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Original Metal Song - Arid Rain (C4C)

So here's my latest work, I know it's kinda sloppy and the quality could be better, but it's just a demo and I don't have the best recording gear.

Hope you guys like it and suggestions are welcome as always!
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Im really digging the thrashy vibe of the song the riff at 1:35 had me really thinking of early trivium, the bit right after it was probably my favorite.

i overall enjoyed the song, the only thing i would change would be the lead that first shows up at about 1:05 it seems a bit droney for lack of a better word.

basically the song shows off alot of good song writing skills like your structuring of the song itself and the song is pretty solid

but hey if i could suggest something the riff at 2:48 that leads into your chorus maybe consider having it end with a little walk down lead harmonized in the same manner.

so basically trem picked like it is but on the last bar of the section bust into a little chopped up triplet section

like 1...2...3...4...1...2...3...4...1...2...3...4...1. right into the chorus
that way it might sound a bit more dynamic than just a repeated riff

id be really excited to hear this re-recorded with vocals!!
heres my stuff if youd like to give me some feedback!
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I absolutely love the guitar tones! The mix on the whole is well-rounded, bright and each instrument comes through clearly. It kinda feels like stoner doom metal, and sounds great when drinking Absinthe (which I am doing right now).

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I like the end from around 5:20. You could make another song with that riff.
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First off, that cymbal that's panned left near the beginning is quite overpowering and it sounds almost like when a drummer hits the cymbal and then grabs it straight after, like a staccato hit or whatever it's called. I don't think this is what you were aiming for, so maybe you should find a different sample and make it a bit quieter so it sits nicer.

Also, where does the rhythm guitar go at 3:40? It kinda just disappears at makes everything sound empty, especially since the lead is panned to one side. If you're gonna have a 'just lead guitar' section, don't pan it, slam it straight up the centre, and have some bass guitar too. I appreciate it's just a demo, but just recording a clean guitar track and pitch shifting it down to act as a a bass track can make a big difference to the thickness of the sound. At 3:49, you have rhythm and lead guitars again, but just one of each panned either way. Imo you should have two rhythm guitar tracks (at least) all the time, panned, and chuck leads over the top as well if you want, and don't pan the leads. Generally the closer to the center the pan, the more it will stand out, and you want the leads to stand out.

I don't mean for this to sound too critical, I just thought some constructive criticism would be helpful. The guitar playing is tight, the tremolo picked section are well-played, and the tone is pretty nice and chunky. If you want to make it sound thicker, you could quad-track guitars (if you're not already) and pan them all different.

I like the lead section around 3:00, has a bit of a A7X vibe, but I stand by what I said about having 2 rhythm guitars and lead over top. Overall, well written, tightly played, good song structure, keep it up!

C4C http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru...d.php?t=1582540

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Thanks for all the kind words and the suggestions, I'll keep them in mind if I record a final version of it.

I'm sorry, hightension, but I don't really get what you mean with the tremolo part before the chorus, you can blame it on my English.

The cymbal on the left bothers me too, I should lower its volume next time because the guitars are harder to hear when I use it. I also agree with recording two rythm guitars, because I feel some parts of the song are not solid enough. I know my songs have a heavy A7X influence now, but I guess I will build my own style as time goes on.

As I said before, thanks for all the comments, keep em comin'!
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aaron aardvark
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Some vocals wouldn't hurt. Well done for the style, though some of the drum samples could be better (sounds a bit machine-like for metal). Good guitar riffs, playing is tight. Please review my music at this link:

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I like the riffs individually, but they seem a little disconnected, like you've taken all the best riffs from a whole album and played them one after the other, without making it feel like a single piece if you get me? The drums could use some work, the kick is a little loud and the crash panned left is wayyyy too loud, also the fills seem too fast and loud.

In terms of the riffs, I liked the first riff, feel that could have been explored more, the riff at 1:14 was cool, and the one after was too, reminded me of early in flames. The riff at 4:22ish I think could be made really epic with some better production and possibly some synths or vocals. I liked the thrashy riff at the end.

All in all, a hell of a lot of potential but I think if you structured it better and improved the production it would be really good, take a few of the riffs out and shorten it (you could always use those riffs in another song if you really want to make use of them).

C4C? http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru...d.php?t=1582643
http://soundcloud.com/gjthomas92 <-- my soundcloud account

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Death MentaL
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I like the kick on the intro. Starts it off well. Nice and thrashy! Infact my feet are going overtime right now. \m/

Check mine out;
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Thanks for the comments, keep 'em coming guys!
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