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What age did you/will you move out of home?

What is a normal age to stop living with your parents?

I'm currently 18 and I'm planning on moving out when I finish my degree, so I'll be 23-24. Personally, that feels a bit late, but there's no use adding more expenses onto myself at the moment when I already live so close to uni.
Ideally, I'd move out at 20-21, but with the workload I'll be facing/lack of money I will have at that point, it just doesn't seem realistic.

What about you guys?
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sam b
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19, I moved from England to Finland

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i moved out for a yea when i was 18
then i lost my job and had to either quit school or move back home

it sucks but now im making sure i finish my degree before i move
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16, I regret it though - all the money I've spent on rent could have gone to saving for a deposit on a house
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Early 20s or something? I go to work/uni and live at home. When my grandparents die this house is mine anyway, so maybe I'll technically never have moved out of home in my entire life

My mom moved out when she was 16 (dropped out of high school living on a farm) and thinks it was the greatest accomplishment ever, while I think it's pretty stupid. Typical white people logic.

Actually I could move out comfortably with my current pay but it's not permanent and fuck rent.

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Mr. Waaayyyyne
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I'm probably gonna do the same as you TS. Times are tough. Any money I'd spend on rent would be better spent on school.
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Hopefully when I'm 19. 20 at the absolute latest.
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19. I moved from my home in northern Germany to Berlin, got on unemployment while working internships in design and animation, then got a job as a designer, then went to uni where I am now.

One thing I often see people saying, is that paying rent is essentially throwing your money out the window, because you're not investing in a house. I completely disagree with that, for a couple of reasons:

1. Houses are high maintenance. You don't just buy a house and have everything run itself, if something breaks, you have to pay for it. In apartments, if something breaks, the landlord pays for it.

2. Houses are more expensive than a lot of people realise, what with property tax, and, depending on what kind of house you have, having to pay for heating oil or gas.

3. In this day and age, you need to be able to be flexible, especially at a young age. If you have a house, it's like an anchor. You can't just pick up and leave, you have to find somebody to rent the house to. This is a lot more difficult than it sounds, and you have to consider that all of your stuff in the house has to go somewhere, too.

4. Backyards need maintenance. Unless you want your garden to look like shit, this means cutting grass, fertilizing, getting rid of pests like moles, trimming trees, pulling weeds, etc. etc. etc. This is really only feasible once you have kids that you can use as your little unpaid garden workers.
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Left for college at 17 came back for summer break decided to transfer schools to switch my major and moved out two weeks later at 18
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I don't know when I'll move out.

Could end up being surprisingly soon though, depending on whether my gf's plans go through or not.
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18. I'm currently living at my university.

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Probably when 25
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Neo Evil11
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I was 18, but they still pay everything because i am a poor student and all.
Originally Posted by Carmel
I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

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Moved out when I was 20! Great times since, however I would love to have been able to save the money and brought a house or something
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I just turned 25, and I'm still at home. I plan to move out sometime this year. I've been out of university for about 2 years now. I've mostly just been working and saving money. I feel like I'm at a point where I'm ready to get out on my own now.

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Moved out at 16 don't regret it at all.

Originally Posted by Neo Evil11
I was 18, but they still pay everything because i am a poor student and all.

And its basically like this.
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I moved out at 19, but i had to move back in because rent was too expensive.

These days, it isn't too socially unacceptable to not move out for a long time because of the costs.
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Left home at 18 for university. Rent is paid on student loan, but I don't think I could live without parental support yet. When I graduate, hopefully I'll be able to stay out of the parent's homes, but London rents are absurd.
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I'm going to hold out as long as I can for the house I currently live in to be paid off, then i'm going to kill my family and keep it for myself.
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People moving out between 16-20: How do you afford it?

I won't be earning "proper" money until I'm 24, and even then I'll only be earning around the national average wage.

OK, house prices where I live are around 5-6 times the average wage, depending where you are they can cost more. You still have to deduct living expenses, taxes, car stuff, etc, etc., then you have to get a deposit for a mortgage and hope you get approved.

Or, I can rent and wait until I am 35 and hope to have put enough money aside to finally get a deposit and hope for a mortgage.
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