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I played bass with a band in a talent show a few days ago, around 400-500 people were there.

Anyway, it did not go well, the vocals were getting drowned out by the guitars andthe sound man would not turn up the vocals =/

After we finished, I went out of the room, left my bass leaning against a chair, the chair was moved, and my bass slammed down on a tiled floor
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Originally Posted by 6stringbassist
So my band who's been playing together for 9 months has played about 8 gigs just got offered to open for 1 of these to shows:

Knights of the Abyss, Burning the Masses, Those Who Lie Beneath
The Ghost Inside, ABACABB, Stick To Your Guns

Now we would be more inclined to play the 2nd on because those bands are more our style, but either way I'm STOKED!! We love all of these bands and would go to the show anyway, but the chance to share the stage with them is amazing!! I just had to share this information with someone!

and a quick question: are we moving fast for a band of less then a year of practice together? There is 7 years of musical experience between all 4 of us...

Check us out.

I am so jealous, I love The Ghost Inside and Stick To Your Guns. Impressive!
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Just had this years school talent show today. It was just me and another guitarist, as our drummer bailed on the difficulty of our pieces, and a bassist was not to be found.

We were the last act of the day, with 5 minutes before school ended, so we had to get our asses in gear. We started playing while the curtains opened, and we had our backs turned to the crowd until we turned to face them. It was either really cool, or really lame.

We played Crystal Mountain as our opener, I only wish that I would've had enough time to say "We dedicate this song to the deceased Chuck Schuldiner. May he rest in peace."

It went alright, but there was some solo mess ups and the other guitarist forgot some parts, so we had some riffing mishaps... But it was good.

Then we did the solo to Advanced Corpse tumor, but it was 1 minute till the bell rang, and the people who ran the show were telling us to stop midway, so my guitarist got the backing mixed up with the Fermented Offal Discharge backing, but it was still in the same key, so its not a huge problem... But I had to rush it like crazy, so it ended alot sooner than usual.

Overall, I would only give it a 7/10. We stuffed up where we shouldn't have, and I just wasn't satisfied with the sound. Everyone else loved it, but I wasn't over joyed. Maybe next year will be better.
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Originally Posted by The Kush
So the rhythm guitarist said, "We don't have school on Monday because Darien is having trouble recovering from the... Tempest... that hit Connecticut yesterday."

YYYYEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!! http://epiconeliner.com/

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Ahh just returned from a performance. For some reason I've scored another teacher (my first being my ex-guitar teacher) who not only teaches me, but recruits me into gigs. Anyone else have teachers like this?

Co-incidentially I'd been practicing singing every day for the last month since returning to Aust, and was recruited into playing a gig in a month (45-60 min), and one tomorrow (tonight). I was keen to see how some songs would go down, and whether my voice was up to scratch yet (I haven't been very satisfied with it, ever = singing lessons).

So I go alone, and it turns out that inside there is a band which I auditioned for 1 year ago, whom accepted me, then kicked me out 3 days later. They're very, very polished musos. Awkward. There's also a girl there I had a one night stand with, while she had a boyfriend. Her boyfriend is with her. I decide to sit with the band. They're all really cool, tell me they're really sorry about how things turned out. The guitarist they chose over me actually in turn dumped them 2 months later and the whole thing fell apart. This was just a random jam for them.

So they go up, absolutely rock the place, and get an encore. Not surprising, they were awesome. I have to follow.

It actually went really well. They want me back in about a month and to put me at a time when there's more people present. The singer of the band asks for my number (twice) after for a jam sometime. And the boyfriend of that girl told me he understands why she had sex with me now, because I'm so awesome.

Well the boyfriend part didn't happen because they left soon after she saw me. But the rest happened and it was all good
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My band played our first gig opening for touring level bands on Monday the 31st. We opened for Stick To Your Guns, ABACABB, Grave Maker, and THE GHOST INSIDE!!!

This was huge for us, because we love all of these bands, and it opened up the doors for us to play with For The Fallen Dreams, and Legend.

It was an amazing show despite some small technical problems. It was our largest crowd ever, and anyone from Portland that's been to the Satyricon knows that 150+ people crowded front to back is a huge crowd for a local band.
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Black people play bass.
Originally Posted by isabiggles
Nevermind, that's a stupid pun for Australian pyromaniacs.
Just forget I said anything.

