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1. I don't play guitar anymore.
2. I have no musical ability whatsoever.
3. Well I guess I could be a drummer or something maybe cuz I have really good rhythm/timing etc with other stuff
4. I like Kreayshawn cuz I like her eyeliner and she likes kitties
5. I actually agree with the guy who made the thread about acoustic being a trend or something. I know a lot of people who think that even the worst/most generic acoustic cover of a song is 100000x more soulful than the original, just because it's acoustic. It's like people who say that EDM is just computer noises.
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1. I don't even like guitars anymore
2. I don't have any interest in music other than Chinese Pop, RnB, Hip Hop and Rap
3. It's been around 7 years so far
4. I have no idea what attracted me to any other music to begin with (see #2)
5. I really dislike technical music and sit much comfortably with simple tunes

I wouldn't call these confessions per se, but they're probably ones which would seem like a shock on a site like this. Saying that, I'm only here for mindless small conversations to pass time whilst I'm doing nothing at home.
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5. I hate acoustic guitar. I appreciate people who are talented at it...but I still think they sound lame. Controversial, I know.
4. I've only played an acoustic like, twice. Then I got bored and plugged an electric in instead.
3. I think most metalheads are stupid, despite the fact that I mainly listen to subgenres of metal. But god damn, they dress so stupid and most of them are really snobbish.
2. I think people who ONLY sing/do vocals for a band are pointless. Really, if you're in a band you've got to PLAY something.
1. Not really a confession, but I keep finding myself playing too fast even when I try to make slow stuff

Those are in no particular order.
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1: I've been playing guitar for around 7 years now, and I'm still not as good as I need to be.

2: I don't know how to make good guitar tones.

3: I can't be arsed with theory, but I'd like to know more about building effective chords.

4: Metal is what got me into playing guitar, but I find most metal to be absolute shit nowadays.

5: I constantly delude myself by thinking that I'll make it big.

Bonus: I enjoy playing bass more than guitar, but I never want to stop playing guitar because that'll mean I won't get to play my favourite chords that encompass 6 and 7 strings.


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1. I can't ever recall listening to a Jimi Hendrix or Bob Dylan song.
2. I think most heavy metal guitarists are overrated.
3. I am slowly moving away from rock and listening to rap and reggae.
4. I hate it when someone I know takes up guitar, because I fear they might become better than me.
5. I don't have a clue what most recording terminology like equalising, mastering etc. means.
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Location: Gainesville
1. I will reject craigslist replies If their music samples feature alot of clipping.
2. I rarely write solos, I improv them and just hope for the best!
3. I wont listen to any band wearing tight jeans and v-necks.
4. If i audition for a band with a female singer, im not interested if she isnt easy on the eyes!
5. I failed to learn how to sweep pick.
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1. I find most prog music very boring
2. Drone metal bands like Sunn O))) feel really gimmicky and I don't see the appeal of someone sustaining a single note on a guitar for 15 mins straight.
3. I've been playing bass longer than I have at guitar but I'm better at guitar.
4. Joshua Garcia
5. white bitches
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Jesus, Horsedick, you are my hero

Originally Posted by JayT44
don't worry guys his girlfriend is black, she said it was okay for him to say that.

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1. I don't even play guitar anymore.
2. I just lurk the front page threads when I'm bored.
3. Guitar playing is just a wank / e-peen contest.
4. I disregard most dadrock because it's dadrock.
5. Metal is for children.
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5. I barely know music theory, but I only can play scales on guitar and with transposing.
4. I have problems finding notes on the fretboard.
3. I don't hate metal.
2. I have a gear made from almost no budget. Guess it's quality.
1. Who the **** is Joshua Garcias?
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So apparently this thread turned into "Top 5 ways to make yourself sound like a douchebag"
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1. I like country (pre 2000 with a few exceptions)
2. I have a harder time coming up with interesting guitar parts now that I know some music theory, I still can though, just saying.
3. I used to listen to and play metal and hard rock almost exclusively, and I'm not that ashamed to say that the main reason my tastes expanded was Nirvana/Kurt Cobain (and The Clash, though that's part's not considered as bad).
4. I'm a better bassist than guitar player
5. I'm more impressed by a well written song than any solo

Bonus!: I do not see the enjoyment value of bands like Sunn O))) or "musicians" like Elliot Sharp. Especially Elliot Sharp, here's a video if you don't know who that is.

