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What guitar players have the best tone in your opinion?

I'm just generally interested what good tone sounds like to different people
I can sum it up by saying i like only certain tones, i really like clean tones with slight overdrive, but i have exceptions such as Daron Malakians tone from SOAD.

My favourite tone is Peter Greens, i have yet to get a similiar tone. His tone gives me goosebumps (If anyone has any tips to get this tone, bring em on please

(Solo starts at 2:55)

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Definitely this for a smooth distortion tone and ambient clean tone working in harmony, the production is also top notch, not too sure if the youtube vid does it justice but the CD quality is very good.

This is also good tone and production wise

The clean tone and the gradual build up of the distortion is good here, production also top notch

As far as lead tone goes, I challenge anyone to find a smoother tone than this, this is live too (the vid quality is awful though)

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The first song was awesome, the tone sounded great with just the right amount of bass.
I'm going to start listening to that band
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The guitar solo of this song, my favorite lead tone.
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Steve Vai's Passion and Warfare tone for me.

He's never really sounded this good since then. His tone now has this kind of 'squeaky' quality to it that I hate, it's hard to explain...
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Bo Madsen from Mew. He nails some pretty sweet twangy tones. Check clips from 'Live in Copenhagen'
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Scenes-era Marty Friedman and Trilogy-era Malmsteen.
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I play Bass.
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This is the holy grail of tone for me, distinct, recognizable and unique!
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This is kind of impossible for me to answer. I like a very large variety of tones. While I listen to and play mostly metal of the extreme genres (black, death), I appreciate lots of other tones as well. To say one tone is my favorite is pretty limiting.

For example, one of my favorite black metal artists, Abbath of Immortal has a very thick and distorted, but harmonic tone (for black metal) that just sounds awesome in his music. But if he tried to use that tone on an R & B album it would sound ridiculous.

Also, I very much enjoy the standard, HM-2 driven Swedish death metal tone. That tone is actually candy to my ears. But most people would say it sounds like complete garbage. Tonal preferences ought to be determined within the bounds of the genre, in my opinion.

As for more accessible music -- I feel like Eric Clapton has/has had some of the best tones of any guitarist in history, no matter what era of his music.
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Joe Bonamassa for me. Excellent Blues & Rock tones.
Moving on.....
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John Petrucci's guitar tone in Systematic Chaos.
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Tough question.

I've been trying to get that clean tone for the last two days and still haven't quite found it.

There's something about that kinda fuzzy(?) tone on that album that I really like.

I just really like Ben Moody's tone on the entire album.

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The Judist
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Andy Summers' tone on Every Breath You Take
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Steve Morse's tone on High Tension Wires and Coast to Coast.
From the blues Roy Buchanan and bit more modern Joe Bonamassa.
Gary Moore's tone was for me one of the best in the world.
Metal world.. Gotta be Mikael ┼kerfeldt or Daniel Gildenl÷w.
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This tone is all I could ever want. Love this album SOOOO much, I can listen to it every day (I do) and I never ever get sick of it ever. It kills me that I will never see them play this live, or at least how its meant to be played... Still, nothing touches this album imo, and I like a million different bands.

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Another one here in the boat of "this is hard"....I like so much stuff....

Paul Dean (Loverboy, Streetheart), always liked his guitar sound, especially the late 70's/early 80's. I went through great lengths to isolate his guitar sound back in high school, best tones would be on "Pressure" with streetheart, "Turn Me Loose", I have a live bootleg of "Gangs in the Street" that sounds just sick, probably the only time in Loverboy the guitar buried the synthesizers in a wall of power

Edward Van-Halen, I don't need to say too much. The Frist Album, Fair Warning, Unlawful, and Balance have the best tones to me, though they are very different. The first album still remains my favorite because it's so crisp but still fat and has a certain edginess that was lost on the later records.

Billy Gibbons on "Dust Mah' Boom" (Dust My Broom) of Deguello is hilarious and awesome at the same time with that wacky little single-pickup Danelectro - which is pretty much ZZ Top in a nutshell. I also like the cleans on Esther Be the One and I Thank You - very Jazzmastery, wondering if that's him with the Moving Sidewalks Billy-Bo-Tele-Master.

James on And Justice For All...., in particular, the song "Shortest Straw", the way that thing kicks off is totally Apocalyptic...sort of like being trapped in an elevator and the cable breaks, brakes work for a few seconds, stop working, work again, and next thing you know, you don't realize your dead and on an elevator to hell.

An obscure band I like the sound of is a Mineral Wells Texas southern rock band called Blackhorse I found on Youtube awhile back. They sound sort of like an amped up mix of Mountain and Molly Hatchet with a light ZZ Top-ish vibe. The guitar sound on their album is almost impossible for me to identify....is it a Strat into a distortion pedal and a chorus? Is it a Gibson RD triple tracked through a Mesa Boogie?

Dimebag Darrell's sound on the Cemetary Gates solo, that is yet another perfect Lead Tone in my opinion.

I could keep going all day but I don't have time nor want to do that so I'll leave it at that...
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Jari Maenpaa's tone from the first Wintersun album. Holy shit. I was completely blown away the first time I heard Sleeping Stars. The rhythm tone is so gritty. I think it was recorded with an Ibanez Jem and a Mesa Triaxis. You can hear the guitar isolated at 2:47:

I'm also a big fan of Vildhjarta and Kalma's more "sterile" tone, but that definitely isn't for everybody.
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This tone does it for me.This makes my hairs stand up
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Tony Done
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This isn't best, but it is the most interesting tone I have heard for electric slide guitar;

If anyone has any idea how Sonny Landreth does this, I would really like to know. I've wondered and asked about it for years, and never got a convincing answer. That red thing behind him would be a Pod of some kind.
Tony Done
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