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Stressing over my band being original, and caring too much what people think.

So I'm planning on just doing some home recording with a bassist, with myself playing guitar, keys and programming drums. If we can get some good songs recorded we'll send 'em round to some other musicians and try and form a proper lineup.

Basically I said I'd go off and start writing shit because my recording setup is good enough for some okay-ish sounding demos. And now.... Nothing. I used to write a lot of metal but I'm obsessed now about it being original.

Like, every riff I write I'll just go... "Yeah it's okay kind of sounds like so-and-so though." I used to be able to write and record a ton when I was younger because I wasn't so self critical. But I just have this annoying voice that criticizes everything I do, it drives me insane!

I used to be arrogant and think everything I did was awesome... And it wasn't nearly as good as I thought but it was still better than what I'm doing now. Pretty adventurous anyway (and unplayable live.)

I'm trying to avoid cliches like breakdowns and low string chugging but I can't help myself.
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So your music sounds like another piece of muaic. Most music does.

Just write music. If you like it then keep it.
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Solution: Stop caring. Yeah, don't purposely rip off other bands, but stop caring about originality.
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dont care just write what you want dont rip off people write what you like and maybe be a bit more confident in what you write
a youtube link?
maybe you should click on it

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Just write. If it sounds like someone else, keep writing, and get it out of your system. If you write 500 crappy songs, maybe something salvageable can come from 100 of them. Also, try listening to some stuff that may broaden your horizons.
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Originally Posted by voncameron
Also, try listening to some stuff that may broaden your horizons.

Like this?
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Perhaps something more like this;


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The Marriage of Figaro is my favorite opera actually.
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There is nothing wrong with "sounding like" another artist. We're all influenced by other artists and other stimuli. Now, obviously ripping off one of their pieces is a different story, but I don't think you're doing that.

It is super rewarding when you write that riff/song or find that sound to make things all your own. You won't find it unless you write and write some more though.
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play what you like--like what you play

1000 bands will write songs based on g-d-c and they will all sound different.....stop overthinking it and just write ;-)
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First, give up any hope of being "100% original" -- absolutely no one is.

However, some are much more original than others -- though this is to some degree subjective, and the only person whose opinion you can be absolutely sure of is your own.

If you truly want to feel more original, and feel that your current writing is too derivative, try experimenting!

If I had this goal, and I had no other obligations, I would spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week doing stuff like this:
* learn new music theory (european classical music, jazz, 12-tone, middle-eastern classical [like Carnatic] music, etc)
* try different approaches to composition (like "choose three riffs at random and find a way to link them together", "play the same melody twice, but have different chords progressions underneath", "think of an intense experience and write music that conveys that experience musically", and so on)
* improvise in different contexts (over a minimalist techno track! Over a commercial jingle! Over a movie soundtrack!)
* listen to music you've never heard before, and try and incorporate an element of that music into your own style
* use your music gear in a new way to make a new texture/sound, and incorporate that sound into a song

These are just a few of infinite possibilities, but the point is: spend as many hours as you can thinking of concrete experiments and be sure to stick with each experiment for at least a few hours before moving onto the next!

Eventually, you'll find some new musical directions that you like, and that sounds more original and less derivative to your ear.
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I'd just stop caring and play. You said you have a bass player friend, ask him what he thinks of the songs you're writing, he may say that sound exactly like this or that's a cool song. Just keep writing and ask for honest feedback
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