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I can't believe it's another bass amp thread


I'm actually not a bassist, I'm a guitarist (please don't hit me )

Jokes aside, I'm here because my bassist is looking for a new bass amp.
He wants to leave his solid state phase and enter the tube amp territory.
(He doesn't like forums so I thought I'd try to help him since we basically have the same knowledge in bass amps.. None )

Right now he's playing some solid state Crate combo, but he'd be looking into buying a Tube head and probably a 2x12 cab

Budget:Say $750-900usd.. I've understood bass amps are more expensive than guitar amps, but we're not super duper rich. And $900 is maximum!
Sound interested in:Well we play in a punk band. He absolutely loves the bass tone Fat Mike of NOFX has. He's also really into Mike Dirnt's of Green Day and Jay Bentley's of Bad Religion. Punchyness
Buy used?: YES! Used is absolutely necessary in our case!

Thanks in advance
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Well; a tube bass head in that price range might be difficult - especially in Sweden, where they are going to cost even more due to import duties and such. Unless you come across a serviceable Ampeg SVT or an old Peavey VB2, you might have to go solid-state.

Here, your choices improve dramatically. For a punchy, loud, and reasonably priced amp, look for one of Peavey's Tour Series amplifiers - preferably the Tour 700. You should be able to find one pretty cheap, as they sell new in the U.S.A. for $500.00. I would not expect to pay more than US$300.00 for a used one, and that price would be for one that was in like-new condition. Peavey's Headliner is a 600-watt version of the Tour Series; that would also be a good choice. Then you would have money left over for the cabinet.

Given that you are in Sweden, if your budget were bigger, I would say by all means look at the offerings from EBS. They are made in Sweden, they are unbelievably good, and they last forever. On the downside, they tend to be expensive. The Reidmar amp is the only one that is "reasonably" priced, and it is fantastic. If you can find one used, take a good look at it.
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Ask him why he wants a tube amp for bass. It's 2014 for gods' sakes. If he's hell bent on using outdate tech then he should get tube-based preamp or driver pedal from EBS, Markbass or DHA (or others I haven't heard of.)

2x12s aren't too common in bassland, they're even rarer than 2x15s. The choices are really 2x8, 1x10, 2x10, 4x10, 8x10, 1x12 and 1x15. He could buy two 12" cabs but that's not going to be very cost effective.

$900 is a generous budget and he could either get a very nice amp or a very loud amp. Thomann deliver to Sweden so I recommend browsing their stuff. Personally, I recommend Markbass, TC Electronic, Aguilar and Warwick.
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Originally Posted by juliusxxrock
He wants to leave his solid state phase and enter the tube amp territory.
(He doesn't like forums so I thought I'd try to help him since we basically have the same knowledge in bass amps.. None )

Right now he's playing some solid state Crate combo, but he'd be looking into buying a Tube head and probably a 2x12 cab

I hope this doesn't offend, but is he a beginner?

"Entering tube amp territory" isn't really the direction most professionals are going in bass amps these days. Especially if you're looking for bang...er...bottom for the buck. A 2x12 may make sense to a guitarist, but that's a relatively rare bass cabinet.

Your bassic (see what I did there?) average ordinary bass player is probably running an 8 ohm 4x10 cabinet with 500-600W of solid state bass head. You can easily buy that used for $900 or less. Don't fall into the pitfall of thinking that a 1x15" will give you lower lows. It won't (probably). And don't assume that 10" speakers are going to give you more midrange (that's why they often put a tweeter in the center of many of those cabinets).
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Admittedly I am a bass noob. I just took up bass after many years of playing guitar. Don't get locked into the idea that we guitarists have the tube is better. For guitar, IMO you definitely want a tube amp. But I've heard plenty of arguments against them for bassists. Now, like I said, I'm a noob, and these arguments I've read might well be bullsh*t, but it seems like a lot of good bassists are using SS amps, so there may be validity to it.

#1 - Do you really want the bass sound breaking up and distorting at higher volumes? Maybe you do, but I'd rather have a cleaner bass sound because I want to be locked in the pocket with the rhythm section.

#2 - Considering the above, SS amps are so much more cost effective. You can buy a whale of an amp with that stack of cash that will scratch all the itches.
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