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Do you 'baby' your guitar?

Can't recall if I saw it on UG or elsewhere on the interblag, but I saw a post concerning players that 'baby' their guitar ("taking it in for a setup after you change gauges from 10 to 9.5" was the only example I can recall off the top of my head). Just something that got me curious, how other plays treat their gear. To be honest, I'm not even exactly sure how much a decently made guitar can endure

Personally, I know the answer is "Yes." Dean, sadly, stopped production on the AT3000/ATF3000 line and I snatched one for $300 compared to the original $1100-1200. It was and still is my second electric and was my first 'real' guitar (Fender Starcaster and crappy beginner guitar excluded). If not played, always in the case. Always wipe off dust and clean the fretboard before and after playing. Barely let anyone else touch it.

So, in a nutshell, how do you treat your axe(s)?
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As far as playability is concerned, I tweak the setup and check thew intonation every time I restring it and clean give it a good wipe down. Other than that? I don't do anything.
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I've absolutely slammed my guitars in the past.

Although I don't baby any of them particularly much, I do wipe them down after playing and ensure intonation is right when restringing. Other than that, anyone who can actually play is welcome to try them out. That's what they're there for, after all.
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you call it babying, i call it taking care of.
nothings wrong with making sure your intonation is correct and getting all the oils from your skin off it.

treat your instrument with respect bro
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I keep it in good condition and make sure to never damage it. It's always kept in its case and given the perfect setup.

Some people might consider that 'babying' it, but that's fine. At least I'm not the one replacing everything that breaks year after year.
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I do know of people that won't even bring their "pride & joy" out into a room of people if one is smoking, and certainly would never entertain the idea of allowing someone else to touch the thing, let alone play it. Which I think is a little extreme.

I have a couple of dirt cheap bashed up guitars that I happily throw around (literally), and they seem harder to damage than any premium Gibson LP or custom build prestige one-off I've played/owned.
It's an opinion. It's subjective. And I'm right, anyway.
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I treat mine like a total slut. I just pick it up and f*** it anytime I want who cares if I cum first.
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No empty frets.
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I don't purposefully knock them or anything but they're nitro finishes so they look good with wear. You don't need to clean them every day, nothing will happen under normal circumstances.

I wouldn't go to a tech because I went down 0.5 on my string gauge because you don't need to.

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I wipe down the strings after use, and every second or third string change I'll polish the body and clean the fretboard. I'm not anal about people playing them (they're meant to be played). I've never bashed one around too bad only the odd knock here and there.
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I play my guitars.

I don't baby them, but I make sure to maintain them correctly.
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I baby mine.
I've gotta admit it.
Don't get it twisted; they get played, and a lot.
But all of my music gear gets taken care of, and it takes care of me.
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i "baby" two of my guitars, ive decided that if i ever got into stage playing and touring id get guitars specifically for smashing (with the knowhow of how to improvisingly fix them) like an arvil lavigne telesquire, they just kinda piss me off.
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nope, don't give a crap about it. If I had an expensive guitar I would take better care of it but it's a beat up old pacifica. It sounds awesome because I put the pickups and electronics I wanted inside and do NOT want to get rid of it for any amount but if it gets dinged up or scracthed, I don't mind...

I babied the ibanez and fender MIA strat I had before this one but it stressed me. I like the freedom of knowing I won't care if I drop my main axe
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i generally find if i'm too worried about the condition of a guitar i'm just not getting the most out of it. of course i do take the time to clean the finish and hardware and stuff because dirty finishes feel horrible and dirty hardware goes rusty.

lately i've gone a bit downhill because i used to do this sort of thing every time i changed strings but now that i use elixirs i don't seem to be needing to change my strings anymore.
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Absolutely not. I'm not a collector as such, resale value is never more than a passing thought. My guitars are there to be played, not pampered.
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I play my guitars. Damage and wear is inevitable with playing an instrument. I just make sure they're set up correctly and that nothing is mechanically wrong with them.
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My beginner guitar I don't treat very nicely, it's very banged up. However, I always treated my g400 and my mustang with a lot of respect, I never let others play them. I change the strings once a month on the g400 and when they break on my other guitars. I wipe down the g400 and the mustang after playing and all my guitars stay in hardcases when not being played. I do not have a problem with smoking around my guitars, I do it often.
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i take care of my things.

i use them. i don't abuse them because i want them to last.

checking intonation isn't babying anything.
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I don't abuse them, but my PRS is looking a little used these days, the bridge saddles are almost entirely brass because the nickel has worn off, the pickups are dirty and stained. But is plays like a dream and it is always in it's case unless in use.

I put $300 guitars in cases just because.
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Hi mom!
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Originally Posted by Robbgnarly
I put $300 guitars in cases just because.

i've put tires on cars that did't cost as much as the tires did.
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