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Lightbulb Steve Earle

Any other Steve Earle fans on UG. I've just recently been getting into his music, and there is just something spectacular about it. All of the songs are great.

I didn't see a thread for him, so i figured I'd make one.

What are your favorite Steve Earle songs and albums? I have been really into Washington Square Serenade recently, more specifically Oxycontin Blues and Red is the Colour.
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I dig Steve. I prefer his acoustic stuff personally think Train a Comin'. IMHO his best album is The Mountain with Del and the boys. But, anything on Guitar Town is great. His kid is pretty good too. Out of Townes' "disciples" I prefer Guy Clark. Not taking away from Steve.
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Doesnt like his name much
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i love the mountain my dad let me hear and it was amazing i hold many of his songs close to my heart. i love the eagle and me. of course the mountain too. i like his instrumentals too.
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I've been listening to Steve Earle since I was a kid and my dad brought Exit O home on vinyl. I like a lot of his stuff. I own like --- maybe 14 of his albums. I guess my favorite albums would be Train A' Comin', I Feel Alright, Shut Up And Die Like An Aviator, and El Corazon. The first half of Copperhead Road is pretty killer too.
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Originally Posted by Weaponized
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the only album that i have is Copperhead Road and i've got pretty mixed feelings about it.

which album is going to sway me one way or the other?
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Originally Posted by uhh_me?
the only album that i have is Copperhead Road and i've got pretty mixed feelings about it.

which album is going to sway me one way or the other?

Mixed feelings how? Do you feel it's too country? Do you think the latter half of the album is a little weak? My dad has Copperhead Road on vinyl too and I'm pretty sure that the first side has seen a lot more action than the second. I guess if you have mixed feelings about it, but are interested in checking out more of Steve's stuff, I would need to know more about what you do like.

Steve's sound has evolved, or at least changed, over the years. I worded that like that because I don't think it's all necessarily for the better. But then that's my opinion...
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Originally Posted by Weaponized
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If you love Steve Earle, you need to check out Townes Van Zandt. Also, have you heard anything from his son, Justin Townes Earle? He's pretty damn amazing as well. He's got two albums out and both are quite awesome.

Also, check out these songs by him:

Darlin' Commit Me -

Unknown song (from a movie called Heartworn Highways, yes, thats steve with the black hair and the blue shirt, can't even recognize him, Guy Clark is in here, too) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JsE...feature=related

Elijah's Church (from Heartworn Highways, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING SONG!!!!) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPmh...feature=related

