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Originally Posted by doomded
I don't need my family/friends spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to burn me or put me in a hole in the ground.

I would much prefer an old-fashioned funeral pyre where there is minimal funeral home involvement. They just do all the things like removing my fillings and drain my fluids (maybe take my brain for scientific research) and put me in a cheap wooden box. Then allow my family to take me to the mountains somewhere to build a big-ass pile of wood, put me and the box in it, have a little ceremony, start the fire, and start the party.

Thats actually the type of funeral my dad wants

I on the other hand would try and make mine the most awkward funeral ever, I can just imagine the look on my family's face as a large group of little people dressed up as clowns arrive and all claim to be my estranged lovers.
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I want to be cremated so no big funeral me. Cremations are cheaper anyway and I don't want to take space up in the earth so yeah. Besides I want my ashes thrown in the ocean that way fishes can eat me.
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i don't particularly like funerals, but i love FUN-erals
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palm mute
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Funerals are fucking weird. My goal in life is to persuade my loved ones that tossing me in a ditch or the equivalent is totally ok and what I want them to do.

It's not me anymore, don't dress it up and waste money on bacteria food.
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I'm withu. no funeral for me
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I only want a wake, then cremation, my body's too shitty to donate to science.

Or do Louis CK's thing.

"You can cum, on my back, and pretend that I am your father. I am dead, I don't mind..."
Originally Posted by raoooos
slipknot are actually just terrible, they're such a "holy shit i'm 14" kind of band. like fuck off mum i'm not going to school i have to clear the stone of leaves.

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Not my kind of place. I've preferred not to go to those for guys that I know. If they were really close friends, I'd probably go. I don't really mourn publicly.
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love nectar
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When I die, I want my head cut off and sent to the president of China, as to declare war.
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Luckily I haven't had to go for someone close like an immediate family member.

If it's someone like a grandparent, uncle or friend, I can go to a funeral no problem.

However the thought of going to the funeral of someone like my mom or brother really hurts just thinking about it. The idea of seeing them in a box to be buried just seems like it'd be unbearable for me to watch.
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i don't want a funeral or a ceremony.
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