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How do you deal with CPU intensive plugins?

I have 4gb of RAM and an Intel i5 processor, yet when I have 4 tracks of POD farm running more a synth or something it crashes...

Mainly, I really like Emu Proteus VX but it's mega slow with so many samples.

The only way round is to write the part in, then render it and keep it in the project as an audio file which is very time consuming and means I can't edit while I mix. Which is a real hassle for guitars and basically impossible for drums.

Any ideas? Reaper crashes a lot seemingly for no reason.
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When you say it's basically impossible for drums I'm assuming you're using VST drums? in that case you should be splitting your drum tracks out and bouncing them anyway, it's a very good habit to get into because it means you have to treat it like a real kit, you can't just get half way through and decide you're going to change snares.
Others may disagree but I like to do this with guitars too, REAPER has a freeze option which may be helpful (it will render it out with all the effects, but store their settings so you can unfreeze to restore if you absolutely have to change something).

Also look at more than just CPU intensity, samplers and vst drums like to eat all the RAM they can too, which can be a pain just as much (or even more) than CPU.
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Yeah, but I'm just thinking with my setup I should be able to run Superior Drummer and a few Pod farm tracks without crashes... Which means there's some other problem but I don't what it could be.

I'm constantly getting 'reaper.exe has stopped working'.
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If you use the cache function on Superior Drummer then it can massively reduce CPU drain, depending on what you are actually doing inside SD.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks, but what does that do exactly?
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Basically when you run SD and load up a kit, by default it will load up all the samples in that kit so they are ready to use. You will see this in the bottom left, it will show samples loaded or something similar.

When you hit cached, it only loads the samples as they are needed rather then loading the whole kit. So if for example you set up a full size kit which may well be over 1000 samples, but then only use one drum then it will only load the samples needed for that one drum.

If you are using the entire kit then it probably won't help but probably worth giving a go.
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Yeah, I was getting a ton of crashes in reaper too, but I started freezing anything I wasn't working on and that's helped a ton. So if I'm tracking guitars I freeze the drums and bass and any other effects I have, that way only the guitar effects are eating up cpu. Can always unfreeze to edit stuff.
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RAM would be a problem before the CPU in the majority of the cases, as for reaper crashes or alternatives. Not much to offer
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Also check how your reaper is set-up.

Maybe your mixing on like crazy 96k 24 bit depth or something.

I'm not sure, because it's been a while since I used Reaper, but there's also "project settings", which also include the sample and bit rate, and could differ from the programs settings.

Have you checked task manager when playing your track to see if it actually hits your upper CPU & Ram?

Also, what speed is your harddrive? It might be too slow.

Cpu should be fine, cause I use a core 2 duo Cpu (granted in an apple device) and can use Superior drums, amplitube 3 times, and kontakt player, before it starts to glitch.

So if my 4 year old ass Cpu can run it, yours should not be a problem at all. I also use 4Gigs of ram, but a good 1G is eaten for the system itself.

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