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Weekly Technique Lesson 3/12/2003

Hi All,

Well it's time to get back on track and start doing the lessons again. Many thanks to beat
for doing the lesson last week on reharmonization wich, as always, can be found in the archive
threads forum.

I've somewhat run out of "pure techniques" that I can cover. There's millions of techniques
out there but they all pretty much evolve from those that we've done. Legato, Alternate
Picking, Pick Sweeping, Tapping, String Skipping, Finger Picking etc.

So from here on I'm going to take a more general approach. My concern is teaching people (and
myself) new things that to do on the guitar and new ways of thinking about the instrument.
As long as that's accomplished it doesn't really matter if we're learning a technique or a
style. Or how to play harmonics differently. Or common ways to change keys every measure. Most
of the requests that I've had for lessons have been "I want to know how to write better riffs"

So without further ado let's get down to it. This week's lesson is going to be slightly
theory related and it's going to kill 2 birds with stone. It's going to go into great detail
about this week's topic but also instead of giving examples as short riffs I'm going to tab
out an (almost) entire song and disect it riff for riff, solo for solo to give the ultimate
example of how to actually apply the techniques that we've learned into a song rather than just
giving a few riffs with no explanation for how to tie it into your song.

Thanks to Nitro_Freezing for suggesting that we do a lesson on arpeggios
used in leads


It's really going to help you understand this lesson if you understand how chords are constructed
and named. If you don't then go read (and understand) this excellent tutorial at cyberfret:

You also need to know what an arpeggio is but I'll define it here for people who don't.
An arpeggio is where you play a chord broken up. So you don't strum it all at once, instead
you pick it apart and play it note for note (in any order).

Let's talk about arpeggios baby.. let's talk about you and me..

The first thing to note when using arpeggios in your solos is try not to think of chord
forms. A lot of beginners, and even some seasoned players, like to think of chords as the shape
they make with their fretting hand. They'll say to themselves "Ok I'm going to play an E major
so I'll shape my hand like this and start on an E". That kind of technique can help you out
in a lot of situations but when it comes time to write melodies, and even chord progessions
for that matter, it limits you. Instead think notes. If I tell you to picture a D major I don't
want you to picture a hand. I want you picture the notes D F# and A.

There's one other restriction that we can lift. If you were to strum a B minor (for example) or apreggiate
it for a rythm lick you would usually want to start on B to really bring out that you're arpeggating that
chord. In lead, however, it doesn't really matter. If you listen to Areggios From Hell by Yngwie Malmsteen,
for example, you might have a hard time actually picking out that he's apreggiating chords at all. That's
because you don't have to apreggiate so that it sounds like you're playing chords.

So what good are arpeggios? In solos they bring a tremendous ammount of harmony. They're great for licks
such as pick sweeps, taps, or even climbs where we want to bring out a lot of harmony. Adjacent
notes in the key will sound like crud because they don't play together very well and we play notes like
that when we do climbs, alternate picks etc. where harmony isn't what we're after.

Let's get to the damn song now dammit!

Alright we finally have all that boring stuff out of the way and as I promised I'm going to tab out
a song now. I'm going to get a little sleezy here and use one of my own songs. I'm not doing it for
shameless self promotion, though. The reason I'm doing it is because a) I know the song inside and
out and so my tabs will be deadly accurate 100% and b) I'm allowed to freely redistribute my own work so
you guys are all free do download the song and listen to it so you don't just see a bunch of numbers.. lol

The song is "Frail Dawn" and you can dl it here: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru...&threadid=30312

The song is in the key of E minor (Aeolian).

We'll start with the intro/main riff. The chords are Em, Dmaj and C5, they're apreggiated and wrapped
with some melody.
Em Dmaj C5 Em Dmaj e g b d F# a c g e g b d F# a E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- B|---------------------------------------------------------7--8-7--10-8-7---- G|--------4-5-7-5-4--------2----------------4-5-7-5-4----7----------------7-- D|------5-----------5---4----4---5-4------5-----------5---------------------- A|-14\7---------------5--------3-----5--7------------------------------------ E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------

You can see that the arpeggios are adding the harmony here. If I were to just walk a scale up and down
it wouldn't sound very harmonic at all and it wouldn't do anything to create a mood.

