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Weekly Technique Lesson #6

Hi All,

As usual, the last lesson has been moved to the archive threads forum here:

First off, I must apologize for missing a week with our lessons. Last week I had no clue what to
do and I had settled on harmonics. The problem with that being that almost everyone can play
harmonics already so I wanted to do a technical lesson on what harmonics are and how to manipulate
them for any style. I got carried away with the science and without diagrams I was having a hard
time completing it. Anyway I was going to finish it for this week but then beat gave me my first
lesson request (thank god!). Therefore, this week we're going to do a lesson on string skipping.

String skipping is a technique that I've actually been using for years without really thinking
much of it as a technique. But when you get down to it, any style of playing and manipulating
the strings to get different sounds is a technique by definition. The basic concept of string
skipping involves playing intervals that are very spread out. You can play across a number of different
octaves without working notes consecutavely until the octave is reached. You can play one set of
notes on the 6th string, and then another on the 1st string for example.

The two problems that one might encounter using this technique is picking and nerve control. Your
picking hand must be well controlled to move to strings that are not adjacent to the string it
had just plucked. If you're good at playing different types of arpeggios then this will come naturally.
The nerve control is centered around your fretting hand and is the same idea. It must be used
to stretching across multiple strings.

The first excersise we'll do is a simple concept introduction in Bm. Here we skip from the A to
the B string and play a little riff:
E|------------------------------- B|-------2-3-2----------2-3-2-5-- G|-------------4----------------- D|------------------------------- A|-2h4h5----------2h4h5---------- E|-------------------------------

If you find playing the above at moderate speeds tricky then the following excersise will
help build up the control needed to get cleaner and faster for string skipping during soloing:
E|-----------------------------1h3-----------------------------2h4--- B|---------------------1h3-----------------------------2h4----------- G|-------------1h3---------1h3-----------------2h4---------2h4------- D|-----1h3---------1h3-----------------2h4---------2h4--------------- A|---------1h3-----------------------------2h4----------------------- E|-1h3-----------------------------2h4-------------------------------

Play the frets with the same fingers and then work up. In other words once you finish then start
with your 1st and 3rd fingers on the 3rd and 5th frets and just work your way up the fret board.

The following "spider" formation excersise will help you with some tricky stretching and fingering.
I owe credit to one of my former teacher's for this excersise. Use the fingering 3-1-2-4-1-3-4-2
E|----------------2----------------3--- B|---1----4---3--------2---5---4------- D|------------------------------------- G|------------------------------------- A|-3---2----1---4----4---3---1---5----- E|-------------------------------------

As with the previous excersise, work your way up the fret board.

Now we'll get to some soloing riffs and patterns that can be used in songs. The following is
a "walk up" pattern skipping one string at a time A minor and then back down again:
E|-------------------------------------------5-7-8--8-7-5---------------------------------------------- B|-------------------------------5-6-8--------------------------8-6-5---------------------------------- G|-------------------4-5-7-------------5-7-9--------------9-7-5-------------7-5-4---------------------- D|-------3-5-7-------------5-7-9--------------------------------------9-7-5--------------7-5-3--------- A|-------------5-7-8--------------------------------------------------------------8-7-5---------------- E|-5-7-8---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8-7-5---

Now we'll play "follow the leader" in octaves. Again in A minor:
E|----------------------------------1-3-5--------3-5-6---------5-6-8---------10-12-13-----------13-15-17- B|-------1-3-5---------3-5-6----------------------------------------------------------------------------- G|-------------------------------------------------------------------7-9-10------------10-12-14---------- D|---------------------------3-5-7---------5-7-8--------7-8-10------------------------------------------- A|-3-5-7--------5-7-8------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Or we can complete riffs in other octaves:
E|---------------------------------------10-12-13--------12-13-15-17~~~~-- B|------------------------------------------------------------------------ G|--------7-9-10--------9-10-12------------------------------------------- D|-------------------------------7-9-10----------9-10-12------------------ A|------------------------------------------------------------------------ E|-5-7-8---------7-8-10---------------------------------------------------

That's all there is to string skipping. From here you can come up with your own riffs. Use your imagination
and you can play across all the strings using very wide intervals.

Until next week,

Garett Spencley - RAW
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I waited for this and I was so glad you took his advice because you give great exercises! I mean I look for stuff to practice the techniques on the internet but you seem to have the best ones! So good job.... Hmm so if we make suggestions will you listen? I don't have any right now but it is a good thing to keep in mind
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Great job Gar! If your ever struggling again and you dont mind id love to do a lesson or two. Right now im getting some good results using a techinique called re harmonisation to spice up my tired old licks, might be of use to some other users.
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Sweet beat If you want to go right ahead. Write it out, PM me when you want to do it and you can post it that week and I'll sticky it for you.

Looking forward to it

Garett Spencley - RAW
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