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Whats your favorite solo?

Hey everyone! tell us what your favourite guitar or bass solo is (or drum solo -moby dick ) I think free bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd is epic, and sounds just as epic live, I should check it out on you tube ..... I also Like stairway to heaven solo, and stuff like that,
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really? free bird?

listen to this

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Both solos in Cowboy Song by Thin Lizzy
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Brian May's solo in Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
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Toughie but ill say phycho holiday from pantera's cowboys from hell.
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That's almost as hard as asking what my favorite movie is. My current favorite at the moment is Paralyzed by As I Lay Dying.
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thats a tough one
...but lotus feet by steve vai has been a long time favorite of mine

also little wing
a youtube link?
maybe you should click on it

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love nectar
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Ray Toro's solo from Dead! by My Chemical Romance.
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That Dude Over There
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The Wall - Pink Floyd. Always preferred it way more than the solo in Comfortably Numb which many more people seem to be in love with.
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ich bin indeed ein sprechender panda, how are you?
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Marooned - simply kind of defines Gilmour for me. No technical bullshit, no sweep picking, no tapping, no shredding. Just a wonderful, tasty tone combined with the magic that comes out of Davids fingertips.
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I know plenty of amazing guitar solos, mainstream or underground, but I've never heard anything quite like EVH's Beat It solo.
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My favorite classic rock solo is the solo from Heartbreaker by Led Zep. Not because it's an amazing solo (good not great) or anything but because when I was 12 years old and I first heard it, I literally barged into my parents room BEGGING them to buy me a guitar and I replayed the song for them saying "I wanna do that!" as the solo played. That song and solo is literally the deciding factor for why I started playing guitar in the first place.
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Afterlife solo by Synister Gates!
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Nuno Bettencourts solo in Get the funk out. Its not only the amazing guitarwork but also the way the structure of the song changes due the other instruments. When the solo kicks in the drums and bass lay their accents on the first and third beat in stead of the standart two - four thing. There is no crescuendo it kicks right in your face with the changing accents and Nuno's powerfull double bends. The solo itself has some wonderfull, shredding, tapping, bending and more. It has everything a guitarsolo should have.
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Dokken - Tooth and Nail.George Lynch rocks on this one.
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Shock Me live extended solo by Ace Frehley. The Alive II version is insane, as well as most of the other live versions he played.
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One of my favorite guitar solo is the 2 mins outro in Dear God ( A7X) . Pure awesomeness.
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Originally Posted by romencer17
really? free bird?

listen to this

Not to hate on Zappa, Freebird was a perfectly good answer. Some random Frank Zappa song nobody knows about isn't.

If you really think that's the greatest guitar solo ever, that's cool. Just don't expect anyone to agree with you. Songs have to be remotely popular when you're naming them for a nomination like this. Pretty sure any decent list of best guitar solos ever will have freebird in it. Pretty sure no list has this song, so lol @ your suggestion.

EDIT; I just read the thread title and apologize. It says your favorite, not "best" or whatever. My bad dude!

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