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Hey guys,

I'm looking for some melodic vocals to put to my track "Noxalis - The Structure Of The Earth", it is heavily influenced by Tesseract and was looking for something along those lines, but its cool if you want to do what the hell you want with it, i am open to ideas.

If you need the mp3 track off me to do so, send me a P.M. and il send it Via email.

Here is my band page it has the song on there for you guys to listen.

Sam - Noxalis

P.S. I also do some pretty bad ass metal drums if any guitarists need me to lay some drums on a track you have recorded, i use easy drummer and then further sample the drums for a big professional studio sound, just pm me the details and the song and il get working on it.

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Need a dispenser here!
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Hey folks, freelance producer/mix engineer here.

I'm looking for a few good tracks to add to my portfolio. If any of you guys get a nice collaborative project going, just give me a shout and I may be able to sort you out with free mixing.
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Hey guys!
im planning on doing a "unsigned/local covers" project covering songs of bands from my area where i live that are no longer together
i have 25 songs all of different styles so would be good to work with a few different musicians on the project (ps all songs will have an acoustic section)

ive got 9 heavy metal metalica style songs
5 souther rock/deathcore/hardcore style songs ( its a mixed sound of all 3)
2 acoustic songs
8 hard rock type songs
and 1 metalcore/hard rock style

please mail me if you're interested in helping with any of these songs

guitarist im mainly looking for but if you're a drummer thats fantastic too!

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Originally Posted by TheEndHasNoEnd
Hmmmm okay I just had an idea:

How about someone to do a sorta versus guitar solo thingy with me?
We get a backing track and record a guitar battle over it, for example one person plays a few bars then lets the other person play a few and so on. I thought that would be pretty cool. It has to be a rock/blues soloing battle though as I cannot shred lol. PM me if you're interested!

im interested to be the counterpart guitarist hit me up at www.youtube.com/titansgrip2012 or www.reverbnation.com/mdudsnhazem
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Thumbs up

Ankush sharma's new song

My new song....Recorded Professionally

At www.musicjaan.com

Place your songs in composition tab....and let other people hear u....
Music Freaker

Submit Your Song
----For Singers----
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Hey everyone! im looking for just anyone really,any sort of guitarist - acoustic, metal,rock,folk etc!

im starting a project consisting of 3 vocalsists, and a drummer

but what im doing is planning on collabing with as many different styled guitarists as i can, and for me to give them an outline to help write and record songs for us! and we are going to play the drumless tracks through a PA with practises/performances with the drummer and vocalists playing live! bit of a big project, but its something ive always wanted!

so please, any guitarist interested please pm me asap!

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Is this thread entirely kaput?

Well, whatever. I'm bored. Nothing doin' in butt****, SY and I feel the need to collab with someone. Predictably enough I play guitar, but I can play a bit of bass, program synths, sing a bit & play keys (badly) as well.

Frankly I feel like doing some wigged out experimental shit, but I'll play country, hell I'll even do jazz if that's what you're into. Actually **** that - no jazz. Anything else - fine.

Drop me a PM if you fancy working on something together.
Originally Posted by Hail
oh shut up with that /mu/ bullshit. fidget house shouldn't even be a genre, why in the world would it deserve its own subgenres you twat
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I'm interested in doing some online collaborating on songs, mostly interested in finding drummer, but maybe more.

I do mainly guitar, so far playing along to beats I create with drum machine. But it suffers from fact that I wind up having the same 8 measure drum sequence over the whole song, which sucks. I am confronted with trying to learn how to create song-length drum sequences with originality that feed the energy of the song, with variation, etc. But honestly rather than doing it all myself, I'd rather collaborate.

In the same boat with bass and keyboards. Have both, can pick out a simple bass line, not too well, and can pick out keyboard / synth chords or notes / arpeggios (also not too well).

I'm thinking I'd rather focus on my guitar ideas and bounce musical ideas off others who think of themselves first and foremost as drummer or keyboardist (or even other instrumentalists, or a vocalist).