It's ridiculous that he has managed to continue being around as long as he has.

Also, I don't believe knowledge of music theory is necessary to be able to play (though you use whether you know it or not), but it is extremely helpful when playing with other musicians. (you should know the names of chords at the very least before you go playing with other people)
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5. I know my theory but don't rely on it when writing.
2. I can't stand people who care about having the perfect tone.
4. I've been playing 3 years and still somehow managed to mess up every time I've played on stage.
1. I haven't had an official gig, ever, due to my lack of confidence in joining a band.
3. Death metal is my favorite genre but I haven't been able to play 16th notes at even 120bpm accurately because my right handed fingers have sucked.
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These are in no order:

1. I have been playing for over 14 years roughly and I am no way near as good as I should be. Most lead parts I will **** up and my fretting hand just isn't that fast.
2. I have never had a 'decent' amp. My first amp was a MG15 and second amp was a 150W Line 6 Spider (oh god why). Since then, I have been using Line 6 USB devices for convenience.
3. I hate people who think shredding is the mark of a good guitar player.
4. Like someone else said, I would rather listen to a well constructed song than a solo
5. I like very few guitar instrumental songs. I would much prefer listening to vocals.

Originally Posted by angusfan16
Okay UG where's my refund and free xbox. I need It for my 80 yr old grandma. She needs a new flower pot
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Get back to work
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5-Whilst i know how much more work i could get as a musician if i knew how to sight read music, i still haven't made a concerted effort to get good at it.

4-My favourite band is Queens Of the Stone age, and i can play nearly every song of their back catalogue on guitar and bass, some of them i know spot on, some of them i am a little weak in parts. I'm not exactly ashamed of that one, but some people might think it's a little weird.

3-For the longest time, i thought John Coltrane was a guitarist. I think i was getting him confused with Scofield and Mclaughlin.

2-If i see a crappy guitarist with some great gear, it pisses me off. I know it shouldn't really bother me, but it does.

1-I have trouble keeping count when playing something unfamiliar, even though if i know something well, i can play even if the timing is ****ed up. I think that is just because you eventually get the feel for something if it is in uncommon time.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
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Originally Posted by tukk04
Bonus!: I do not see the enjoyment value of bands like Sunn O))) or "musicians" like Elliot Sharp. Especially Elliot Sharp, here's a video if you don't know who that is.

It's ridiculous that he has managed to continue being around as long as he has.

Whilst I disagree with your comment on Sunn O))), I checked out that Elliot Sharp video.
Having never heard of him before, I now wish I hadn't.
I really feel embarrassed for that poor guitar being used in such a stupid fashion.
It sounds like a little kid picking up the strings for the first time.
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1. I think i might be tone deaf.
2. I can't tune my bass or guitar without using an electric guitar tuner.
3. I know no music theory at all.
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1. I switched from playing guitar to playing bass because anime + mai waifu.

2. I dislike pretty much all metal, but I will listen to any Buckethead album, and like some Mastodon.

3. I very rarely listen to anything other than j-pop and j-rock, and if I do listen to something different it is always jazz (also Buckethead sometimes). And only good old jazz; none of that new shitty jazz fusion shit.

4. I'm terrible at bass and won't play for anyone, because i'm a lazy douche and don't practice much. I play worse when I know someone can hear because my fingers won't stop trembling.

5. I can't learn anything by ear or sheet music, and have to use tabs. I don't care what anyone thinks of this.
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5: I'm a sucker for one-hit wonders, Bonus points if it's:Poppy and/or from the 80s-90s
4: When I was a kid(like 6-8) I loved mariachi music, Even though I couldn't understand it
3: I've cancelled plans because I didn't want to stop listening to a song/album
2: I had a thing for Britney Spears when I was growing up
1: Solos and general technical stuff bore me most of the time, to hear and to play... I'd rather play a simple chord progression and sing
It's over simplified, So what!
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1. I suck at guitar considering the time I've been playing (more than 6 years).

2. I know how to play over 100 songs, but they are all from 5-6 bands.

3. I have almost perfect pitch and can learn most songs by ear in 1 hour or less.

4. I have only played one gig in my life, and it was in front of 8 people.

5. I think girls who play guitar or piano are hot.
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Here's a legitimate one.

I think almost every guitar is ugly.
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