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aaron aardvark
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2 new songs to review (Will C4C, I promise!) New as of May 11th!!

I have 2 new electronic songs to review: "Everything I Can" is the song on top, and "Because I Love You" (female vocals by Sherry) is the next song down. Please tell me how you like these songs and how they can be improved. If you review me, I review you, I promise! Here is the link:

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One Funky Monk
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Pretty crazy sounding stuff. Very interesting to listen to, its not really my style. I liked the intro and build up. I would say work on your transitions as you introduce new sounds, try to make them more seamless instead of them just kind of "entering"

sounds very robotic (in a good way)
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Cool stuff. I like the robotic sound of your music, but mixing-wise I'd like to hear a clearer personality. To me, it pretty much sounds like you just stacked some audio tracks together. I like how you panned different things in "Because I Love You" though, totally made the song!
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Very interesting dude, not something I listen to every day, but it kept my attention, and I actually enjoyed it, which sadly lately with music is hard to do for me. Keep it up man!
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Slapper of the bass
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I definitely had to get used to this. My question is how much of this music did you actually perform? The songwriting is there but the feeling one would get from human emotion and everything that comes along with that seems a bit lacking. Maybe i listened to the wrong track to state this but believe me, I do enjoy it.
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aaron aardvark
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GuitarGuy2387, Tuomionmursu, thetoastinator, slap-a-bass,

Thank you for the reviews, I appreciate it. I wrote every single note, including the drums, though it is all played back by a sequencer. I played most things manually into the sequencer, then clean up the timing so it is more precise, on the beat.

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Thanks for the crit

Because I Love You - good atmosphere on this track, I'd probably change some of the midi instruments to better quality synths, personally - they sound kinda low-rent coupled with such good musical pieces. Same as with the other song, it needs a little bit more vocal hook to fill some of the empty spaces.
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Chasing Sunlight
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Very acousmatic sounding in part. It's great to hear something different from usual. Once the vocals came in though, I felt the production quality sounded lacking and the instruments weren't up to par. All in all, very good but I would like to hear it either a lot denser or more minimalistic.
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one vision
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I got drunk and listened to your tracks, they're dope!

Not at all what I expected. But granted you're a mechanical engineer, it makes sense.

Looks like you really put a lot of work into these pieces. Completely out of this world.

EDIT: I'm not too familliar with the genre, what would you put them in, electronic?
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aaron aardvark
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Jet Pack Blues, TroyKeenanMedia, one vision,
Thank you for your comments. I appreciate it! Hard to say what genre these songs fit into. Could be alternative, techno, electronic, and in the early 80's they might call it punk or new wave.
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Jahan Honma
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I just listened to Scorpionfish. That was cool! The vocals are so unusual. "13 poison spines in your dorsal fin." HAHAHA! The bass line was groovy and the strings and piano parts created a really exotic or Eastern feel. I liked it.

LOL! This music is ingenious! Just listened to Everythin I Can. Do all the songs have weird-sounding vocals like this? Stuff gets crazy at 2:39. Freaking love it! The songs don't feel repetitive and that is a huge plus for me. Good job Mr. Aardvark.
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Listened to everything i can. I really like the intro. Its really unique, never really heard anything like it. Ur style has evolved to the point where you are quite unique as an artist. Ive never heard anyone that sounds like u, and even if i didnt know these were ur songs at first, id know very quick. If u dont mind, could u tell me what gear u use to record? Ur stuff always sounds like its done in a professional studio.
Anyways, back to the song, i really love the vibe of this one. Very cool electronic song. The lyrics fit great. I liked em. It seems like all ur songs, are almost always good, and yet they still improve every time. Keep it up man! Loved it!
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Hipster Jesus
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Everything I Can - Intro is pretty nice, kind of has a sci-fi type vibe to it. Audio quality is pretty stellar throughout. I feel like the intro part lasts a bit too long before vocals come in. Vocal style really isn't my thing, doesn't feel like it overly works here but like I said its probably a personal preference. Part around 2:40 was pretty cool, pretty 80s sounding stuff you got going on.
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Everything I Can: Holy electronic music! Pretty cool vibe to this one. The intro is a bit too lengthy, but damn once this gets going it's got some cool riffing. It reminds me of the Eurythmics at times, like the synth work and overall tonality. I'd personally add a bunch of vocoder effects onto the voice, just go totally overboard with it. Very high quality drum sounds by the way, they sound really professional
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Hmm... electronic isn't my thing so I almost never listen to it. But this is definetly interesting. I like the mechanical/factory feel of it. It brings the feel of an acid factory. Loving the drum beat. Its pretty dope actually. The vocals are sort of a turn off...a little odd but they work I guess. I didn't know what to expect. They honestly remind me of Dave Mustaine's vocal style haha :p

THe second song has a sweet bassline at the start. And whatever compliments it...the buzzing sound? Its awesome. Not a fan of that generic piano thing, reminds me of old 80's point and click games. Ever heard of Darkseed? Reminds me of that crappy game haha. I like how the drum parts are panned to both sides and rotate. THese songs are pretty cool for an electronic fan but it isn't making me praise the genre or anything. Good luck with future songs!
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aaron aardvark
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Jahan Honma, awesomo41894, Joshua1207, boratian, and owen556,
Thank you for the replies, I appreciate it! Both of these songs were recorded on a Roland VS-880 hard disc recorder (and built in optional effects), though for years I used a Korg D3200 hard disc recorder, and I usually use Cubase LE4 lately. Instrumentally, "Everything I Can" is mostly Korg TR-Rack with some Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas synth module. Instrumentally, everything on "Because I Love You" is Sound Canvas. Yes, most of my vocals are unusual, because I like unusual/alternative vocals.

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I'm Difficult To Explain.
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I find that my vocal style tends to be divisive, tbh I do think I overdid it a bit for that song! (and the rest of the album for that matter). Now for you:

Everything I can - I really like the way the noises at the start develop. I think I would prefer the noises to develop into the drum beat at 1:30 rather than having that less active section. I like the vocal melody and what I could make of the lyrics. The background keys gave everything a nice spacey feel and the various noise riffs worked well. I've heard a lot of your stuff now and this is one of your stronger tracks

Because I love you - Not so fond of this one. The beats good, but the melodies don't catch me (although I do like the riff that you can hear on it's own at the very end). I'd change the lyrics as well, I think you could be more inventive and they didn't really suit the feel of the song.

As always, keep it up
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Thank you for the C4C.

I've listened to plenty of your stuff before, and even though it's not my preferred genre, I end up enjoying the song by the end. The mixing on Everything I Can is very crisp and with headphones on is downright hypnotizing by the halfway point. The panning and layering are what really catches my ears. The tunes are alright, but it's the way that they're delivered that has me impressed.

Seeing that you have soooooo many F'n songs, I'm guessing that you're a good person to hit up if I have any mixing, panning, layering, etc. question to ask, even if the style of music we make is vastly different
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Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I listened to Everything I Can. Great production and interesting song. I could definitely hear this in a video-game or something. It takes a bit to get used to, but is actually weirdly groovy. Not my favourite of yours but a welcome addition.
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Listened to "because I love you", "guerrilla radio" came instantly to mind

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