have a jam session with him if he says he can't play guitar anymore because he messed up his back?

He could have beem sitting. Or ment he couldn't gig anymore
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Whoever reads this in Snape's voice gives 10 points to Slytherin.

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JakePlaysGuitar dad is BEST dad.

HNGD, it's beautiful. Nice story, too.
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That is friggin awesome. I like me an SG
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No empty frets.
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That's great. H(awesome)NDG!

I'm gonna spend all day looking for guitars that could be old that are also cheap.

There must be a deal out there somewhere!
Originally Posted by Shredwizard445
Go ahead and spend your money, I don't care. It won't make you sound better.

Originally Posted by Shredwizard445
Sure upgrading your gear will make you sound better.

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I'll give you $700 for it. Just kidding, congrats on the new guitar and having a father that obviously believes in you. Thats a one of a kind guitar there... you'll probably never come across another one like it... cherish it...and your dad.
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That is a thing of beauty. Congrats on the sweet deal!
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great deal and a cool story for your guitar. make great music with it and enjoy.
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Congratulations, SG's are my favourite guitars, play the hell out of it.
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Nice steal man. That's a lucky score and I am mondo, mooooooooooondo jealous.

Originally Posted by eGraham
I'm not artsy at all. At least not in the visual sense.

But, I did just eat some pizza so I am quite fartsy

Originally Posted by Axelfox
Dude i like rap and stuff. Im a furry and I also have a wolf plush with a hole that i use at times.

Only at times, though.
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"Diggin' the blues"
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Thanks so much guys, this thing really screams classic rock! I don't plan on babying her, like James said guitars are tools for a job, sure having a prs might look good, but would you be able to play it and enjoy it? I know I wouldn't, I want something that I can play the Hell out of and whenever she gets a sratch or nick it won't bother me, which is why this baby is beyond perfect for me, she's already broken in

As for the question about how we jammed, well at first he set down showing me a few things on the sg, but that didn't last to long. After a while he went and got his Godin acoustic electric which is light enough for him to play, and he tore it up too!

I'll put up some more pictures later today. I truly am thankful to have a dad like mine, and I'm thankful for being so lucky as well!
"When the power of love over comes the love of power the world will know peace."
~Jimi Hendrix
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