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The shit I don't like is the literal dog shit on the floor in the other room that I'm too lazy to clean up myself
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People who tailgate, also people who don't know what their turn signals are. I believe that some people are completely unaware of what a "turn signal" is. People who text and drive, the light turns green and they'll sit there like idiots. That's what my horn is for. I hate when someone pulls out right in front of me, or when someone cuts me off while coming to a stop light. I drive 70 miles a day for school, so yeah i see a lot of idiots. Oh and people who drive like asses in the snow, how could i almost forget that one...
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It's 41f 2:45 am, I'm listening to the tv roaring, the stupid dog barking, nobody answering my messages, I'm hungry but can't eat because I'm locked out of the house.
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The Pit circa 2008
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When my jeans get a rip. That's the shit I don't like.

When I get my Jack in the Box tacos and the bottoms are broken on every one. TTSIDL.
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Being banned for airbrendie. That's the shit I don't like.
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Sludge Beard
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Originally Posted by JayT44
I don't like when it's cold as **** outside and super windy. I don't like when people are rude for no reason. I don't like when technology malfunctions and prevents you from accomplishing tasks that need accomplished.

What's that shit you don't like?

Shit man, it's been that way for a week here (Maine). A week of -14f at night, then a week of about 15f + holy-****ing-shit type wind. We did get a day or two of balmy, 35f weather in between though
... For A Pair Of Brown Eyes

Originally Posted by Bladez22
smoke, you get more awesome by the minute..... You have an epic beard, live near woods, listen to metal, grill stuff using makeshift bbqs out of old cans, and now we find out you have stabbed someone in the dick
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Most of the moderators of this website. Those are the sh!ts I don't like. Well, except one of you. If you have to ask, then its probably not you.
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strait jacket
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Breaking a ****ing string every 2 hours or so of play time on my lp jr WTF DIFFERENT STRING EVERY TIME WHAT AM I DOING WRONG DAMN YOU.
that's the shit i don't like.
Originally Posted by ChucklesMginty
If God didn't want people to be gay why did he put a G spot in our asses?
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When you have to strain really hard and you only get a bumble, that's the shit I don't like.
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Bitter old sod
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when a girl i really like turns out to be a guy.

that's shit i don't like
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
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Similar to a pony
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When you take a sloppy shit that requires so much cleaning. That's the shit I don't like.
Originally Posted by The hamburgler
Metaldud will be it's middle name. You my good sir are officially the godfather of a hansome young donkey.

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Manchester United
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gortar hero
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having to work on super bowl sunday

that's that shit i don't fucking like
Originally Posted by raoooos
slipknot are actually just terrible, they're such a "holy shit i'm 14" kind of band. like fuck off mum i'm not going to school i have to clear the stone of leaves.
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not french
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people who blind me when i'm walking on the side of the road at night, one day i'm going to get one of them big stage lights and shine it in their faces, just to see them crash and burn.
Originally Posted by WantsLesPaul
You are a sick man, Riley.
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Play my dudelsack
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A witch niggaaaaaaa that's that shit I don't like!

wait, are sigs back?
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UGs Only Rhythm Guitarist
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Most footballers/ football fans.
The blues ain't nothin' but a good man feelin' bad.
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When something scratches your teeth, scratching velvety surfaces, people taking sports really seriously, shoes that are just a little too small, etc.

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Miss Kristen
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I had this idea a while back that Chief Keef should do a Christmas version of that song where he gets a bunch of really lame gifts and he's like "An ugly sweater? That's that shit I don't like. A fruitcake? That's that shit I don't like." And so on. That was actually sort of how my Christmas went.
Originally Posted by lolmnt
That's right I have a four inch penis.

Originally Posted by Hail
write 3 page long posts with the wrong opinions until people who don't actually read here or know anything about music theory promote you

worked for 20T

Pats killed McNair

Now you have no excuse...
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Originally Posted by Ian_the_fox

Ian, this is about shit you don't like.


Now working on my upcoming EP "Discarnate". See the expected track list on my bandcamp.

Terry Prachett is funnier than you! Discworld
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When you're really hyped to go do something, and then something happens that makes you unable to do it.

I was really excited to go record and get some creative work done on Tuesday, but then I jammed my finger in my door.

Could not play without pain. That is most certainly shit I do not like.
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