Originally Posted by mac_attack
And stuff...

On playing bass.
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So a few years ago, this guy from Scotland rings up and says, "Do you fancy playing 'The Lochgelly Centre' for £1000 and bed and breakfast in a hotel?"
I replied, "I'll DRINK Lochgelly for £1000 and bed and breakfast in a hotel!"

So off we went, all the way to Lochgelly in Scotland and arrived at the best set up venue I've ever played in. Quite a decent sized theatre, we loaded our gear in through the side door where we were told to just put it infront of the stage on the floor. The stage was about 5 feet tall so we were wondering if we were going to have to hump our amps up onto it when someone pressed a button and the floor 'rose' to the same level as the stage and extended it by another 8 feet.

Anyhow, we set up, soundchecked and were then introduced to the support band who were a Deep Purple tribute act called 'Perfect Strangers' who were from 'Whitehaven'. We'd done plenty of gigs in that area so we kinda knew a lot of the same people, and as it turned out, they were staying in the same hotel as us. Unfortunately, the hotel was a 20 minute drive away and they wouldn't have enough time after their soundcheck to go and get booked in and return before they were due onstage, so we said 'We'll book you in.' and off we went.

We arrived at a small village, the name of which escapes me at the moment, and we had been given the name of this hotel, which was apparently here. So we wound down a window and asked a guy who was passing for directions. He said 'Are you one of those rock bands?' to which we replied in surprise 'Yes.... why?' and he said 'Because it's my hotel!'
He took us back to this pub with a farm sized building attached to the side of of it. The pub itself was very small with a minature stand up piano in the corner and an acoustic guitar hung up behind the bar. He showed us upstairs to our rooms, (our roadie somehow ended up with a four poster bed) where everything was white bed sheets and pillow cases and said 'There is no smoking allowed in the rooms... but you can smoke anything you want in the bar downstairs. (WOOHOO!! )

So we booked ourselves and the other band in, dropped our baggage off and returned to te venue. We went strauight to our dressing rooms to find that the venue management had very kindly left a complimentry crate of beer in it for us, and they'd apparently done the same in the other band's dressing room. When they went on we went and sat in the audience and watched them (very good) then went bck to our dressing room to prepare for our gig, where we met this guy who was one of the PA system people. He explained that he was a good friend of the guitarist for the Scottish Sabbath tribute 'MacSabbath (who I'd helped out earlier in the year when their singer left) and he'd promised him that he would 'look after us'... and proceeded to make a joint.

During the gig, during one particularly long guitar solo, I sneaked offstage for a bit of a rest (it's tiring bouncing around like Ozzy) and he met me in the wings with a freshly made joint and a freshly opened can of beer.
The gig itself was a doozy, infact if you go here http://www.google.com/search?q=Slac...ved=0CBsQqwQwAA you can see footage from it.

So we all end up back at this pub/hotel in some little village in Scotland, we walk in, get a few funny looks from the locals and settle down to watch two guys who were sat in the corner with acoustic guitars playing Crowded House numbers, they were pretty good too. Then when they'd finished, one of these locals says "Are you one of those rock bands then?" so we said, "Yeah, infact, we're TWO of those rock bands" and of course someone said "Give us a song then!"
So the keyboard player from Perfect Strangers sat down at the piano, our guitarist grabbed the guitar from behind the bar and I swear we sang every song I know that night, with a pub full of drunken Scots singing along with every word, and you ain't heard nothin' 'till you've heard a bunch of drunken Scots sing 'My Old Man's a Dustman' (by Lonnie Donegan, generaly sung in a London/Cockney accent) The beer was flowing (as was the whiskey) joints were being passed left, right and centre, the whole place was just a riotous party... until about 5am.

The next morning we all came down to breakfast with thick heads, (and WHAT a breakfast that was, the BEST fry up I've ever had) and looking like the 'beer monkey' had visited us in the night (he's the guy who ruffles your hair up, creases you clothes and shits in your mouth while you sleep) the last guy to come down was Perfect Stranger's bassist who instantly said "OK, who did it?" to which their drummer raised his hand and said "Guilty!". I asked him what he'd done and he replied "I placed a wet tea bag in his bed last night so it looks like he didn't wipe his arse properly and left 'skidmarks' all over those white sheets!"