Lungs (by Townes Van Zandt) -

Here's a version of Townes Van Zandt's "Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold" by Steve's son, Justin Townes Earle. -
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yes, my computer says 24 albums, but it's not entirely accurate. 1986- Guitar Town and 1988- Copperhead Road the title track on each of those first two albums of his are two of his best songs yes, and he has had so very much more to offer over the following three decades... 1991's Shut Up and Die Like an Aviator has some good stuff, I particularly like the songs 'Billy Austin', his version of Doug Sahm's 'She's About a Mover', and especially 'The Rain Came Down' (he says the song Rain Came Down came about because no one at Farm Aid knew who he was hehe it is a really awesome song, check it out) 1996 he released his 2 disc compilation album 'Ain't Ever Satisfied' and this is a really great selection of songs, all the above mentioned plus some more songs I like on this one are 'Someday', 'Nowhere Road', 'Snake Oil' and 'West Nashville Boogie' (live) hehe 1997- the Corazon album... the song 'I Still Carry You Around is good, but Ft' Worth Blues is really the sparkling gem here, Steve wrote it about his friend and mentor Townes Van Zandt who passed away New Year's Day 1997, there's an unreleased Townes Austin City Limits Tribute where Steve has Nanci Griffith in major tears with this song, the rest of that album is not quite as powerful. 1998-Steve Earle Live with Bruce Springsteen (mostly from Farm Aid concerts, Steve and The Boss performing together!) 'If You Fall' and 'Somewhere Out There' are ones I really like, and even though he didn't write it, he makes the song 'All My Tears' his own so very well. 1999 Steve recorded an album I have called 'The Art of Zen Mandolin-Live in Copenhagen' with some really great tracks, I love the song 'Sweet Little '66' also in the year 1999- THE MOUNTAIN!!! Holy Cow! Del McCoury and Steve Earle, definitely his best album by far, every song is executed to perfection using one microphone for the whole band even in concert o.0 'Texas Eagle', 'The Mountain', 'Dixieland' are some of my most favorite on that album. also if you like that one, Steve and the McCoury boys did a 2nd album technically called 'Sessions at West 54th Street' that has even more songs that aren't on the official studio album. 'You Know the Rest', 'Goodbye', and 'Ellis Unit One' for example are amazingly good songs on that album 2000- Transcendental Blues is better than good, I especially love the song 'The Galway Girl' it is a dynamite song and very Irish feeling also on this album the song 'Jonathan's Song' is amazing, a really nice mellow one about a guy he was pen pals with who he watched get executed by state authorities. 2004- The Revolution Starts Now, fracking great album! 'Home to Houston' and 'F the CC!' are favorites from there. in 2007 Steve Earle released an album called 'Sidetracks' which is like all the special tracks that didn't make the cut for B-sides and there are some really great songs in there, particularly 'Some Dreams', 'Open Your Window', 'Me and the Eagle', 'Dominick Street', 'Time Has Come Today' (which has part of a mind blowing speech from Robert Kennedy! you really need to hear this one) , and the song 'My Uncle' maybe my favorite album of his possibly hard to choose... and of course Steve's latest, the 2009 'Townes' album is a tribute to his friend and hero (there are stories that Steve Earle used to carry Townes' guitar around for him just so he could hang around the guy) there's one more album that you really need to add to your collection if you are a die hard Steve Earle fan like me hehe and that is... I believe it's called 'Songwriter Sessions@WPLN Nashville' with Steve Earle, Tim O'Brien, Ron Sexsmith, and Stacey Earle. The song 'Steve's Last Ramble' is definitely one of my top songs of his that I like to sing and play with friends "down the road they'll pass the jug around, and they'll sing them lonesome highway blues but me I'm thinkin' 'bout giving up this rambling 'round and find my way back home to you" not too hot on the Ron Sexsmith, but the tracks Tim O'Brien lays down on that album, especially 'Walk Beside Me' and 'Brother Wind' are top notch stellar and very comforting music to listen to when you're depressed or stressed. there are also interview excerpts of Steve Earle talking about his pen pal relationship with the guy on death row, and how the experience affected his writing. He says he's not against the many other reasons for being against the death penalty but just that it makes healing impossible for even the families of the victims because it perpetuates violence. Also Steve tells a great story about how 12% of Georgia voters re-elected Jesse Helms and so MAGIC (Mothers Against Jesse in Congress) got Steve Earle down over there and the experience ended up turning into the part of the driving force that brought about his first album Guitar Town. 'Elijah's Church' is one of my favorite songs of Steve Earle's, it's only on the Heartworn Highways soundtrack and is not on any Steve Earle album.

Myself and many other singer songwriters that I know and sing with in and around Texas USA all love Steve Earle a great deal and sing many of his songs, especially Copperhead Road for all the Vietnam War vets. Some of his early stuff is just that, early works! His later albums reflect years of soul searching and life experiences, the kind of things that bring out the best in your songwriting, that and being a student of Townes Van Zandt's vast body of work. (that...and going to rehab several times to get off bad drugs) Steve Earle's son, Justin Townes Earle has some decent stuff going on, but I'm still not too impressed by it yet, give him a few more years to mature like good wine does and I'm sure he'll be one to keep and eye and ear on.

p.s. above, user fattypumbaa said and i quote "Out of Townes' "disciples" I prefer Guy Clark." DUDE!!! Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt were best friends for over 35 years, contemporaries, rivals, and Guy Clark's wife Susannah was also a soulmate of Townes'... to say that Guy Clark is Townes disciple is to say that you know absolutely nothing about their history. If anything, you study the movie Heartworn Highways real good and you can tell that Steve Earle is something like Townes' protege, and Rodney Crowell was like Guy Clark's songwriting student. also the Townes Van Zandt documentary 'Be Here' to Love Me' has some really powerful interviews by Steve Earle and Guy Clark about that guy.

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