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aaron aardvark
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2 new songs to review (Will C4C, I promise!) New as of Sept. 16th!!

I have 2 new songs to review: "Dragon #2" is the song on top, and "Inside Your Heart" is the next one down. Please tell me how you like these songs and how they can be improved. If you review me, I review you, I promise! Here is the link:


P.S. More than 2 years ago, Tame Impala (I had never heard of them back then) gave me a positive review on my music on this forum, and then I heard their song "Elephant" on KROQ (an alternative radio station in the Los Angeles area) a week ago. They've been on a world tour and played Coachella back in April.

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Inuendo King
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Tried listening to the stuff bro, but the player wasn't working for me :/ will check again later!
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I like Inside Your Heart. Keyboard solo is very good, i really love it. Dragon #2 is good too but it's a bit repetitive. Some solos or licks could be useful. For Infinity and Mutation Station are very good too.
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First of all, I really want to say how much I love the bassline in Inside Your Heart. Really groovy and it kept me hooked the whole time. I enjoyed the solo as well. I enjoyed Dragon as well, though I thought it got a little repetitive at times. Overall good stuff! I have a soft spot for electronic music.
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White Python
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Dragon reminded me a japan rpg, like final fantasy or something, like I was in a city doing stuff and that same song playing as a theme. I think it would suit perfect to a that kind of game as a backround

Inside Your Heart, nice little funky bassline and guitar in it, I wouldve waited for a guitar solo, not a synth solo, but its my opinion. Cant diss vocals, were cool. Overall not my cup of tea, because I listned to hard rock/metal but not bad
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Thanks for the feedback for one
Dragon no dos
Dig the intro. Are you playing piano? It sounds solid. I feel like there needs to be an 80's shred solo. I think the siren strings should have continued in the background rather than stopped. Maybe you could have changed all the chords diminished too to give it that eerie feel for that part? good stuff
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Hey aaron. Awesome as always, Dragon #2 had such a medieval yet modern feel to it which was cool, inside your heart has a real 80's vibe to it which was cool, pretty funky bass line too! Great job man.
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aaron aardvark
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ShredX, Barish, wanderlust435, White Python, jrcsgtpeppers, link55588,

Thank you for the comments! I appreciate it! I originally wrote the piano parts of "Dragon #2" on a real piano, but it isn't easy to mic a real piano, & sound decent. The piano is from a Roland synth sound module (sampled).
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Badass! Very castlevania !
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Really cool stuff. Dragon #2 is intense and Inside Your Heart is a real cool 80s groove. Keep it up man
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It's definitely different. It sounds good, but they sound like concepts, not songs, since the tracks almost sound midi-like. I was a bit confused here. They are good regardless though. I can probably get more words out if I can get a clarification.
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Metal Turtle
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Hi Aaron !!

the Dragon # 2 I really like the intro. I like the choir synths you have sort of under the piano. Is this in Mono? I think if you spread the drums out a bit, or pan a bit more with some synths to give a more fuller sound

Inside your heart, you did an Ace job on the mix. I really like the drums when they come in. Like you sort of get that "here we go" type of vibe, and its just groovy! I like the bass effect and guitar sythn! Vocals were superb! after the vocals 1:30 that synth solo you add sold it for me. It accents the song perfectly. it sort of through me off guard and it was really unique. Great track!

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aaron aardvark
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Eternalwhisper1, tom.foutsitzis, Deflection, Metal Turtle,
Thank you for the replies, I appreciate it! "Dragon #2" is recorded in stereo. If you listen with headphones, you hear more of a stereo spread on the cymbals and the strings in the middle (and the ending) than the other sounds.
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Wow. Great and inspiring. Have not listened to much to stuff like this. If i listen to piano it is more the "real" classic. But this (Dragon) has lots of nice groove and a effin awesome theme. I dig it. Have just grabbed my guitar and played along with. Very "metal", hehe. It s written in c-minor i guess? I like it though cannot critique it in detail. The overall production could be a bit "larger" but as i am not in this genre i dunno if it s better to leave it as it is. For me it is sounding as if something (guitar, bigger room, vocal) is missing. But this is cause i am expecting this to be there. Composition, feelin, groove everything s very very good.

For c4c here would be mine

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Dunbeg Studios
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I like the sounds your using on dragon#2 but it sort of sounds like music for a sound track, ie, not stuff I could just sit and listen too on its own. Really like the arrangements and the ending !

The drums on inside your heart are very 80s - maybe a bit too drum machine like - although, if thats the sound you were looking for, then you nailed it ! Have to say I quite like this one, nice keyboard solo too. Also, went for another listen, as I quite enjoyed it. Vocals are quite hard to understand - could possibly do with some cleaning up/less effects in order to make them clearer.

Mix wise, both songs are pretty good, not much to be changed there.


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aaron aardvark
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Thank you for the very kind review! I am honored you played some guitar on top of it. I believe you are correct that "Dragon #2" is in C-minor, but not 100% certain.

Thank you for the reviews, I appreciate it! I looked all over for music of yours to review, but only found a 32 second video on youtube advertising your studio (sounds pretty good). If you want me to review any songs of yours, leave me a link. Yes, I like 80's stuff.
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Dude these r great.. the mix is fantastic!
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Great name!
Dragon #2: Really interesting sound. Not something I can say I've heard before. It kinda sounds like orchestral music with lots of weird influence. Really really unique, but it manages not to be really bad either. I could see it turning off a lot of listeners, but I find it interesting.
Inside Your Heart: Really cool synth intro, sounds like there could be a real chili peppers vibe when the wah comes in. Interesting vocals too. Synth guitar sound is different, but not bad. It sounds like experimental music, kinda like Pink Floyd mixed with new wave mixed with beck. Short track, but pretty cool. Definitely an interesting tune.
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Dragon #2: Great intro and composition throughout man. Piano use is really good, well played. Very dark and groovy (ala Castlevania!). The breakdown at 1:40 is epic as hell, PLEASE explore that more! I found that too short lol. The ending i'm afraid I found really bad lol, it was a very generic diatonic seconds descend which is boring. I can see this song having that breakdown explored more in depth, then a dark orchestra comes in to play an epic melody over it that carries to the song's end. but that's just me..

Inside your heart: Not usually the kind of song I listen to so here goes. The drum sound is amazing specially the snare, nice cutting through the mix. The bass drum could use a bit more woof. Try sidechaining a compressor with kick and bass and make the kick louder. The song is a bit repetitive though.. but the mix is good enough for that not to be a problem.

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Dragon #2: Wow, i wasnt expecting this. It sounds very different than a lot of your stuff. I have to say though, i love the sound of the piano, and this was a very well composed piece. Just like your other stuff, Ive never heard anything like it, all ik is it was very good. I liked it man!!! Great job!.

Inside your Heart: This one sounds more like a lot of your other stuff. That really awesome electric groovy sound. The vox in this are pretty awesome, the groove is sweet overall.

Out of the two songs, id say I liked Dragon #2 better, but they are both really good! Good job!
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