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Bla-bla-bla Playing over Blast Beats and Hexi-kicks on bass

I was curious how you play over Blast Beats on bass (I'm a metalhead). What approaches would you suggest. Also what is a Hexi-kick (I heard the term on Metalocalypse but do you think Brendon Small made up that term) and how would you play bass over it? Also I'm great at triplets and trills (I started out playing guitar).

Aformentioned clip (from Metalocalypse) where the term "Hexi-kick" is used (around 1:03).

As usual, help would be appreciated.
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As far as I know, hexi-kicks are something Small has coined himself.

And about what to play on a blast beat: I'd suggest somewhat copying what the guitarist is doing, or at least strengthening the overall tonality of it. Eg. If the guitarist is tremolo picking some form of diminished scale, then it's okay to follow him. If he is doing some form of sweep or more advanced stuff, then I'd suggest playing the root,3 and 5 of the chord or arpeggio he is sweeping. You can either keep the same rhythm as the drummer, or slow down and accelerate where needed.
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oh the horror!
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Hexi kicks are 6 bass drum "kicks" per second. Very and I mean very, few drummers can do this. According to my drummer husband, you're talking someone like John Bonham.

Playing a bass rhythm over at the same speed would sound like mud. The two approaches you could do are best seen here:

1. Follow the guitarist as stated above
2. Let the drummer have a solo.

Btw, Its hard to count, but Bonham reaches near hexi kick speed about 2:20 into the above video.
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Nah, it's a double pedal/2 kick drum thing. It's sextuplets (triplet 16th notes).

As far as how to play over blasts: follow the guitars.
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