Anyhow, it took us another hour of badgering the owner of the place (who'd got legless with our drummer the night before) to re-open the bar.... we were late home from that little adventure.
Probably my most favourite gig I've ever played.
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First Gig

Alright, so my band had our first gig about a month and a half ago. We were playing a fundraiser for the German club at my school, a show I personally set up - booked the venue, bands, everything. First problem - the drummer for one of the bands is pissed that another band is going second. So, twenty minutes before the show starts, I move their set to fourth and bump the rest up a slot. Next problem - almost nobody showed up when the show was supposed to start. We end up starting the show a half-hour late.

After the first two bands are finished, we go on. Our stuff doesn't take too long to set up, so we're up in about ten minutes and doing a sound check. Our bassist had total sh*t for a bass amp, so we use another guy's huge bass amp. We don't mic my guitar amp, so he's overpowering everything :P.

Anyway, we get started playing, and after our first song, someone from the audience yells "I love you, Nick!" Turns out it was the singer from the band that played before us. Yep. So I say (in jest) a sexual innuendo involving a bathroom.

We get to our third song (our songs are fairly long), and our bassist jacks the mic as I'm tuning, calls our drummer a little b*tch for some reason, and then we go on with the song.

Now our fourth song, it's a beauty. Our drummer hates it. Pretty much all he does the entire song is sixteenth notes on the hi-hat with a snare hit on two and four at a tempo of about 144 bpm. He pretty much dies.

For our last song, we did a Machine Head cover. Some guy yells from the audience "If you f*ck up this song, I'll kill you." We play through that, and tear down.

After our set, we start getting comments about us. The main comment was "the instrumentals were solid, but the vocals..." At one point, someone said the vocals sounded like "a donkey getting raped by Arnold Schwarzenegger." Yeah... I took a bit of offense to that, and at one point, I was getting ready to punch a guy out.

Overall, 'twas a good show. We have improved the vocals a lot, and now, we're playing a party tomorrow. We decided to change our direction to a more Motörhead & Mötley Crüe style sound. We decided to do a cover of Ace Of Spades, which we just figured out at practice today. That's basically my band's life story :P
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This isn't really a gig, but I've never had a real one (still trying to find a committed band) so I guess this counts.

I got to get a band together to play at my 8th grade graduation (this was a few years ago, relax) and play Sweet Child O' Mine. We had to cut short the second half of the song but I still got to do that solo. Suddenly, I heard people clapping in time. I turned around and saw my whole class on their feet clapping in time with the music. It took me a second but seeing that really helped me tear into the rest of the solo. That's probably the best feeling I've ever had, and I'm a guy who usually has some pretty bad stage fright - last time I played anything live (a Joe Satriani song to a backing track at a talent show) my legs were shaking so much I thought I would fall over. That's also one of the only times in my life someone I'm not related to has told me "good job." It's always nice to be reminded why I do what I do.
Originally Posted by dr_shred
FrustratedRocka you are a legend

Originally Posted by littlephil
The man clearly knows his shit.

Originally Posted by Banjocal

one of the best, educated and logical posts I've ever seen on UG in the Pit. Well done good sir.
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my bands first gig was spectacular. We played at an event at our high school called "Untalented Hour".

We had to audition to play it, and the song we picked (an original) was too offensive, so we picked a different one and taught our bassist it in about 2.35 minutes. The audition went fine, we were in.

Day of, we went to the school, with half of our equipment, to find our friend waiting there with his giant bass amp for us to use (our basisst usually played through a karaoke machine). There was no drumset, so we had to rush in a little electronic kit that another friend had. We had no opportunity for a soundcheck, and went on first, before all the other dumb comedy acts and skits and gay guys dancing like shakira.

The actual playing went okay; i played a bitchin' solo. But the sound was horrible. The bass and drums (which were both plugged into the bass amp) overpowered the guitar, and the bassist actually had to turn up my volume during my solo.

On the bright side, we had a legion of friends and supporters screaming for us, and sayung they wanted to have our children, and we had some lovely young ladies hanging out backstage with us before and after. When everything was over, my extremely hot ladyfriend came up to me and said "your band sucks, but you're really good at guitar." made me very happy. And then my bandmates, a different extremely hot ladyfriend, and I went to taco bell and drank unsafe amounts of mtn dew.

