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My First "Gig" Was about a year ago, my friend Rhys and I played on two acoustics for like 4 hours at a nursing home. We didn't even play a song. We just played like, contemporary background music. Lame as hell, right?
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My band just recently played a gig at the rogers center in Toronto for people going into the football game. It was pretty sick, but at first I was pretty nervous and also my hands were cold so it was hard to maneuver them.

Note to self:// Every band should learn Free bird lol...but too bad my band is only three people, so that makes it a little tricky.
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When I first got a grip for guitar like a year and a half ago, I thought it would be a good idea to play rhythm guitar/trombone in my friend's band without knowing what I was getting into.

Several shaky, generally unpaid gigs at quincineras to salsa music aren't too great for a long haired, white metalhead's resume, come to find out.
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lol, play gigs when your ready! My first gig with my band went just as anticipated, but thats because we were in the school marching, chorus, and jazz band, so we were used to crowds. Singing was simple because all the singing people in our band are in choir. Lesson....be confident about your playing before you play
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First live performance ever yesterday, it was SO SICK ERFAERGFAERGEGOJAERGOAERJGAER

Sound check was the day before so everything was all set perfectly. It was "Variety Night" at my school and we got to play a song. There were dancers, poets, other bands, etc. It was really quite awesome.

We set up during intermission along with our singer's electronic project, and when they played, ("Take On Me" by A-ha) it really set the bar high. We came on stage, and along with some banter from the hosts while we plugged in, we did another quick sound check. It was all terrific, as we only had access to electric drums which are easy to sound check.

We started playing "Feel Good Inc." by The Gorillaz, and the confidence was there. We chose this song because there's a section for people to clap in it, which would help with stage presence and crowd involvement. We moved through the start of the song, and then it was my turn to do some slick chords.

DAYUM it felt good, switched to neck pickup and it felt lovely, each chord let my hand move on the neck like butter. We got people clapping to the beat, and I switched my voicings for a signal of change. We built it up, and then came the rap verse.

I'd say our singer is easily the whitest kid we know, and he's sensitive to swearing. One line is "Laughing gas these hazmats, fast cats, lining them up like ass cracks" and... well, watch the video This epic moment is at 1:34. Luckily, our singer is a popular guy and we're all friends in the band so we just laughed it off and transformed it into more crowd power, and since they knew the song, they laughed! (In the right places!)

The bridge came, and the keyboards thundered. I turned on my wah and started getting jiggy with it. I enjoyed it, it sounded great with all the instruments together. Voicings switched, and we built it on up again with the help of the audience's clapping.

FINAL VERSE, our bassist strutting around like an absolute mack daddy, and our singer got a bit more power. I start wanking a little with the rhythm, the drummer fills in. The bassist brings it to the end and WHAM! Applause. This has been the best night of my Grade 9 year so far, the feeling when people start clapping like they did is just undescribable. It still puts a smile on my face.

The video is available here, and if you have facebook, we will have every performance EVER videotaped! (Or give it our best shot!)

Left to right, I'm Baylee (Jew fro), drummer is Josh, singer/pianist is Jamie, and our lead bassist is Chris.

Cheers boys, I still feel great

I write songs.
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At my last gig we had proof of something that I have long suspected to be true, which is that you always want a group of Geordies in the crowd. Never, when I joined a folk band as the harmonica player, did I expect to be whooped during not one but two of my solos. It was also responsible for our singer losing it on-stage for the first time - whilst she was singing the line "I'm sitting back, I got a beer in my hand" she happened to glance at me whilst I was mouthing "Sitting back, I got a Newkie Brown in my hand" and she was almost laughing too much to be able to sing the next line. At the end of the chorus she mouthed the really bad C-word at me...

It was also the first ever encore we have done, planned or otherwise - luckily we had one more half-decent song in the bag to play, which I managed to make a complete arse of. I'd been having monitoring issues all night so the fact that I couldn't hear my harp very well when I came in didn't really seem to faze me until the soundman looked at me and shrugged. At that point I noticed that the lead going into the mic had worked itself just loose enough to sever the connection, so I jammed it back in, only missing the first two bars of my solo.

And I'd been playing my Mandocaster, and only got one "Why is that guitar so small?" question at the end...

