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aaron aardvark
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Two new electronic songs to check out (C4C, I PROMISE!) New as of Oct. 18th!

I just put 2 new songs in my music website: "Slice Through the Chaos" is the song on top and "Called From a Far" is the next song down. Please tell me how you like these songs and how they can be improved. If you review my music, I will review yours, I promise! Here is the link:

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I think the mix for 'Slice through the chaos' was very good and clean, I think the singing brough it down though. Seems like the effects are there to cover up the tone of the singers voice rather than be an 'effect'.

Otherwise though, it's pretty good!
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Thanks for critiquing my song, bud! Here's my input on your music:

"Slice Through the Chaos" - I like the whole soundscape that you have going on with this track, although sometimes the cheesy synth sound doesn't really do it for me too much. I thought that fuzzy industrial sounding bass tone was pretty cool and fit the song very well. Very interesting piece with a great ending.

"Called From a Far" - The intro I like. The vocals are very spooky and haunting... and I mean that in a good way. The mix seems near flawless with the exception of the snare sound which could have used a slight boost in volume (just my personal preference). I really enjoyed the symphonic synth sounds and the changes in dynamics kept me interested. This one had a great ending as well.

Admittedly, this is not exactly my cup of tea. That being said, I can still listen to these songs and hear that you know exactly what mood you are trying to portray through your music. It is simple and to-the-point, yet still effective and engaging to the listener. Keep up the good work. Cheers, my friend!

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I've always liked your mix of Bond atmosphere and 80's electronic music and again you do not disappoint me! The lead keyboard in "Slice..." is ingenious and mysterious. I agree with charger that the ambient ending is great. However I liked "Called..." more. Your vocals there are better. It may strange to you but I feel that classic rock treatment (vintage sounding guitar, bass and drums) of the song would make it pretty rad doom metal. The ambient outro sound like soundtrack from horror movie. As I have said it before, you have your own style which I think is extremely important to anyone who is recording music.

C4C? http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru...d.php?t=1620556
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Your track Slice Through Chaos is very interesting. Not what I was expecting out all. I love the feel and atmosphere. It really sparks my imagination. I have images of aliens and space crafts in my mind.

I really like the vocals to. It gives it a sinister rocky edge. Well played. well structured, well produced.

Now called from A far is playing. Again a nice sinister rocky edge and great atmosphere. This song is very hypnotic. Your music definitely captures and inspires the imagination.

Now Dragon. Good piano sound. Your stuff is really well produced and mixed. Same as about really in terms of feedback.

I can imagine your music going well with science fiction film footage. War of the Worlds.

You have done well with this, I am really enjoying this. You should be proud.
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I like it all!
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Sounds pretty retro!! I like it!

Check it out :http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru...d.php?t=1620698
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Thanks for the crit ^^

Reminds me of my PS1 gaming times, Slice through the chaos especially. The vocals are kind of bad, and even with the effects - especially with the effects, make me feel uneasy about the song. I like the ending, very soundscapey.

Called from a far is far more listenable in my opinion, from the start it reminds me of the old school electro-pop scene, the vocals overall sound better in this one, but still not quite. I'd work on that. As far as the instrumental arrangement, it's really good, though it feels like it ends kind of abruptly.
Original recordings thread:

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^ thats me
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Man, you make such awesome music. Slice through the chaos is great. Really good style, love the effects going on. I feel somewhat nostalgic towards them like I've heard them from a video game or something, really cool sounds for sure. Rad stuff, keep it up man I always enjoy your music

And thanks for the crit on my song!
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Thanks for the comment on my thread!

Slice Through the Chaos:

Reminds me of a spy theme song or something similar. The vocals have a really cool effect and I think they fit perfectly over the music.

Called from a Far

The vocals are a little overwhelming on this one but the music is very good. The bass is kicking, but it's not dominating. I like the way you layered the synths on both of the songs. The dynamic changes in this song are a little sudden but I think you manage to flow from part to part pretty well.
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hamza hashmi
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wow, all of your music is very interesting. though i don't listen to this kind of music, so im in no position to give advice. the vocals sound a little overdone, i wish they sounded like arctic monkeys humbug album, that would have been cool. but overall your music is very catchy.

slice through the chaos should be featured on some spy movie, i really like the theme.
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Damn man, you're just pumping out music. I listened to both, and liked them, but I'm going to go in depth with Called From a Far. I really like the instrumentals here, but the effect-drenched vocals I'm not too sure about.. It gives it a bit of a cheesy-movie kind of sound. The synths add to this. But as always, your mix is spot on! Have you considered making music for indie games? Sounds like you'd be perfect for it.

