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I have a mute and use it to fret harmonics.
Also, they come in handy with 2 hand tapping phrases.

I use a hair tie that I cut and melted together on the backside of the neck
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Originally Posted by JackovSlayer
Yes, of course, in the studio it's a normal thing to use stuff on the fretboard to mute strings to get the best sounding performance. But people do use stuff to kill vibrations behind the nut, there's a lot of videos on youtube of people doing that, try finding some, Gruvgear Fretwrap that Zaphod mentioned in earlier post is often used for that.

I guess its a same effect as muting the springs on Floyd? Its subtle but there is some ringing in there?

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Originally Posted by MaaZeus
I guess its a same effect as muting the springs on Floyd? Its subtle but there is some ringing in there?

Yeah, I guess. I don't do it and I don't feel like there is a need for it, but some people do it all the time. I don't know, maybe they are just too petty.
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Originally Posted by Vypor
Don't let these guys make you feel like using a dampener is "cheating" - that is nonsense.

I personally just like the sound, and even when its present there is still an audible difference between palm muting and open strumming.

Use whatever works, whether it be a really small hair band or a piece of shoe string. The smaller the better, usually. If the hairbands you are trying to use are too big, you can add a paper clip and hook the back of the band to the machine heads on the back of the headstock.

Using the same logic, you could say that using a whammy bar is cheating. You could say that using effects is cheating. You could say that using a Floyd Rose to keep your strings in tune is cheating. Using a tuner instead of tuning by ear is cheating. Using a pick instead of your fingers/finger nails is cheating. Using different tunings is cheating. Using a capo is cheating. Aside from having something else play the guitar for you, there is no real way to "cheat" when playing guitar. It's really all about your personal preference. If you like it, go for it, if you don't - then don't.

Its as simple as that.

Well said friend! My thought exactly!
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Can somebody tell me what this guy is using? What material it's made of and stuff?
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Originally Posted by realsmoky

Can somebody tell me what this guy is using? What material it's made of and stuff?


Most players who use dampeners do so on the "live" part of the strings to dampen open strings when they're doing two-handed tapping. The fact that some of the best players on the planet do it would suggest that it's not exactly cheating but more of an advanced technique and that it should be viewed with more of an eye to improving one's own playing.

The folks that mute strings above the nut (and who prevent Floyd springs from ringing) aren't being "petty," but have evidently been hearing something that others don't. Just because you don't hear it and don't feel a need for it certainly doesn't warrant a judgmental reaction.

"Using one of these live makes you look like a chump" suggests that show is more important than go to you. I just can't find the words... But I'm guessing that this person has opinions on the right kind of guyliner to use as well.
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Muting? Blocking? That's for sissys! If that string is getting in your way, do like Keif.... man up and take the damn thing off! When you need that string your roadie will give you another guitar.

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Muting other strings with a hair band over the fretboard to eliminate string noise is relying on a crutch imo. A good guitar player can keep any strings that are not being played silent. It's just a matter of executing good technique and working out ways to mute all the adjacent strings no matter what you're playing.

I can understand having a hair band between the machine heads and the nut though.
Originally Posted by jpnyc
Batio sells a special mute that attaches to the guitar and can be flipped into place during a song.

MAB is an exceptional case. The reason he uses them is because when he does those double guitar solos, he doesn't have his picking hand to mute any adjacent strings as he is tapping, because he's using that other hand to play on another neck. It is actually impossible to keep strings silent without a mute helping him.
Regarding the furry fandom from the man himself:
Originally Posted by Axelfox
Please understand how little we as a community care

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