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I don't know if you can really call it a gig or not, but my piano teacher and his wife usually hold a piano/ violin concert every year. I'd been in it before on the piano, but this year I fancied doing something a bit different, so I decided to do Johnny B Goode. It was me on lead guitar, my piano teacher on the piano, his son on the double bass and my cousin singing. I stupidly only put the strings on about an hour before we went on, so it went little out of tune but nothing much. All in all it was pretty good, even though the audience weren't exactly what you'd call rock n roll Hopefully I'll have a better proper gig story to put up soon.
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Alright so here's mine:

I think it was our 4th or 5th gig, though I could be wrong. We had played out enough before that people knew us and were in the process of recording our EP, but all of our shows had been played where people couldn't always get to, which rather sucked. This gig, however, was back in our town, which meant a lot of people could go. We actually almost broke the attendance record for the place that night, with something like 125 people. We were headliners and promoted like crazy.
So right off the bat, a lot of people show up, even for the earlier bands. The earlier bands weren't great, except for one, so the crowd was somewhat put off by that but they stuck around. We went on around....9:15 i think. We opened with an original called Shape Up, it's pretty fast and the end transitions perfectly into our next song called Work of Art, also a quick one, but those two songs get the crowd going big time. That set the tone for the entire gig, except for one blip in the middle. In our one song, The Gospel According to Leroy, our singer/bassist changed the order of the transition out of the bridge without telling anyone, and I'm the only one playing with him there. I ended up playing an A major against his F# minor. But other than that, everything went fantastically. The encore was total bull though. It was a song we hadn't practiced in an extremely long time, that I played bass for. Neither me nor the other guitarist could remember the actual rhythm, but we knew the key so we just played what fit haha. On the video someone took of it, you can see me looking at the other guitarist and saying, " What the hell are we supposed to be doing?".
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Alright, here's one I suppose.

This goes back to Halloween, my current drummer and his other band were doing a gig. I went and brought my current lead guitarist to introduce him to the drummer. My drummer is kick ass at what he does, but the other guys (though they were really cool dudes) just were not that good. The drummer is pretty much what saved the show. Plus, it was a 3 hour set with a 10 song set-list, and their singer hadn't memorized any of the songs, so alot of it was improv/jamming.

The two high points of the night were as follows:

First, during the middle of one jam session, the song is starting to lose it's momentum, and the guitarist stops playing and waves his arms down at the drummer in a kinda bring to a stop motion (atleast that's how it seemed to the audience). Instead, the drummer kicks off into a crazy ass 2 minute drum solo. I was laughing cause it seemed like a big "Screw you" to the guitarist, but it seems I was mistaken as the arm motion he was making was accompanied by "solo! solo!". So, lameness. Aw well.

And second. It's been almost an hour or so, and we've been chillin with the guys between songs and they're pretty cool. Well my friend that I mentioned early, brought up to the singer that they should totally let us get up and jam for a bit as a joke. Well the singer's agrees since the shows not going so hot, he figures it might be cool to change things up a bit, make it entertaining. So I get on bass, and my friend picks up the guitar, and it's just me, the drummer, and my friend up. Damn was it sexy. I'm not a bassist so I didn't do too hot, just played some relatively simple stuff, but my guitarist is a beast (oddly enough, he listens to alot of pop-punk/metal/screamo, but kicks ass when it comes to rock improv lead. Go figure). We do about a 5 minute jam session, and I almost felt bad the guys in the actual band (besides the drummer), because we wound up getting more applause than they'd gotten all night.

Anyways, randomness.
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Originally Posted by Ace-014
it was a 3 hour set with a 10 song set-list

Either i'm misunderstanding something or you play some long ass songs...
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Originally Posted by Calibos
Either i'm misunderstanding something or you play some long ass songs...

No, you're understanding perfectly (p.s., it wasn't my band). They did 10 songs, and at the end of them they'd jam for a while. and then they'd have just random jam sessions between there songs. Plus they took more than one break.
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Oakley I got one. And apologies to anyone offended by the month bump. This happened this year in the summer.

