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Beginner wants to buy a guitar, Please give me a hand :)

I played acoustic guitar for 1-2 year, now I would like to change it to an electric one.

I have only a small budget on it, and I am confused to choose between Fender Squier

California Strat and Ibanez RGX150. I want to play rock and blues but not metal.

I don't know which is better for me to play, please give me some advices on it

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If you're thinking about Squier, you could try some Classic Vibe and Vintage Modified Squiers to see what you like. You can always get a better deal going used. With a very small budget, I'm not sure if anything you buy is going to have good pickups (regardless if it's humbuckers, single coils or whatever). But I hear good things about classic vibe if you can find a good one.

You should give us an exact figure so we can advise you, and let us know what your budget is for an amp, as well. The amp is going to really affect your tone.
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What's your budget and what's your location? A Strat style guitar would be perfect for what you want it for.

If you want a Squier the Classic Vibe should be the lowest that you go to. Have a look at Mexican Fender Strats too, you can get them used very cheap and some of them are great quality and are generally much better than the Squiers.

You'll need a good amp. I recommend a Mustang 2 as a starter amp.
Originally Posted by Shredwizard445
Go ahead and spend your money, I don't care. It won't make you sound better.

Originally Posted by Shredwizard445
Sure upgrading your gear will make you sound better.

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Thank you
My budget is only about USD$200-250 for guitar...
I know that Classic Vibe is a good choice for me but what is the price of it?
I just know the MSRP....
I think that I dont need to buy an amp, my friend give his amp to me, it is fender frontman
I prefer strat style guitar~
By the way, what is the main different between SSS and Hss pickups?
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If you can try and locate a Korean squier on Ebay or something that would be a decent shout given your budget.

There's still quite a few around and they're really good value and really good quality.

HSS pickup arrangements will give a stronger tone from the bridge without giving too much buzzing sound on the amp.

SSS are generally used for the poppier sounds from a guitar, just look at indy compared to rock music. Typically that is, not all the time but they are generally used that way around.
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Originally Posted by 159123asd
By the way, what is the main different between SSS and Hss pickups?

SSS- Three single coils. Pretty good if you want that "strat" tone.

HSS- Two single coils and a humbucker on the bridge. A harder, fatter tone. (Two humbucker have an even fatter tone )

Originally Posted by 159123asd
I want to play rock and blues but not metal

Both SSS and HSS are good for what you want, however, I would recommend HSS.

The classic vibe series is the best Squier has to offer I hear. (Apparently it comes only in SSS configurations )

By the way, the Ibanez guitar you posted is HSH, not HSS.
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Re. RndyW0 :
Thanks You for your suggestions

Re. fistofTHEAXIS :
Oh I see~ Thanks You
Yes I know RGX150 is HSH, I am just thinking about the Squier needs SSS or HSS
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Fender Frontman's aren't very good.
Originally Posted by kangaxxter
Tone is in the fingers.

What you really need is a new amp.

(Anything I missed?)

Originally Posted by Robbgnarly
I have been hearing about MG amps lately. I have heard good about them, but only a few times have they been talked about here.

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250$ is still in the range of below the bar which is meant for brand new players who aren't even sure they will play their guitar(and usually when they go this cheap, they end up not liking it as much)...

Only super impatient people don't wait for deals. I got me a a Gibson Studio Alpine White on Gold for $1000, and it was the $1400 ones last year, but I found it on sale without instant rebate, so I could also use a coupon. NEVER buy a guitar at GC, unless you got a 15% coupon, cause they come out once a month.

My last buy before holidays, I got my Ibanez Acoustic/Electric for $150 doing that GC coupon, and it was $200, but it was more for novelty and so everyone who comes over, who might end up drunk, won't be able to jam my electric guitars every time they are over here. But ur not wanting acoustic, but this is the only guitar I can recommend at that $200 price.

Squiers and Epiphone can be very nice guitars or they can just be chump pieces usually the $200 and below....$350-$400 is right where the Les Paul Studios are which is bare minimum I would go for your main rig, and they got Squier Tele J5's, which is probably the best $400 guitar next to the Classic Vibes Tele/Strat, these are decent main rigs, and the lowest I would recommend period.

If you actually play guitar a lot, I think best choices by far, are the ones at $500. I had me the Tuxedo, which is the Epiphone LP Custom Pro...it looks identical to the Gibson Customs, but obviously its not. It is still a very nice guitar. Mexican Fenders are also not bad, but you can get plenty out of the higher costing Squiers like the Classic Vibes, which is a general consensus must buy.

Bullit, Affinity, LP100, Special 2, or Epiphone Juniors are all very beginner guitars, and probably not worth your time or money.
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