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Im Only Dreaming
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fingerpicked riff

ive been thinkin about making this into a song and i jusst wanted to make sure it sounded good. CRIT please
|--------------------------------------------------| |---3---3----3----3----3---3----3----3---------| |----2---2----2----2----2----2----2----2--------| |-0---0--------------------------------------------| |-----------3----3--------------3----3-----------| |----------------------1----1----------------------|
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Hmm... it sounds realllly good, don't get me wrong, but it sounds like a song.. but I can't figure out what song...
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I find it difficult to Crit considering it's in tab, meaning finding the rhythm for this is almost impossible. However, I can find some melody into it by making my own rhythm for it and it sounds pretty good. You could change the last bass note to 3rd fret low E string.
|--------------------------------------------------| |---3---3----3----3----3---3----3----3---------| |----2---2----2----2----2----2----2----2--------| |-0---0--------------------------------------------| |-----------3----3-----------------------------| |----------------------1----1-----3-----3---------|

Or, to open E.
|--------------------------------------------------| |---3---3----3----3----3---3----3----3---------| |----2---2----2----2----2----2----2----2--------| |-0---0--------------------------------------------| |-----------3----3-----------------------------| |----------------------1----1-----0-----0---------|

But I shouldn't be changing the melody, It's not my song.
Honestly, considering this isn't something I would do in my style of music, I wouldn't use it but for a rock song it'll probably work out.
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Sounds pretty decent to me the way it is, sounds like a song i cant out my finger on...
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See You Soon
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Kinda sounds like sweet home alabama, but i like it. good job
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It looks alot like Weathered, By Creed.
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that's good
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hmm not too bad, with the rhythm i put it with, it reminded me of December by Collective Soul (since we're trying to peg it)
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For those of us who are bassists, every thing is fingerpicked.........

I think this is good beat, what's the timing.....
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