So I have a half-brother that is a counselor for a YMCA facility in the summer. There was one week where it was spirit week. Now he thought it would be cool to do something like “School of Rock.” I have a twin brother that has a keyboard so my half-brother asked us to go with him one day with some of our gear. I decided to take my 12-string acoustic guitar and my twin took his keyboard. We played it to the group that we would be doing this with. It was sort of a promo if you will although the kids looked at me probably bored of me the moment I played. Now my twin and I couldn’t get involved in song selections which was voting on songs the kids picked and this is what it was

Tik Tok- Ke$ha
Airplanes- B.o.B.
When You Were Young- The Killers
I don't know whats with kids these days thinking a rock gig includes a Ke$ha song.

So during the week we would be in separate rooms just practicing individually. My brothers and I practices the night before the day we would perform. (Terrible mistake) We stayed up until midnight and it wasn’t looking good for us.

Before the next thing I tell you, it was part of our understanding that my half-brother would put all the gear which consisted of drums, a keyboard, a guitar and amp. Unfortunately he only took the drums. So my twin and I resorted to walking with the keyboard, guitar, and amp that our other brother didn’t take because he didn’t think he had any room. I felt awkward carrying all this gear in public. Now had it not been the ride that our mom gave us, we would’ve walked about six miles carrying our gear.

So we get to the YMCA and put our gear in a room with the giant mirror you see in yoga rooms. Unfortunately the room was being occupied apparently, by this counselor (who was gay). We need the room because it had the only working mic in the whole facility. Now I’m not against gays or anything but I absolutely hated this guy, just because he had children that were in rich families, he thought he ran the whole facility. So we move our stuff luckily to a near-by room which was also big. It just didn’t have the mic we needed.

Our initial group for playing
Me on guitar
My twin brother on keyboard
My half-brother on drums
Kids on vocals and handmade precussion

Last minute changes
Me still on guitar
My twin brother on drums
My half-brother on keyboard
And three out of 20 kids singing with no help

Now about two hours or so before we were up to perform, all of us practiced and in my head I was like “oh my god this is horrific” and it wasn’t just me. My brothers probably thought the same thing by the look of their faces. Surprisingly I wasn’t nervous which was strange for me saying that this practice was terrible. My half-brother apologized to us as he didn’t think it would get this bad. I said it was cool though.

So, it is our turn to perform and as everyone walked in, I had this major relieved face because the groups that entered were probably no older than six years old. “Tik Tok” and “Airplanes” we atrocious, especially for the fact that we couldn’t complete both song. “When You Were Young” was the only song we completed, probably because not completing in was not an option and I nailed the solo (yay me). It turned out actually well, knowing that these kids don’t know what a show is.
As everyone is leaving, I’m playing the solo to “Live Forever” and “Lazy Eye” and received rock horns by one of the other counselors. Quite flattering.

Remember the gay counselor I said, he went after us and I kid you not. GOD AWFUL. All it was Journey’s- Don’t Stop Believing and all they did was dance and sung a couple of lines. They didn’t even need the mic. I wanted to say something like WTF is this s**t!!! But there were parents there. I even saw how he treated the kids when they were practicing and it was bad.

Everything is done with and my brothers and I were correctly putting all our gear in the car so everything would fit. My half-brother still had to work and we couldn’t go into certain parts because they were restricted. So my brother and I decide to walk six miles back to my house without our gear (thank god).

Don't get me wrong I would do it again, just hope all of this doesn't happen again. And if by any chance that gay counselor is reading this, here you go then. And also to those who'll complain to me about beginning the paragraph with "so" four times.
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This was my bands gig we did a couple of weeks ago.

Heres a bit of backstory
We practice at this youth club because none of us have enough space in our houses, and every so often they want to do a "gig" to "contribute to community". Now when i say gig, its more like a karoake, lots of singers with no instruments. However, there is this other metal band that goes to the centre, and our band always teases them (they had no singer and always play avenged sevenfold) but on the day of the gig, our singer had flu so he told us he couldn't make it, serious kick in the nuts.

Now to the day of the gig
I had a keyboard lesson that day, so i let my fellow band mates know that I'll be late to set up my equipment. So i get there at 6:45 (starts at 7:00) and our drummer is nowhere to be seen. So I tell my rhythm guitarist we'll set up without him. Then he tells me that the sound tech says we can't set up because we are so late. This meant i had to use the other bands horrible line 6 settings, rather than my Marshall which would take 5 mins to set up. The drummer gets there at 6:55 so we definately have no time to set up, so we're in a pretty foul mood.