Good Times. We're having another show on saturday at our bassist's graduation party. We had our first practice with all our bandmembers yesterday, and didn't even get to practice all the way through our setlist. IT's gonna be epic.
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I thought I'd make one big post with a few bits of gigs that aren't really worthy of individual posts each. I play harmonica and electric mandolin at the moment - I'll find a band to play guitar in soon, honest!

The last song of our set is a nice upbeat one which works out quite nicely for me to go a bit mental on the harp, so I always look forward to it. One night the singer/guitarist bust the D string, and when you're just strumming open chords, having a slack string dangling over the fretboard hinders you a bit so the song just sort of spluttered to a halt. I shouted in mock outrage to the singer that she'd ended it before my solo, and someone in the crowd (I still don't know if it was anyone I know or not) shouted for me to play it anyway. So I started stamping a beat on the Brunswick's notoriously echoey floor and playing some ridiculously ad-hoc blues harp solo until I ran out of steam. Sorry if it sounds a bit arrogant, but I thought that was a pretty good way to end the set.

One song in our set I don't play on. When this came up one night, the singer said "James is going for a break now". I shouted "Yeah, I'm off to the bar" and jumped off the stage to much laughter. Then I said "No, I actually am!" and asked the singer if she wanted another beer. She said "No, unlike you I don't feel the need to get drunk on stage". It counts as our first ever bit of onstage banter. My attitude towards drinking at gigs is to get drunk after the set, and quite often during it, but never before it (unless I'm still drinking from a previous engagement earlier in the day, obviously).

The electric mandolin I play is literally a really small electric guitar strung up like a mandolin - it's basically a scaled-down Fender Tele. Someone actually asked me if it was an electric mandolin in one of the breaks between our songs, and I replied with "No, it's a guitar, it's just a bit further away than you think it is". That one never gets old.

I've also been pulled up to play harmonica by bands we've supported on songs I've never heard before in my life far too often for my liking - this tends to involve me either just ripping off Sonny Terry licks until I can go and sit down again or watching the guitarist trying to work out how the hell the song goes. I've only made a complete arse of it once though...

We once jammed with a jazz-fusion guitarist and the guy who founded Stomp at an open mic. It didn't really work, mainly because folk music and jazz-fusion should never, ever be combined.

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Originally Posted by pitobodies

On the bright side, we had a legion of friends and supporters screaming for us, and sayung they wanted to have our children, and we had some lovely young ladies hanging out backstage with us before and after. When everything was over, my extremely hot ladyfriend came up to me and said "your band sucks, but you're really good at guitar." made me very happy. And then my bandmates, a different extremely hot ladyfriend, and I went to taco bell and drank unsafe amounts of mtn dew.

Good Times. We're having another show on saturday at our bassist's graduation party. We had our first practice with all our bandmembers yesterday, and didn't even get to practice all the way through our setlist. IT's gonna be epic.

That is a horrible way to look at it, no offense.
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Today, me and my band played at the local 4th of July festival in my town. We played pretty well, we didn't really have any big mistakes or anything. But there was something about today's gig that really pissed me off. The sound guy. This guy was probably the worst sound guy we've had in our 3 year history. We got there and started setting up and he asked if we had brought any amp or drum mics, and we told him no, because we figured that he would have that stuff because it's multiple band event, and not every band is gonna have the proper mics. So after we told him that he starts bitching at us saying that we should have called in advance, even though I'm not even sure if we had his number. He then proceeds to tell us we're gonna sound like shit without our stuff miced. So we started setting up our vocal mics and I asked the sound guy if there was anywhere to plug a 1/4'' into the system and he said no, so I asked him if we could borrow an XLR cable and he said that he didn't have any. So I told my drummer that we're not gonna have any mics plugged in and to go talk to the sound guy. So he did, and here comes the sound guy with two XLR cables that he just said he didn't have. He plugged in my mic and went to go plug in my bassist's mic when he noticed that his mic doesn't have a detachable cord so he went got one of his mics. When he came back with it he hooked it up while telling my bassist that his mic was a piece of junk and he needed to throw it away. We started testing the mics after that and my mic didn't work, so he got another one of his mics and replaced my mic, once again telling me that my mic was a piece of junk and I need to throw it way, even though I have a pretty good mic. After that, the mic still didn't work, and it turned out it was his cord that was messed up. So he got another XLR cable for me. So at this point, he thinks we're just a bunch of stupid unprepared kids with shitty gear. After we set up we started doing our set and after playing for like an hour and a half, he comes over and tells us that we can only do two more songs, and of course we had three songs left. So we decided to just play the last three thinking, "what's the worst he can do?". During our last song the sound guy started walking over to where we were all plugged in, to of course, unplug us. Fortunately my drummer's dad was standing there and stopped him from unplugging us. My drummer saw this and decided to end the song early, which really pissed me off because we were playing our big 13 minute ending/jam song, which I really love playing, and he ended it when we were only 5 minutes in. But the thing that made me wanna kick the guy in the balls was that, it was only 6:45 when he was about to unplug us, and we were promised a time slot of 5pm to 7pm. The sound guy was of course misinformed and thought we were suppose to end at 6:30pm or something like that, even though our time slot was confirmed by the runner of the event. So how the sound guy didn't know, I don't know. So the main thing that made me hate this sound guy was that he would go as far as unplugging us just to get us to stop, even though he was wrong about the time. Other than that, the gig was ok. The weather sucked, and we barely had an audience, but we played pretty well. But that sound guy was an asshole.

