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Location: TBA
Should be moving up to 44-47k in the next 4-6 months here, so provided I only work 4-5 days a week 55-65k is just fine for me!
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Location: South Australia
My pay goes up in increments per year from 45k starting to 78k max after 7 or 8 years.

One more year until I've finished my degree then I can finally put a house deposit down hopefully!
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My ideal woman would be a grossly overweight woman who would happy go jogging, come home all sweaty and let me put my dick under her armpit while she shuffles a pack of cards.

Stay classy, pit.
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Location: yorkshire
I'm (probably) going into research so I'm unlikely to ever earn more than £25,000/year.
I'm fine with not having much money, though it does feel a little unfair that researchers in most fields earn so little.

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If they didn't want to be objectified they shouldn't have been little sluts.

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All Hail Ze Llama!
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Location: Indiana
I'm 23 and making $50K, I'd like to be up to $60K soon.

I can't complain I got a $5000 dollar raise in January
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That Latino Guy
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I want to make around $50k, sounds good to me.
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Location: On an Island
I used to get 85k a year for a pretty easy magazine design job, I quit...what a dumbass lol..and spent everything on nothing, but that was long ago and actually I'm way happier being self employed and earning half that and working a lot less, I have my own mag now I do only once a year instead of 12 times-

I'd rather have extra time than extra money really
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Hopefully going in to teaching so starting around 20k. Probably won't ever make much more than 30k in my lifetime
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Just keep smiling
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Originally Posted by GuitarGod_92
Enough so that I won't end up homeless. Fuck that living comfortably shit, I just want to not end up living on the streets which I'm pretty positive will happen.

Originally Posted by Seref
And that's how you become a murderer. So do yourself a favor. Don't be a murderer. Date girls who fuck.
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Only because cookie hits on literally everyone.
Originally Posted by snipelfritz
Most guys are like chookie and will **** anything.
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Location: Washington
60,000-100,000 dollars per year.
Originally Posted by progdude93
my fetish is dudes with dicks small enough to pee on their own sacks.
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Obviously, not a golfer
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Location: Shoulder of Orion
I want a four or five bedroom two story house with a finished basement, on an acre of land.

I want three vehicles, a two car garage, and a nice shed or barn. Nope an old barn fixed up.

I want a pool table.

I want two weeks vacation a year paid for, somewhere out of state.

A snowmobile would be nice.

I want to provide for a family of three maybe four.

Whatever it takes to get that.
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Location: Too Far Gone
I expect it to grow exponentially.
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I'll be making at least $60K right out of college, provided I end up finishing my Engineering degree. From there, I just want to save up enough to pursue music full-time without being entirely broke.
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fully retractable
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Location: { }
I'm going to be making $17k through a TA position, which is about three times what I'm making now. I'm gonna be rich!
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Location: cat
No idea because it depends on where I end up living.
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Location: united states
$240k usd/year. I've heard that after that point, there is no additional satisfaction when it comes to pay.
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Location: over the line in 04
80,000 - 90,000. Marry someone with a similar job and that's a pretty good financial situation. Enough to sort of maintain the circumstances I grew up in, which is my ideal really. I don't see a meaningful improvement upon aiming for more and I do see an impact in regards to life outside of career (in the sense that you don't get too much of one). Less would be unpleasant,
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60k + a year very optimistically
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add me on deviantart
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Location: [QUOTE=Weaponized]the fast lane[/QUOTE]
If I'm not the richest person in the world in one year I'm gonna be pissed. So like $80,000,000,000 a year at least
Originally Posted by crazysam23_Atax
Is the officer going to ask for the butt, so he or she can check whether it is hot?

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At OP, with inflation going the way it is 1,000,000 a year isn't too far of soon enough.

As for myself 30K would be plenty.
Originally Posted by DirtyMakik
Did you realise that, according to your poll, there are more hermaphrodites than girls on UG?

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Pit Daddy
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Location: If I was up your ass you'd know it.
I feel semi guilty.
No I don't.

My wife and I currently make over 6 figures combined. We live on about 40K of that per year.
Rest get's put into retirement funds.
7 more years.
Originally Posted by SomeoneYouKnew
You should be careful what you say. Some asshole will probably sig it.

Originally Posted by Axelfox
Yup, a girl went up to me in my fursuit one time.

Originally Posted by Xiaoxi
I can fap to this. Keep going.
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