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Weirdest guitar pedals of all time?

Do you guys know some of the weirdest guitar pedals of all time?
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Don't even like pedals.
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Originally Posted by SimplyBen
That's the advantage of being such a distance from Yianni. I can continue to live my life without fear of stumbling upon his dark terror.

Originally Posted by Toppscore
NakedInTheRain aka "Naked with shriveled pencil sized bacon In The Rain"
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You can make some ****ed up weird noises with an analog delay pedal.
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losing battle
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Rainbow Machine
BTMAM was never relevant

Originally Posted by FireFromTheVoid
I don't want to be under 16 again, though if a sexy horse wondered into my room I'd have a hard time saying neigh
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I don't even play guitar.
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Originally Posted by Cathbard
Originally Posted by Raijouta
Unless its electronic drums.

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Phaser, Flange, Delay....all can be manipulated to make some weird sounds.
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20 guitars and counting..
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my nose when I put my guitar lead up there the amp makes a funny sound...
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Originally Posted by tubetime86

Ohhh i was gonna say that ...
"evil esteban"
if this thing melts again i'm takin' it to bugera headquarters, puttin' a bag of fecal matter on it, ringin' the doorbell and flippin the switch from "standby" to "on", and running.

This wasnt even a cool story... Bro.
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red witch synchrotron.
Pedalboard Thread Native: The Fuzzy Little Man Peach

UG's Best Small Pedalboard 2013
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Sonic Cray hollow earth.
Originally Posted by ZanasCross
I'm now so drunk that even if my mom had given me a blow job at aeg 2, i'd be like I'm a pmp, butches.!

If this even madkes sense... if yhou sig this, Iw ll kill you.
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Originally Posted by losing battle
Rainbow Machine

This. The WMD Geiger Counter can make some pretty messed up sounds as well.
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Not RGallagherFan
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Maestro FSH. There's not many great demos on youtube but my dad mad one before and it's just crazy!
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FUZZY FLATPICKER σ τλε τρπ βπστλεπλσσδ


Enjoy occasionally controversial ramblings related to guitars? I have a blog which meets these criteria.
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Go to Mainer
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Fuzz factory, delay and reverb (Cranked) combined will make some really weird sounds.

Oh and can't forget a flanger or a phase (or both )
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Originally Posted by Cathbard
For me, bedroom levels is a cranked plexi half stack.

Now get off my ****ing lawn.

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UG's Michael Westen
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Two cheap amps in tampa area
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Pretty much any ring modulator
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What Fools These Mortals!
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Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the award goes to the hopeless psychopaths at Metasonix:




^This is your brain on some serious drugs!
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Originally Posted by gregs1020
FatalGear41 knows the ways of the obscure. I hear it's just not with Gibsons. Beware, Halloween approaches...
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Originally Posted by jrock05
would a pedalboard make my rc20xl loop station sound better? the playback on this thing sucks with batteries and the power supply.
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Anything by Zackary Vex
Originally Posted by shredder3386
Yup, Addonexus nailed it...
My band
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Take anything mentioned and throw it into a feedback loop pedal.
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