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practicing Step, by step guides playing 15 hours a day

Hi this is my first post soon I plan to be playing for 60 days , for 15 hours a day with a 2 hour break every week.

Every year playing for 40 days I really progress , but not this year not really much..
Mostly because I have been practicing misc. techniques (online sound familar) not really any step by step guides --> or they over simplify it without you ever even pickig up a guitar,..

playing for 40 days this year I have been working on different techniques, and I have been practicing the circle of fifths, and all the modes
(not by sheet music, just by looking at the guitar, and just going by the notes)

Some things online or books really disapoint me also
for instance a I IV V chord progression
I understand those are the major chords in a key ,what I mean by this is these books teach to mechanically. 15 bar blues etc.

For years , and years I have been going to dark forest preserves , and creating riffs what ever these places evoke what feelings, but want to work on more, and more difficult solos, and more complicated riffs, and compose more music on top of what I already have.

I do not play covers, So my riffs sound original,

(I am thinking of starting learning songs so I can pick up different techniques from other musicinas.)

I pout alot of emotion into what I write,
I have heard My riffs sound like tool perfect circle,
so I am trying to develop different abilities.

I really like how King diamonds guitar player phrases his solos,
I am a big fan of Jimi Hendrix,
Stone temple pilots,
molly hatchet (just listened to --- I'll be running)
Alice In chains
Oldies classic rock heavy metal, funk, folk etc.

Never really asked a question,
but just looking to learn to solo better,
learn different techniques,
compose better music over my riffs,
theory (but not over simplfied)
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Not sure how many responses I will get

But something like exercizes what to play with what chords would be nice
stuff like that... (have been looking at fretjam)

I make up really weird chords , and chord progressions
(what ever the chords make me feel, and what story I can make out of them)

So adding more harmony , and understanding it, would be nice,
or just practicing so it comes out subconciencely.

so please someone help sitting around not moving at all for 40 days isn't too bad when your going somewhere with it, but feeling like your not prgressing at all is frusterating.
like I said I put alot of time going out, and playing in forest preserves, but I really Need to put all this together, and """""Build up""""better technicques layer riffs etc.

Oh I should npot ask too much, if anyone knows of a book to help playing, and singing in two rhythems let me know (I seen the basics in books need to develop that.)

Your probaly going to ask how long I have been playing ---
quite a while more then half my life, and still have my youth,

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What you are describing seems personal, and like you've already decided how you're going to learn. You have your ideas of what that is. I cannot see any benefit in this plan of yours. I think you are misfiring on several fundamental levels.


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Sometimes less practice is more. Like practicing 2 hours in the morning before work and 2 hours after supper. You need to be communicating something with your emotions, but also be guided by your head. I can't remember which legendary jazz improviser it was who said this, but it really struck me: "The best improvisation is really well planned". Figuring out how you can get good hands on guidance from someone who can already do what you hope to do in the future would probably be smart also....
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You will progress 10 times more by playing 365 days a year for 15 mins than you will if you play all day every day for 40 days in a year. Even if those 40 days are spread out. 15 mins practice once a day for a week will do more than 6 hours on only the sunday.

That's all I'm going to weigh after reading the first few sentences.
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