The acts play, they are pretty good and get applause. Then the other metal band go up, and turns out they found a singer in the last 5 hours, who happened to know all the words of there songs. Anyways, during there first song their lead guitarist breaks a string, so he borrows our rhythm guitarists guitar. They play and awesome setlist anyway, they got a huge applause.
Then my rhythm guitarist gets his guitar back, he tries to retune it but the other guy broke his guitar bridge on stage. As luck would have it our bassist brought his guitar for the rhythm guitarist to use.

We go up on stage, no sound check, no vocalist, unfamiliar amps and we head into our set. I decided seeing as there was no vocalist I would try to "steve vai" our set. First song was great, not much applause but we managed to pull it off. Next song was not so good. I wasnt playing the riff so the bassist and rhythm guitarist kept getting confused with the place in the song. I was relying on them, they were relying on me. We cut it short and play our third song normally. I walked off stage feeling like crap. Definately our worst gig yet.
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I haven't really done a "real" gig, but I am going to share it anyway

We aren't active at all when it comes to gigs, because we are focusing on making songs and we want to record and crap. We also need to get better at singing, lol

But they were having a talent show at school so we decided to give it a shot. I had a lot of songs written and I tried to teach the other guitarist the rhythms (he was new) but they were really not clicking with him, they were a little tough

Anyway so we have to just make an entirely new song, and- oh sh*t, the talent show is in a week! So we try to make some stuff and what ends up happening is I take a extra riff I made but never used in a song and we use that as an intro, and then we just keep going with that. We all just improvised and it ended up actually being good (Thank goodness I know scales for all the improvising) Also we decided we weren't going to do any singing, so everything was very simple.

On talent show day we got everything set up and were ready to go and when I see the people I get a little nervous but everyone still plays very good. It wasn't pro obviously but the fact that most of the song was improvisation was cool and that made it interesting. Everybody thought it was f**kin awesome (and the drummer got some ladies, lol he accidently set the drums up way too far forward and everyone was playing behind him!!! hahaha so he was the star but whatever XD) This was just last year in 8th grade though and we were the only band in the school so we probably could have played the crappiest thing ever and still get an applause, but I still loved all the people being like "You are awesome"

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there're probably a few more insane memories i have than this, but i really like this one because it was just plain dumb and funny. one time in rehearsal during the early days we were passing a doobie around while trying to keep the song going - it was funny as **** seeing the drummer try to keep up with one hand, me & the bassist trying to hit notes with the fretting hand and our singer waiting between sections so he could have a puff. failure, even when intoxicated, is not an option! lol
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Ok, I've had only three gigs with my last band (which wasn't really much of a band). So here goes:

1st first "gig" was a Teen Talent thing at our drummers church. The winner got to go to Missouri and play in a Teen Talent show in front of 50,000 people. There were a bunch of different categories, each which has a winner, and we joined the band category, with just us and another band. Our band was named ThisMeansWar!, but we had to say we were a christian band, and do a christian song, so we named ourselves The Risen. Now, I am Jewish, and this was a little awkward when my friend told us about this. We compromised and decided to play "Rise Above This" by Seether. Me and the drummer practiced this a lot, but the singer doesn't really practice, our rhythm guitar came and practiced twice for about 1 hour and a half, and the bassist we had never practiced with. So we get to the show and find out we're first. We get up there, and the bassist is going off of a printed off tab he got off the internet. To be honest, it wasn't that bad at all, except the singer was off about a bar or two, but only in the chorus. We lost to a band doing a Taylor Swift cover, that sucked, but it happens. They said we lost by very little amount of points. Our drummer entered the solo category, and did a great drum solo. He ended up winning and going to play a drum solo in front of 50,000 people. In the middle of it he dropped his drum stick. He laughs about it now.