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The Tale of my first Gig:

The setting: Youth Club, Friday Night, Early January.

A leader at our youth club said they were having a special event night for the end of the club for Summer, this as fairly standard stuff as they did it every year. I wasn't that hyped until she said "If anyone wants to do anything or put on a show or whatever, just tell me."

Suddenly, a thought clicked in my head. My band had never been heard by any of our friends before and we'd been a band for a while. I though it was time for us to finally get out there. "My band could play."

The band's guitarist, Ben, suddenly jumped at the idea and was jumping up and down as if he was possessed. The drummer, David, was a bit less excited, but came round to the idea and wanted to do it more than anyone. So that was it, my band, 'Casper's Friend' s' first gig was set.

It took a while for us to get prepared, we were still pretty amateur and not very organised, but we eventually pulled everything together. We had three songs to do. One was a definate winner - Dammit by Blink 182, easy as piss to play, and very fun. Then we thought we'd do one of our own, 'Were You There' , written by David.

There was another band in our friend group around at the time, 'Pandemonium', they're pretty talented. They were apparantly going to be doing a gig there as well. Ben was really angry about this, because it shed off quite a lot of time from our show (which is why we only had three songs). I was so-so about it. I was worried that if they were much better than us, no one would like us, and I was also pissed about the fact they didn't ask us about it, that sounds kind of tight, but, it would have been nice to have known. So, we sat and took it. And then some trouble happened.

They 'was bitchin'.

Behind our backs, all this time they had been taking the piss out of us telling people 'how the were going to own us'. They got many of our friends against us. They degraded us and they made us feel like giving up.

In the next few months, we practiced and practiced, every sunday at my house. We decided on our third song, 'Toxicity' by System of a Down. And decided on the order of them it ran-

Dammit - a great opening song, gets you all pepped up.

Toxicity - Much more sombre.

Were You There? - has a good ending, take my word for it.

Alas, the day rolled on and we were all bricking ourselves, except the other band of course, who were really happy at how the were going to 'Pw3n' us. Walking to Ben's house, my bass was nearly hit with a water balloon, and it was hit off a wall, causing a large pattern of dents on the side.

Me and the guys arrived at the youthy for a sound check, the other band were already there. And watching them killed us. Their lead guitarist had a BC rich, and a fender amp, our guitarist had and Epiphone SG and a harley benton amp. Their Rhytm guitarist had a Les Paul and effects pedals. The bassist had a squier strat, i have a 'jaxville'. And there drummers kit was kitted out, double kick, two floor toms, loads of cymbals, the works. We had to watch the play, and smirk at us as they did so.

The night went on at a speedy pace, and before i knew it, all my friends and enemys were in front of me, wanting me to play them some songs. My heart was about to pop out of my nose. Eventually I just went for it, and got all jumpy, it was a tip i learned from Lee Evans, 'act crazy went you first get on and you'll calm down'. So Dammit started, and ended quickly. There came a cheer. I was content. Then, Toxicity flew by. Everyone was even more shocked and overwhelmed, albeit my rather ridiculous slapping technique. The moment of truth came - "This is a song of our own."