For example, I could circulate (or put on a cloud server) a sequence of chord progressions I like for a song (intro, verse, chorusk bridge, outro, etc.) played on guitar using a metronome or simple drum sequence (could out, too, similar to what is posted here on UG for tabs). Probably would add melodic guitar solo over chords it so drummer can get the idea of the overall harmonic feel of song I have in my head. Then the drummer can think what drum sequence would fit it, maybe have some thoughts out how to time / structure song that I have not thought of. He/she could sequence out a song-length drum sequence and share it back with me as a separate track. I'd then rework my guitar parts to better fit the drums, avoid stepping on fills, maybe drummer would leave some open space / silence before song kicks up a notch and I'd work with that. Basically, I'd then get more creative on the harmonic side, nailing down the chord progression in a way that complements what drummer came up with for verse / chorus / etc. If drummer wanted to throw in a solo bit, I could also work around that. And so the song moves forward with a better, organic drum section than what I could come up with myself. That's my hope/wish.

By the same token, if the drummer has a beat / sequence he/she really likes, I could take a stab at feeling the beat and working out a chord progression and melodic line to fit over it.

If we could find a bass player he/she could get both tracks and work out a bass line that is more creative than what I might come up with, or I can just do what I can and keep it simple.

I generally like to write my own lyrics to my songs, as part of creating melodic line, but I'm not the worlds best singer, would be willing to pass duties to a vocalist who could have input in maybe tweaking melodic line / phrasing as they see fit, or even coming up with their own lyrics (if they're better than mine and fit feel of song, I'll toss mine in garbage or save for another project).

This is a general idea how I think this sort of collaboration could work. Maybe set up cloud account for us to use to work together. Well, that's sort of a musical "wish list" for me to find bandmates to play with, if it harmonizes with your musical ideas, let me know.

Oh, optimally, we'd have some similar musical tastes. On the other hand, I do think great things came come, surprisingly, from unusually collaborations (like a rock guitarist working with a rapper, for example). So I'm not wedded to only working with people who like what I like. But, just to fill you in, here's what I mostly dig: Cracker, Dramarama, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Social Distortion, Oingo Boingo, Everclear, Police, U2, Particle, Phish, SCI, Train, Plain White T's, Jack Johnson, Rusted Root, New Order, Run DMC, Beck and generally a lot of classic rock, blues, jazz, classical music, electronica (progressive trance, DnB, dubstep), world music, new flamenco. About the only things I don't do are heavy metal (and anything metal) and country.

If anyone is interested in trying out a collaborative cloud sharing / online music creation experiment along these lines, send me a pm and we'll see if we click. If I get pm's from people I don't click with, but who I think could click together, I will also try to connect you.

Oh, and as I'm new to this, maybe I'm stating the obvious a lot and being dumb / ignorant about seeking bandmates this way. If so, clue me in. No sweat.

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Looking for a vocal, bass and drummer for an international collaboration project.

We're called Fall of Babylon and we sound something like this


Priority on this song is for vocals but if you want to write a different bassline or drumtrack just give me a message on soundcloud

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Anyone want to write lyrics/do vocals for a couple tracks of mine? I have everything else but vocals/lyrics so if someone wants to help me with some weird experimental indie-rock crap tell me. Some samples of tracks below
Download my Visual Novel here Information about it here
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not sure if this is really the right place, however. I am looking for someone who could make a video/short for one of my songs.
I would describe my sound as 'Orchestral' and very 'filmy'
if anyone is interested
Please PM' me
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I posted a big "official" ad for this in the classifieds section when I started on here a few months ago but didn't want to repeat myself so here goes:

Here's my situation...

I have an album of 8 songs, 3 of which are done. I need a new guitarist/bassist for my other 5 songs. My other guitar guys ended up just having really busy schedules with work, etc. and unfortunately couldn't finish the other songs so this was kind of unexpected.

The genre is experimental metal, a lot of synths and different vocal stylings, from light singing to deep singing to guttural yells and weird raspy screamish vocals. Not "core", but sometimes slightly close to it. However FAR closer to straight up metal, 80's synth rock and just genuinely creepy stuff. No pig squeals, core screams or anything like that (not that I hate core but it just isn't what this is).

All I ask of you is a few things:

1. You must have been playing for at least a few years (know basic music theory, how to play in time, etc.)

2. You don't have to have an expensive guitar but please no $50 knockoff brand pawn shop guitars.

3. You must have a way to record yourself playing and be able to send me the files (must be able to send WAV's of you recording your amp, etc.)