2nd "gig": Our second gig was the school talent show. We decided to do two songs: "Everlong" by Foo Fighters and and our instrumental original called "Progressive Soup". Our singer from before decided to back out about about 2 months before the show, and luckily I got a friend of mine, who is known as the best guitarist in the school, to play rhythm guitar and sing (pretty cool that I played lead in a band with the best guitarist in the school). Anyway, there are three shows, morning, noon, and night, and rehearsals the night before. Rehearsals were terrible, the sound was f**ked up, so we couldn't hear the singer and the singer couldn't hear us, so we were way off. At that point, the singer was nervous. So the first show they had to cut acts because of lack of time, so they cut our original and let us play "Everlong". It was awesome, went perfectly, only had one or two minor screw-ups, it was great, got a really big applause. For the second show, they cut "Everlong" and had us do our original, under one catch, we had to cut a minute off, and it was a three minute song. So we decided to cut part of the intro. The song stars off with two bars clean, then two distorted, then it goes into the verse. So we decided to just do one bar clean, one bar distorted, then verse. So we get up there, and for some reason, the amp was slightly distorted, and it sounded somewhat clean to me, so I went with it, and EVERYONE else was thrown off, as one heard it distorted, one clean. I thought we did crap. I mean people said we were good, but a little out of key.
Then the night show we got to play both. We did both songs PERFECTLY and got really big applause.

3rd "gig": We decided to throw a graduation party at the local community center, and play some music. We had an 1 and a half set that had 5 originals in it, structure being start off with 5 or 6 heavy songs, then 5 or 6 acoustic, then a few softer electric, then end on a few heavy songs. Time comes to start playing and our singer is late, our drummer is out doing something (though he was just at the party), our rhythm guitarist shows up late and says he forgot how to play some of the songs (WTF), and we didn't have a bassist, so I was the only one on time. Finally everyone shows up except our singer, so I have to sing our first song "Smells Like Teen Spirit". It went really well, sounded good. Then the singer showed up and everything went smooth, until halfway through the beginning when someone from the neighborhood came in and told us to stop playing or they were going to call the cops. This made us stop and go "shit". So we decided, ok let's just do all of the songs acoustic. So we all sat around me with my acoustic and did most of the setlist acoustic (the ones that could be done well acoustic). A funny tip: Playing popular songs helps. My singer forgot the words to one of our acoustics "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol, and we started and everyone else sang it, and the singer just tried to mouth it, so it worked out. Our originals went over pretty well, which was awesome. It was a cool show, luckily it was all friends.

The band was basically really good friends who play instruments. Looking back we kinda sucked. I was the only one who wrote, and the only one that actually wanted to take it seriously and go somewhere. My drummer didn't want to and just did it for fun, our singer was in the army and sent to camp, and didn't have time to practice, and our rhythm guitarist did want it to go somewhere, but then we went to college. I'm playing in a new band, our rhythm guitarist has his own band, our drummer is playing in a blues cover band, and a screamo cover side project (weird combo), and our singer is just doing his own thing.
Well my new band is about to start gigging, so new stories up soon!
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Yesterday I had a gig with a band that broke up before, but we came together for this gig. We then broke up because of time issues (we could only play on Sundays, and only sometimes).
The gig was fairly good. The audience liked it alot, at the end (we only played 5 songs) they shouted for more and we played a song we kind of knew but never fully practiced. Nobody noticed that some parts went horribly wrong, so apparently it still sounded pretty good.

However, even though I was very happy about this little gig, this was the final gig again. Me (bass) and the singer decided to leave. We told the drummer and the guitarist stuff like 'we want to play different music', but we left for other reasons. The guitarist is the worst person to play with in a band ever. Never would he listen to what we thought, he always had the most ridiculous ideas and if we said we didn't like those ideas, he wouldn't listen. Also, practicing with him for three hours usually meant playing 1 hour and during the other two hours doing nothing. The drummer wasn't any better to work with, although he was a pretty good drummer, he just blindly followed the guitarist. Musically too, cause he always followed the guitar and never the bass. And the guitarist didn't really have a good feel for rythm (randomly playing riffs without listening to the beat).

The gig was pretty awesome, though.
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Had a strap break during a guitar flip a few weeks ago. Literally only the second one I had done on stage, and will probably be the last. Thankfully it didnt damage my guitar very much. Chipped a piece of wood off the headstock and scraped a little bit of paint on the back of the body
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My greatest story is when i broke the headstock off my ibanez while playing the Opera House in Toronto. Went to do a guitar spin and the leather end of my Planet Waves strap ripped and it hit the floor. was a sad sad day
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First legit gig. We organized it all, headlined, and got a sick supporting act. Double the amount of people we thought were going to come showed up and it was awesome, all good friends.

I'm so tired, I'll edit this tomorrow. But it was awesome.

I write songs.
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