Were you there was a hit, everybody went crazy at the end, clapping and clapping and going mad. I felt like crying, it was the single greatest moment in my entire life.

Then Pandemonium went up after us, they had no singer, and virtually no stage presence, nobody really seemed that interested.

That was my first gig
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my first gig was interesting
I was 18. We were all from different towns and we rarely had rehersals. Even when we had a chance to practice together we ended up drinking and smoking weed. Our basist was an alcoholic at 16 and he was never sober. We got a gig at a fairly large local hall co-staring with another band. A month before the gig our basist and drummer quit the band.
Me (rhytm guitar) and the solo guitarist got together 2 times before the gig and played through the setlist. We talked over stuff on the phone and practised individually at home. A week before the gig we got a basist.. and we got the drummer at the day of the show. He was an advanced drummer who was kind enough to play with us (losers).

We were the first band to play. During soundcheck we smoked a joint - at this point I still don't know if it was a good thing or not. The crowd was already mingling around the hall. Solo guitarist started fooling around with the intro to Fear of the dark and I sang along (i can't sing) for mic check..at the end of the verse I let out a badass scream (i wish i recorded it) and the crowd started cheering. I was happily riding the wave and did the intro to The trooper - and a drunk came bowing to me . still during soundcheck. We started with some rock'n'roll then Sultans of swing, Hey joe, whiskey in the jar, unforgiven II, roadhouse blues,.. I sucked the whole way through! Totally forgot the chords for Hey joe and was just air strumming. But the other guitarist was great and the crowd was loving it! We were up on stage for about 2 hours. I don't know what we were doing all that time but it worked! That crowd was amazing.. hats off. I think the important thing was the bass/drum section was spot on and that carried us through. It could have been a major disaster.

We got off stage to drink with the crowd and watch the other band play. Then we got back up and did some songs together with them, cos their singer had song lyrics with chords. It was a great evening. I wish everyone of you would have a first gig like that
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My band's worst gig was our third, Portstewart Battle of the Bands. We were physced for it, so pumped and ready for all this groovy hipsters to check our uber funky sound (I'm a child of the noughties, behave.). We knew we weren't going to win the competition (anyone who's heard us can figure that out), but we made an effort and went in for a bit of fun.

The Town hall was intimidating as hell. We saw loads of bands we knew, lots of supporters of them, we had a bunch of mates with us and three girls in 'Casper's Friend' T-Shirts. The set up looked amazing, massive amps and lighting and all that jazz. Nothing we'd ever seen before, And the band's were so professional looking. We were bricking it.

The time came when we had to get on stage, we had to play three songs. We started off with A fall out boy cover 'Sugar We're going down'. We practiced it over and over, it was pretty well done by our standards. I was all pleased with that and then my happiness was shattered. What had I told my guitarist, bring a tuner. No, he didn't even consider it. The sound of *DU DUHHHHHH* as he tuned while still plugged in resonated in the hall. It was awful.

The second song an original called 'Were you There?', went alright, although it required some vocals from our drummer, who before the song began kept asked for his mic to be turned up, he was perfectly audible. The sound guys silenced him, and we played, it went well. After that our guitarist loudly tuned again. I tried to cover it up with some dialouge with him, but he simply shouted "I'm bloody tuning, can't you see that?"

Our last song Blink 182's 'The Rock Show' gained us a lot of applause, and was the best of the three songs. After this, our drummer stormed off in a huff, and we came dead last.

B*llocks to BOTB.
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Gig last night contains a pretty interesting story, which may almost entertain from the outside looking in, but in ways it was a terrible night, in others it was amazing.

The set-up was pretty much 3 bands at a local club, some band from Kent doing pop-punk, my band, and a ska band which me and my drummer are playing with right now while they're sorting themselves out (they've had a lot of mishaps with members!).
So I had a big night, two sets in one night, one of which having only a week to learn/practice all the songs and having two practices with the band, so the pressure was kind of on!

Anyway, the guy from the Ska band has an agreement with this club that he'll sort them out for bands every friday and his band'll play whenever they want.
This night had been arranged to be my band, their band, and two touring bands had their venue cancel on them so they got in touch to get on in this venue. One was apparently like heavy-tech-death sorta stuff, so the guy from this Ska band managed to get them in at the local "Metal" venue as they wouldn't be suited in a club, the other was the afore-mentioned pop-punk band.
They both said they won't want paying and they'll go on first, they just needed somewhere to sell their merch really.

