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Get back to work
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2007 was probably the best and worst at the same time, because i made lots of new friends, and was having a pretty great time at college, but at the same time i was depressed over a few things, mostly over a girl that i liked that didn't feel the same. Other than that, 2010-2012 were pretty good.

The worst was probably 2005 and 2009, the latter wasn't really bad, but it was just boring, it seemed like nothing happened, and in 2005, i was just in a horrible rut, and my grandfather died.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
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est'd 1989
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07 was pretty good. I could drive, drink, I had a lot of friends that I was regularly with, had just got with my current girlfriend about 9 months before so we were going well, and then I went to uni.

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2007 was pretty good for me. Plenty of parties, I jammed with my friends most days, I could live on about 80 a month!
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The best years were at school. When you grow up and have to work for a living, then its all downhill from there.
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4th grade and below. I started caring about things more after that.
2011-present super sucks. I guess the early part of high school was okay but I wasn't happy exactly, just not unhappy.

The present is complete shit but (I hope) it only gets better from here.
I think 2012 was by far the worst because I wasn't as self-aware then as I am now.

RIP ;c
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Late 2011-2012. I had 4 of the best friends in the world, and I was rarely at home. School was going good, and I'd finally left my awkward stage behind, and for some odd reason, girls were taking interest in me.

Late 2012-Now has kind've sucked. It's my junior year of high school, and bleh. It's probably because I moved away from all of those friends, and now I'm in a new school. I have a good amount of friends, I'm doing decent in school, but I rarely go out. I feel like I have "Friends", but not actual companions. I dunno, maybe it'll turn around soon.
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chill dude
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i ****ing hated 2011. #****2011
Originally Posted by ErikLensherr
It's odd how much I disliked broccoli as a child yet now it's my favorite vegetable.

i used to make music. now i'm lazy. here's my soundcloud:
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2006 was a good year. Everything good happened then.

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I don't really think too much of best years, more like best moments because every year of my life has its ups and downs. I guess overall, I would say 2009.

I was in my last year of high school and I slacked off that I didn't care about my grades and just partied all day and night. I was always going to parties and getting into trouble. I'd have to say, hands down, it was the last point in my life where I had no real responsibilities whatsoever.
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UG's King Sombra
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Freshman year of high school was good. It's been downhill since.
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I like music...
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2012 was both the magnum opus of my life and also the biggest piece of shit i've ever experienced. I fell in love i late winter/early spring, had an amazing summer, then in the fall it all ended and i was left alone with nothing my own self-depricating thoughts. I guess it was the ultimate time for self improvement though, little human interaction and constant writing. Now I'm more comfortable with myself (although not as much as i would like to be) and less naive.

2013 is nice so far though. Made lots of new friends.
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**** if I really know. All through highschool I had a band and we made a lot of music and played a bunch of shows, so that was pretty nice.

Right now is pretty great though. Got a decent paying job, getting into the shape of my life, just got a kick ass studio apartment downtown, and soon I hope to be recording music again.
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The year that I die.

EDIT: Try not to look at this from a depressing standpoint.
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"I will do nothing lightly. When I walk, I will walk heavily. When I fight, I will fight with conviction. When I feel, I will feel everything. When I love, I will love with everything."
R.I.P Evan Tanner
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schecter ftw
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My junior year of high school (2010-2011). I was playing in a band with some of my best friends, we even won a battle of the bands and won studio time and $$$$. We would constantly hang out together and play/write music. Things ended sour between my vocalist and I, and this event marked the beginning of the end of my friendship between my other bandmates, but it was a blast.

Even though junior year is the most difficult for most American students, this was my best year academically. I had all really awesome teachers who actually made learning the boring material, enjoyable.

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Will do moose stuff for $
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2009-2010, which was Senior year of high school. Shit was awesome. My best friend threw the biggest party at the beginning of the year, and while I wasn't in the popular crowd, I had a tight group of friends who I really enjoyed. Then I got the perfect gf later in the year which made everything even better. Nothing but parties and sex.

Go figure that promptly after that, 2011 was the worst year of my life. Got dumped, college wasn't that great, real life actually hit me in the face. Things are better I guess now.
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That's a beautiful dick, no homo.

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Saif Mehdi
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2007 - 2010
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Location: kentucky
The years before my birth were pretty decent.
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Only because cookie hits on literally everyone.
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Worst Username.
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Best "era" would be 2007-2010. Life was easy and hilarious then.
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2011- In the summer after we finished high school. We had ten weeks off or so, it felt like an epoch of MDMA, My Bloody Valentine, Casual sex and Oreo milkshakes.
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