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Should be going Kent or Essex once I get my A Level results, the waiting is so hard.
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through being cool
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i go to University of Maryland Baltimore County.

it's entirely separate from University of Maryland.
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julian wells
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Originally Posted by progdude93
Hingle McCringleberry, Penn State University

easily one of my favorite videos
you're a stone fox
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I'm a computer science student at the University of California San Diego. Our mascot (the Triton) is pretty much the most badass thing.

So is our library.



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Wow, if my college library looked like that, I'd actually spend time there.
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Originally Posted by genghisgandhi
How do you like going to a really liberal school?

When I was going through the process of applying to places, I realized I would HATE it. I'm a 'free thinker' and someone 'who likes too march to the beat of their own drummer' but I would hate to be surrounded by nothing but people who are just like me. Subsequently I only applied to massive state schools.

Well, I chose it because it was a smaller school, had it's own campus (a uni in my city is integrated into downtown, not my thing) and was in/around a city. It also had a lot of trees and green space. And it gave me a lot of money.

I haven't really noticed how liberal it is, mostly because I'm liberal and it's mostly background radiation to me. But there is a presence of conservatives and religious community, mostly because of the Lutheran connection. But, it's not really a place full of "hippie" type of students. That's in places like Evergreen State College. I can't really say much to the "liberal" culture since I grew up in Portland, so it's really just a continuation of what I've been surrounded with anyway.
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Does going to a UC's extension program count as attending uni?

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I'm too old for this ****
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Originally Posted by vilk
Dormitories are gay. Well actually they're half decent for meeting girls, but once you bang one then everyone one the floor finds out and it limits your selection.

Originally Posted by vilk
I partied all the time and never had to spend much time on schoolwork.

Originally Posted by vilk
Always turned something in even if it sucked. D's get Degrees, right?

Originally Posted by vilk
Honestly it's so easy to get laid in Japan if you're white.

Originally Posted by vilk
My favorite thing about IU was the bar scene.

Originally Posted by vilk
Definitely the best time of my life

Did you wear this sweater the whole time too?


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I go to Florida International University. We have a nice library and pond and everything is alright.

I'm doing a degree in Business Administration and i'm horrible at math. I start classes again on Monday and am dreading it.
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I go to the University of Manitoba, going into my 4th year studying music. behind_you also went here I think, but he's not really around the Pit anymore.

Shittiest thing is that being in Canada there's pretty much no collegiate sports at all. Bonus to that is there's also very few jocks around.

I don't live on campus or anywhere near campus so I never really had that "college experience." Not sure if I feel left out, but leaning towards I don't give a shit.

I'll start applying to grad schools soon, although I think I'll take a year off in between my undergrad and masters. Not sure where I want to go yet, but somewhere in a bigger city that Winnipeg that's for sure.
I don't know what music theory is.

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I'm a bio major. I think my concentration will be in Biomedical Sciences. Was gonna go with environmental bio and then I realized I don't want to do a master's in anything relating to biology (for now) so I chose something that has a bit more potential for employment and stuff. I'm probably graduating this year because I don't want to do an honors project in my 4th year but we'll see.

I'm also in the middle of getting a diploma in special needs education mostly because I find it interesting but I wouldn't mind working in that area either.

I want to do some further education but I don't know what. I've been thinking about patent law though.

Living on campus is so much better than not

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University of Nottingham. Electrical Engineering. I've technically finished my course, but I dunno whether or not I'll be graduating because I completely fucked up my final year.

Put me down under "Completely squandered education"
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What of those who already graduated college?
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Currently going to Indiana State University and majoring in psychology. I plan on going to University of Louisville for graduate school.

We had Larry Bird, and that's the highlight of my school's history. Although we're not exciting, our education, criminology, and PsyD programs are nationally ranked.
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Originally Posted by NewDayHappy
I love my gays man, but a child could be buying that whopper. It just makes for a very awkward situation in the mini van when the father is talking to his son.

ayy lmao
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I'm currently attending Bucks County Community College for Cinema/Video.

Unless anything changes, like I die, or worse, fail math again, I will be going to Temple University after Christmas for broadcasting.

I started as a video game design major but no one ever passed that at Bucks and they never had the classes I needed. Luckily all the music recording classes I took transferred over into Cin/Vid. I don't want to make movies or nothing fancy like that. I really just want to operate a camera at a stadium. News would be cool to I guess.

When I go to Temple I'm going into the broadcasting program. I'm gonna claw and beg my way to a camera at one of the sports venues until somebody says I can carry cables. I really want to be paid to go to sports games. It's either that or ****ing retail. I really don't want to go back to retail.

iSupport the Philadelphia WHYEaglesWHY, RIPPhillies, Flyers, Union, and Sixers.

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I'm at University of Florida, majoring in electrical engineering and minoring in physics. I got a 2130 on my SAT (710 in all three parts, strangely) and won a National Merit scholarship. I'm basically going to have zero debt for my undergraduate degree (graduate is a different story though).

I just finished my fourth year, I've only got one class left for undergraduate so next semester I'm taking some graduate-level classes to get started on my master's degree (focusing on electromagnetics most likely). This summer I'm doing a paid internship with an energy company for the second straight summer, working on communication devices and microprocessor boards in their test lab. The guy that interviewed me was also a UF alumni, which probably helped me land the position.

Being a huge sports fan, it's pretty great being in Gainesville since we have good football and basketball programs. I live in an on-campus apartment that is literally across the street from the O'Dome (the basketball arena) and a lot of the basketball players live in the same complex.

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Originally Posted by genghisgandhi
I got a 2100 on my SATs. Be jealous.

Next year I'm either going to U of Manchester [70% chance], U of Sheffield [15%], or McGill [15%].

I'm not going to be in university for at least a year so I shouldn't be posting in here, but I'm going to have to retake my SAT. I managed to only get a 1690. I didn't sleep at all the night before (bad excuse but it didn't help at all) so I managed to **** up the essay (I am very good at essay writing but I didn't finish writing it in time because I'm an idiot) and I accidentally filled out two sections in a row in the wrong place and couldn't copy them down in the correct section quickly enough.

So in short I am retaking the SAT because this is in my top fifty most humiliating experiences (it would be much higher if the SAT scores weren't a private thing).
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at home he's a tourist
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i just graduated from thee univ. of new haven with a b.a. in english (literature concetration), ama.
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Originally Posted by Jon777

So is our library.

Jesus.. This is the Canadian idea of a cool library

They hyped the shit out of it

Oh and yeah I'm at the university of Calgary going into my third year of a physics undergrad degree. Hoping to do some kind of quantum information since I'm currently working in one of the quantum memory labs. It's pretty awesome
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Kristaps Porzingis
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Originally Posted by Cb4rabid
I go to Florida International University. We have a nice library and pond and everything is alright.

I'm doing a degree in Business Administration and i'm horrible at math. I start classes again on Monday and am dreading it.

It is true that FIU is pretty much all black people?
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