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Hey everyone. A few weeks ago I submitted a song called "Feeling Nostalgic" for critique on here, and I got a lot of very helpful feedback. I've tweaked it a little per your suggestions, and was hoping to get some feedback.

I think it's close to completion, but I'll leave you guys to judge that. I may change some of the synths, I'm not sure how I feel about them, and there may need to be some EQing done. It's all a learning process, so I appreciate any feedback you guys can give! Seriously, this site has been a huge help in pretty much every aspect.

As always, crit for crit! I look forward to your advice and to critiquing your music as well. Thanks in advance.

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Hey! This is a really solid tune! Lots of feeling and good playing. I'd say the mix is spot on, my only complaint is that I can't really hear any cymbals. I would definitely keep the synths, I feel like it adds a lot to the atmosphere of the song. Great job!

Here's my latest work.
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I thought this was a nice tune! Easy to digest and relaxing to listen to. I liked the choice of the guitar tones used throughout, and the arrangement of the song as a whole. I did find the drums a bit "wimpy", even for a soft tune like this they could definitely be brought out a lot more to add some more drive to it. Also, what I found myself thinking throughout the song was how some good vocals could transform it into a very strong pop song, felt like it really called out for vocals (Horrible pun, sorry). So other than that, overall I enjoyed it a lot!

Here's a link to an instrumental of my own, feel free to give it a listen:

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I'm still checking back on this thread, so I appreciate any further feedback, and I'll crit you back ASAP!

critiquing you back now.

Anyway, point taken, I will try and make a revision with punchier drums! I may take a shot at sticking a vocal on there soon, I've just never finished writing lyrics for a song before, or ever let anyone hear me sing. For some reason the thought of it is terrifying, haha. I'm gonna try to find a way to bring the drums up without drowning anything else out!
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I like this as background music. I think your title fits perfectly, I could see this in a movie during a flashback scene. I like that guitar thing around the 1:38 mark, it was nice variety and helped make the song not too repetitive. I don't really think this works well for active listening, but as background music for something its really nice.
I especially like the acoustic guitar sound you have going. Sounds delay-y and I like it for this style, works nice. I do agree about the drums could be stronger, but if you were going for background thing I think they might work better as is though. Depends on what you're going for.
Nice track overall.
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That was really good, Very calming effect to the ears. I liked how it goes into that radio effect around 1:33. When the solo kicks in around 1:38 or so, i dont know if its my headphones but it seems a little far away in the mix, makng it not the focus but the rhythm accoustic guitars. Speaking of the accoustic guitars i think the rhythm at 2:24 i feel sounds better and more full and tighter together. Everything else was perfect and a great listen!

C4C? (The main theme of feedback i received was "lack of direction and to many riffs in one song", which I'm starting to really see the more i listen to it. I really like the riffs used in the song and wanted to know which one of the riffs should be the main focus instead of adding a whole bunch in, thanks)


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Thanks guys! Hipster Jesus, you're actually pretty spot on. I was VERY bored one day and started making music to fit random movie scenarios (again, I was bored lol) and this one was my attempt to make romantic comedy flashback music haha. I'm glad to know I landed somewhere near the mark lol.

Metal Turtle- you're right, it does suddenly sound better around 2:24 - I'll poke around in the file and see why this is.

It does need to be livened up a bit though, I'm considering adding vocals, or perhaps bringing out the lead instruments more. It needs something else, I'm just not sure what. I appreciate all the positive comments! You guys have been quite helpful so far in fixing the issues with this recording! Any further insight is appreciated!

I gotta run to work for a few hours, but once I'm done I'll crit back you guys that have posted so far!
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