So, onto the night, my band and the ska band get there at about 5, there's about 7 people of us all in all, so setting up got done pretty quick surprisingly, then we get a very pleasant phonecall from the support band. "We want to get paid £100 from tonight".
To which we obviously protested, and they eventually settled at "33%" of what was earned. Still a ****load more than they initially suggested.

Anyway, we start the soundchecks, work our way around the club's system and soundcheck the two bands I'm in, as it made logical sense to soundcheck those two bands, get our gear off, soundcheck the Kent guys then they'll be set up for when they play.

But no...
The Kent guys said "We want to play second". The guy from the Ska band who calls the shots is really too nice for his own good as he allowed this considering the distance they traveled, meaning what would have to happen is this:
We take our gear down.
They set their gear up and soundcheck.
They take their gear down.
We set ours back up and play.
We take ours back down.
They set up and play.
Take it down.
Ska band set up and play.
Now...what would be easier...the initial thing, or this drawn out pile of ******ation!?

By this point I was pretty angry at them and very cautious of my gear as they moved my drummer's kit without asking permission or anything.

Anyway this has gone long enough, the doors "Open" at 8 apparently, but didn't really til nearly 9 (which is when the free entry stopped >_< )
My friend volunteered to work the door, we were expecting, Friday night, local club that looks pretty swanky, let the crowds roll in!
Noone came in...at all, except my drummer's girlfriend and her friend, and my bassist's girlfriend and her friend.
Til about half ten when some alcoholic came in for a quick pint before his planned drikning binge who we managed to coax upstairs cos he's an old two-tone fan...and he only paid £2 of the £3 door...
Roughly all in all we got about 5 people pay to get in. Two guys managed to sneak passed my friend while he was trying to get some people ot go upstairs and another person I believe, as well as a handful of friends and family members of the bands. So pretty dire.
Eventually it got to the point where me and the Sax player of the ska band were going to play in the street to draw people in, but...there were just no people about...in a town with many clubs on a Friday night.

Anyway, it got to the point where we were really ****in' bored so we just started the gig, about half ten-ish I think.
My band on first, went pretty well, minor mistakes were made, the sound wasn't amazing as we could barely hear eachother due to lack of monitors or anything, but people enjoyed our set quite a lot which is good.

The pop-punk band from Kent...well...they actually managed to drive people away from the gig apparently.
My friend at the door had a few people willing to go up, but then they heard this band from upstairs and decided to give it a miss...
They were terrible, and had less of a crowd than our band who they deemed inferior.

After their...dire set, the ska band got on, we played our set, and had a lot of fun, I ****ed up a couple of the solos cos I'm really not used to Ska at all! But other than that, went amazing, the sax player did an amazing solo on Toots and the Maytalls "54-46". Was just a general good gig, music wise.

You'd think "Ah, cool, everything went alright with the music, good to see it ended well, right?"
At the end, we managed to make £15 all in all!
If that band got the £100 they insisted they'd have to find it elsewhere
Anyway, we decided that'd be £5 for each band, as it makes the most sense that way, a third each.
So what happened?
The band's guitarist came up to us and said "We need £15. We can't get home." (I was thinking "You ****in' live in Kent" but I didn't want to make the obvious pedantic statement ) to which the guy from the Ska band said "Well you can have our share but the other band need paying too, you'll have to deal with £10" (me and my drummer didn't care about what happened with the money, but our bassist had a hatred for these guys, much like me, so he forcefully made sure they didn't get our money).

So this started heated arguments.
All while this was happening (a bit of a sub-plot for you here! ) throughout the night the entire Kent band were getting high in the smoking area of the club (you're on tour, you have no money, so what do you do? Waste money on weed and get high at a gig, also apparently the Sax player saw one of them bumping coke...great idea, no wonder he was arguing over £5) and they managed to rope my band's impressionably singer in on it. Then when they thought "This lass'll be easy" they forcefed her absinth.
So when she did a guest slot with the ska band she was ****ed. Like completely ****ed, didn't seem to know where she was and apparently stumbled offstage at the end, I wasn't paying attention.
And all night the whole band were trying to get it on with her.

