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Simple Question About Recording Dry Guitar Tracks

Hey everyone, I'm trying to figure out how I can record dry guitar tracks, to be reamped by someone else. I also want to be able to monitor the tone, AND hear the track played back with it if I wanted to.

Essentially I'd like to arm two tracks simultaneously and have one recording dry guitar, and one recording with my tone. That way I can hear the tone, but not send those out to be used in the reamping/mixing/mastering.

I use Reaper as my DAW, I have a line 6 UX2 as my interface and running Pod Farm as my simulator, but not running Pod Farm through Reaper as a VST, I use the standalone one. Unfortunately I can't use the VST pod farm due to some bullshit technical glitches it gives me.

Anyway, If anyone has any experience in how I can do this, advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Bus the signal to two tracks. Record on one of them, and put the amp/cab sims on the other.
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I would just use a free VST so you can have something other than a clean tone and record two tracks. One using the VST and the other clean. You may not love the tone compared to what you are used to but that shouldn't matter if the goal is to just have a dry track.
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AFAIK there's no way to use the standalone pod farm as an input source unless you want to mess around with feeding back into your interface or virtual audio cables (trust me, both of these are pretty massive headaches). Do you own pod farm? because usually those kinds of glitches are mostly confined with bad pirated versions of software.

Maybe consider trying some of the other free amp sims, depending on what kind of tone you're using.
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UX2 has two stereo inputs. If you want you can record (at least using Gearbox you can) send 1/2 into Reaper as processed and 3/4 unprocessed at the same time.

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Get a DI Box. A good one. I have the Radial J48, which I highly recommend. I also have the Behringer DI20, which is fine enough for a lot of things, but starts to fall short for this kind of application. (see below...)

Guitar > DI Box > XLR out to interface to record clean track.
.........................> 1/4" out to amp, just for listening / monitoring.

Now, that does assume you have an amp you can bear listening to.

Where the Behringer DI falls short is it introduces a certain amount of noise and interferes with your tone a little when using both the 1/4" out and the XLR out. The signal going to the board is mostly okay, but the signal going to the amp is noisy and sounds like it is going through about 100 feet of guitar cable.

Otherwise, for basic DI stuff, it's fine.

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