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Fender Tele '72 Deluxe VS LTD H1001

Hi guys.

So basically, come September I'm gonna have about 800 to spend on a guitar.
I already have a Squier strat, so three single coil pickups, and a GTX 23 which has 2 single coils and a humbucker.

I was looking at getting a guitar with two humbuckers for metalcore stuff, and found the LTD H1001, or the Schecter C1 Hellraiser, and decided to go for the LTD H1001 because from what I read it had a thinner body, and genuinely people seemed to have a better opinion of it.

I then found out the guitar I've wanted since I was 13, a '72 Telecaster Deluxe, is just 100 more expensive.

My style ranges from Paramore to Lower Than Atlantis, to Asking Alexandria, Architects and Parkway Drive. Would the Tele be the better option for diversity? Would it be able to cope with heavier stuff like PWD?

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i'd have said those prices were pretty dear for either (bear in mind though i can remember the prices before the recession hit, so i'm probably biased, and it's not much help admittedly if the prices don't get any lower again). I'm assuming you mean the MIM tele deluxe, though- if by some fluke you've found the american version, or even the japanese one, that's a better price.

the big problem with the tele, though, is that its pickups are marginally larger than normal humbuckers, which makes replacing them with anything else a pain. And for the versatility you're after, I reckon you'd likely need a pickup replacement (at least on the tele).

the other thing i'd say is that with 800-900 you're just short of the really nice stuff and it might make more sense to just wait for that. Chappells of bond street has an ex-demo bumblefoot signature vigier for 1000 (I haven't tried it, but i've tried several other vigiers), for example, which would smoke any of those guitars you're looking at, assuming you don't mind signature models and a locking tremolo. You often (especially in the current economic climate) come across deals where you can get high end guitars for around your budget if you're not too fussy and just want a good guitar. EDIT: knighton music centre has a bunch of french-made Lags for around 900-1000, too- I haven't tried them, but I'm guessing they're pretty good. Even their cheaper Chinese-made guitars are pretty good (certainly the higher-end ones). That's just off the top of my head, too, there are loads of deals around.

Granted, buying something solely because it's cheap is a bad idea. But (personally, i.e. in my opinion) I'd rather have a high end guitar that's a better guitar, assuming I like its neck and it's suitable for the type of music I'm planning to play on it, than a lower quality guitar that's the exact model I wanted. YMMV and all that, and obviously it does depend on the specific situation and all that.

what amp do you have?
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I'd go with whichever one fits the bill. I don't know why you want a tele, but if it's just for looks or because it's an iconic guitar, then perhaps you should wait on that one.
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