4. You must not be a fundamentalist Christian or fundamentalist Muslim. No "You're going to hell because you don't believe what I believe" a-hole attitudes like that.

5. You must be cool with crazy gory bloody art (because it will accompany the music)

6. You must HAVE TIME to finish the guit and/or bass for 5 songs! I just ask that you get a song a week or every 2 weeks done, which really isn't that bad.


7. You must be able to tab out what you make. You don't have to tab every note but I plan on copyrighting this so I will need the written music. I don't care if you use Guitar Pro or write it all on a piece of paper, scan it and send it to me.

My Sample:

Here's an old sample of some of my singing, my new stuff is much MUCH better than this and it was just a quick 1-shot vocal take as opposed to layering of multiple vocals on top of one another, etc. (what I normally do):


If that link doesn't work then type in "RevilerNuke" into Soundcloud's search.

That's all. I'd also prefer you be 18 or older but will make rare exceptions. Other than that I don't care about your age, race, sexual orientation or whatever.

If interested pm me or RevilerZombie and that's at Yahoo so email me.

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Originally Posted by RaiZu
Looking for a vocal, bass and drummer for an international collaboration project.

We're called Fall of Babylon and we sound something like this


Priority on this song is for vocals but if you want to write a different bassline or drumtrack just give me a message on soundcloud

This song blew me away, awesome song, awesome production.

I am a fan \m/
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i have a bunch of tracks if someone would like to add some lyrics/bass/ whatever. if you are interested and it turns into a cool vibe, i wouldnt rule out the idea of a full blown online project.... PM me if youre interested.

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me and a couple of guys started this online project and we only lack vocals

we have just finished our first track
here is the link

looking for a acacia strain-bermuda kind of vocals ,dont have a problem with some clean singing too as long as they r second to the brutal stuff

any1 interested pm me
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abg mat
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hi, im bassist and guitarist,/ would like to make a demo. music style smashing pumpkin/radiohead/weezer/the vines and/or psychedelic rock thing.. pm me if u interested in crossover band project,..
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Talking My Solo Guitaring videos

Hey, check out my guitaring videos. They might be of interest to you guys. I am very influenced by the guitaring style of the 80s

Advance solo and licks demonstration


Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing Cover


Own Composition - Last Forever


Van Halen Semi - Eruption Cover


Let me know what you guys think.

Thanks....n Rock On

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Heyo everyone!

Looking for a singer to collab on. Lookin for that heavy punk sound. ala A Day to Remember, Escape the fate, ect.

Gonna be a little weird for some people so just move along if you think it's ridiculous. Lemme just off start by just posting a rough mix of the song im working on here: http://snd.sc/1gdDLkK

Yeah...that's "A thousand Miles" by Venessa Carlton turned into a heavy distorted, drum pumping number. And go easy on the mix, that was a mix i did almost 6 months ago.

If you're still not getting the picture may i direct your attention this way ---->

You all remember that lil number right? That's the sort of idea im going with, just having a little fun with it.

Basically, i started this song project about 6 or 7 months ago, had a singer lined up to sing it, but things fell through and i forgot about the project, now, i wanna start 'er up again and finish it off, for good or for worse.

I'm gonna have to go back and remix everything cuz i didn't know too much what i was doing back then...and i might still not, but i feel i've had to of gotten better and mixing and such.

Hopefully i can find somebody to give this a shot. I do have hopes for a few screaming bits, such as the bridge "and i, and i" bits. also a few shout backs in choruses and stuffs. Use your imagination. But the main vocals i feel need to be nice and powerful. All of the verses and choruses need to be sung, i feel, to make this mix work. But im not married to any of these ideas here.

If you're interested feel free to message me on here, although i don't check messages on here nearly as much as i should. You can also email me at amattson815@att.net. Ill be checkin!

Thanks and have a good day er'ybody.


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Hey friends! Please check!
This is my solo project! tell me your opinion!
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Looking for someone to perform and record vocals on this! (unfinished track)(female or male)
I'm feeling an Imogen Heap / Sleigh Bells / / Prize Fighter Inferno type vibe. If interested, send me a message through my Facebook page! I have some lyrics written but would definitely be open to collaborate or have you write lyrics. If it goes well I would love to put out an EP of this kind of stuff!

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