Here is mine: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru...d.php?t=1620861
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aaron aardvark
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professorlamp, charger356, imraotnh, jkielq91, @zzasin, DustinMartel, Combined, JDawg00100, Walpurgis, hamza hashmi, and Huliheaden,

Thank you for the reviews, I really appreciate it! I've had a number of people tell me on the internet my tunes sound like video game music, and I rarely play video games, so I'm not that familiar with typical video game music, though I occasionally hear it in video arcades (my daughter likes video games). I do like 80's music (which many people probably think often sounds cheesy). I try not to sound too cheesy, just write stuff I like. Not sure if today's better video games always feature cheesy music, I know they did in the past. Wouldn't know how to promote my music to video game makers, though someone I used to work with has a son that worked for one of the bigger video game companies years ago, testing new games.
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Thanks for the review!

Slice Through the Chaos builds up well at the beginning, and I really like the first main melody. The vocal style works well in the context of the song. It started feeling a bit repetitive, but 2:00 was just GREAT. Nicely done.

Called from a Far was pretty cool. The vocals seemed a bit over-processed here though. Again, I like how you did the ending from around 2:03. Good work!
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Hey Aaron sorry for the delay in review!

I dig slice through chaos, it makes me think of Depeche Mode if they tried something a little more hard/experimental. I can't completely make out what you say though aside from the title line. I think because of my bias toward thinking of it as a DM song, I would enjoy it more if the vox were a bit deeper.

Called from afar made me think of a more badass DM once again. I could understand what you were singing much better on this track. Really like the chorus you have there, when everything gets bigger and the drums come much louder. and the choice of synth timbres all work for me. Wish you dropped in maybe one more verse before ending it though!

By the way on your review for my song Realistic, which guitars do you count as the first lead and 2nd guitar. Do you mean the first solo I do and then the final solo at the end of the song, or the first part of the first solo, and the 2nd part of the first solo? Just wanted some clarification so I could try playing around with your guy's feedback you posted on my song here -> http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru...d.php?t=1620790 so if you could let me know I'd greatly appreciate it man!
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Hey, thanks for the crit! You've got some great stuff here, I love your rhythms on the chaos track, but the whole synth thing is a little bit awkward. The synth seems too 'electronic', like its missing depth or something. The track on the whole is great, and had me vibing to it.

You're a brilliant player man! Keep it up!
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Hey man! Thanks for the Crit!

Electonic music really isn't my cup of tea but I like the arrangements that you used on both of your new song and you did a great job of giving all of the instruments their space in the mix. Keep up the good work!
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Very retro vibe. Gave me a kind of distant Gorillaz vibe. Listening to Slice Through the Chaos. The lead part at 0:47 is nice. Creepy & cratch. Lyrics totally fit the style in my opinion. Both production and execution. That organ kind of thing at 1:20ish after the verse is nice. Well put together track, it has good mojo in every part. Like everything fits into the style/mood very good making it a really round piece. The break at 2:10 is nice. Oh that was the outro, alrighty!

Called From a Far: intro really sets the mood again. The bassguitar sounds a bit too fake though. Or well, a real bassguitar would have sounded better at this part. Vocals are too loud for the mix. The higher parts (falsetto?) are off pitch a bit. The vibe is good in this sing but the vocals don't carry it as good as Slice through the chaos. The lead at 1:50ish is cool. Intro noises are cool again but this song felt a little short.

Really unique style you've got going. I don't recall anything that sounds anything like it. Nice!
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I really don't know where you find the time to post all these songs man. For the last two years you've commented on my posts and I in return have yours. Thanks for always taking the time.

Slice through the chaos reminds me of NIN. I like the drive of the song. I kinda wish the vocals were a tad louder. But overall it sounds good man. The song is your usual progressive sound. Good work man.

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Harlot Hero
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"Slice Through The Chaos":
Everything about this track reminds me kind of like a really soft Rob Zombie tune. Vocals aren't pitchy, the mix is very well done. I like the way the song kicks in. The end fade is nice.

"Called From A Far":
Really like the melody that starts out the song. The bass line had me hooked instantly. The vocals are a bit loud in the mix for my taste, but are very well-sung. Well-written as always. Love how energetic the song is. 2:05 gave me goosebumps. Very unexpected dark turn there. I like it. Great ending.

Thanks for the crit, Aaron!

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