By the end of the petty squabbles (a fair few people of the band gave their own money up to satisfy these pricks, and there was eventually a massive argument over £2...) my singer decided she'd drive a couple of them back to their hotel (baring in mind she wasn't stable...)
This hotel being a travelodge off the A38. This room being filled with two bands who think they're the coolest cos they're on a dodgy tour, so about 8 guys. One very wasted 19 year old girl...

After we packed up we were pretty much happy to see it over. The Ska band are playing again tonight with only that band on the bill, so it'll be a bit more relaxed tonight thank ****!

...so to sum up (or tl;dr if you like) band from Kent decided they called the shots, demanded money, demanded to be put higher on the bill, got high in the back with my singer, got her wasted, and then probably gang raped her in a dodgy travelodge of the A38...

****in' hate bands who think they're gods gift to music cos they have a shitty little tour.
My band who've been toghether for a few months are more professional than them, and the bassist didn't even play bass til our band started! (though he played guitar so he was kinda suited).
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heres a fun one. My old bands 3rd show.

I was 17 or so, and we were playing our second show at a church, and we had already gathered a small following. so, we play all originals, and were like 4th in the lineup out of 10.

anyway, we played pretty well, i only messed up on 2 or 3 parts out of 6 songs. but the main part of the story is that we did a song we called the BYAH song, where whoever wanted to came up and helped us sing the song (which was byah screamed very loudly repeatedly). it was great seeing so many people get up there with you and jam.

Another funny story, at our 2nd gig, my best friend was in a pit and got flung on stage.

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Couple of fun ones...

So my band at the time were playing a gig at a new venue in the area. Because no-on ehad ever even seen a band there let alone played a gig there no-one had any advice as to watch out for.

We arrived set up everything and it was down some stairs under the night club above. So we set up and we get on with it.

Start of the 2nd set and we're opening with "Welcome to the Jungle", I had a reputation for going crazy at gigs (kinda like Jack Black at the beginning of School of Rock), SO i climbed up on the bass drum and threw myself off of it when the main riff came in. I caught my head on the house lighting rig which I had misjudged. I knocked myself out cold for the next 2 minutes and came around as we were entering the solo. All my band had to say about it was "THANK GOD!!! STU DOESN'T KNOW THE SOLO!!". Stu was our second guitarist.

Another gig was a really big one. Big venue, big cheque at the end, BIG production!!

My band's is headlining the event and we're going for it as hard as we can!! What we were doing at the time was a cover of "Hallow'd Be Thy Name" and as it gets the end we would string it directly into "Love Gun" by Kiss. So we're ripping Hallow'd apartand we get to the end. We go into "Love Gun"...yeah, you guessed it! TWANG!! G and E strings go!

I run of stage like a bullet! Running around trying to find one of the other guitarists in the hope they'll lend me a guitar. I finally found one. It just so happened that the guitar he had, was the very guitar I traded in the week before for a new guitar, the new guitar that has just snapped 2 strings at once!!

The coolest part of that story is that I cam running back onto the stage leading straight into the solo, which if anyone is aware, was PERFECT timing hahaha
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As my last story was a bit dull, grim, and longwinded!
I'll part with a more amusing story from the gig the night after my previous story.

I was gigging with the Ska band that I assume I mentioned in my last story (I was on a temp member), anyway.
We were in a fairly popular venue, supporting a ska band that had a massive local following.
Anywho, we're playing a lot of stuff from the Specials and people like that. Noone's really interested til our second to last song. Which is "I Shot the Sheriff" by Bob Marley.
And after the instrumental opening verse we do, in through the doors, come three rasta women, dreadlocks and everything, I mean, they could've probably sang the song better than the band's singer!
This is an all white band...
Me and the singer/rhythm guitarist just looked at each other with a look as if to say "shit, time to pull it together".
I was worried for a bit cos they seemed completely uninterested for a short while. Then they took their coats off, started dancing and one of them was taking pictures of the whole band, it was great.

But it really got going when we went into "54-46 Was My Number" by Toots and the Maytals.
Jesus, not just the rasta women, but the whole bar were dancing, jumping, skanking. Was great!

It's a pity I was only a temp, cos that band was insanely fun to gig with.
Peter Gusmano's album in which all proceeds support Project ALS.

Without Deviation from the norm, 'progress' is not possible. - Frank Zappa

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