The next part of the song is a pick sweep and is just an apreggio of Em. This is the part where
the sweep is done over the fast drum part. I'll use "///" to indicate what notes we sweep.
/ / / / / / / / / E|------------------------------------------------------------------- B|--------5/7---------5/8---------5-/-13-12-10-12-10-8-10-8-7-8-7---- G|------4-----------4-----------4---------------------------------7-- D|----5-----------5-----------5-------------------------------------- A|-7-----------7-----------7----------------------------------------- E|-------------------------------------------------------------------

After that they repeat each other so I'll skip to the first solo.

The first part of the first solo is a fast walk up and then a sweep of Em (in a different position than
the riffs above) into Emsus2 (just Em with a F# tapped on) into D maj. This happens pretty fast so you have to
pay attention to catch the chords.
Em Emsus2 D maj / / / / / / / E|----------------------------------------------------12h14h15p14p12h14b-------14--------- B|-5-7-8-7-8-10-8-10-12-10-12-13-12-13-14~~~-------12------------------------12---15------ G|----------------------------------------------12-------------------------12--------14~~- D|-------------------------------------------14--------------------------14--------------- A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

After that comes another melody followed by a sweep of B minor.
Bm (B D F#) / / / E|-----------------------------14-15-17/19-13-------------------------- B|--------------------------15-----------------17p15-17b-17p15h17~~~--- G|-11h12\9-/11-----------16-------------------------------------------- D|-------------12------------------------------------------------------ A|----------------12--------------------------------------------------- E|---------------------------------------------------------------------

You can see that so far in the solo I'm centering everything around arpeggios. I'll a walk up or a melody
followed by a sweep followed by more melody etc. I'm trying to balance everything out and give harmony
and melody.

The lesson is too long so it's continued in the next post...
Garett Spencley - RAW

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The next part is goes on until the fast drum part and it's pretty much all legato and alternate picking
but there is a sweep of Am add9 in there.
leg. alt. picking E|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G|-12h14p12-11h12p11-9h11p9----9-------------------------------------------------------7-9-11-9-- D|--------------------------12---12-9h10p9----9---------------------------5-7-9-7-9-10----------- A|-----------------------------------------12---12-9h10p9-\7\5/7---7-9-10------------------------ E|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- leg. E|--------------------------------12h14h15p14p12----12------------------------------------------ B|-----------------------12h13h14----------------14----14-12h13p12----12b----------------------- G|-11h12p11\9-/12--12h14-------------------------------------------14-----14b-12h14p12-11h12p11- D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Am add9 / / / leg. E|-------------19h20p19p17-------19---------------------------------------------------------------------- B|----------------------------17----20-19-17b-17h19p17-15h17p15-12h13p12--------------------------------- G|-------------------------17--------------------------------------------14b-12h14p12-11h12p11----------- D|-14b-12-14-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------14b-12-14- A|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B|---------10h12h13p12p10h12b--10h12p10-8h10p8-7h8p7----------------------------------------------------- G|-9h11h12-------------------------------------------9-7-9~~-7h9p7--------------------------------------- D|-----------------------------------------------------------------7h9p7-5h7p7-4h5h7--------------4h5h7-- A|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------3h5h7--3h5h7-------- E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- alt. picking E|----------------------------------------------- B|----------------13-12-10-12-10-8-10-8-7-8-7---- G|--------------------------------------------7-- D|-4h5h7-5-7-9----------------------------------- A|----------------------------------------------- E|-----------------------------------------------

Phew. Ok that last bit of alternate picking is over the fast drum section. Now we have a little climb
up with alternate picking and we get back into some harmony with some more arpeggios.
Em Am alt. picking / / / / / / E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B|------------------------------------------10-12-13-----------12-13-14------17--------17-19h20p19p17h19b- G|----------------------------12-9--9-11-12----------11-12-14--------------16--------17------------------- D|--------7-9-10---------9-10--------------------------------------------17--------19--------------------- A|-7-9-10--------9-10-12---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Am / / / E|---------------20-19--22b--17h19p17-15h17p15-14h15p14-12h14p15p14p12----12------------------------------ B|-----17--19-20-------------------------------------------------------15---15-12h13p12----12------------- G|---17---------------------------------------------------------------------------------14----14-12h14p12- D|-19----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- alt. picking E|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B|----------------------17-15-13-15-13-12-13-12-10-12-10-8-10-8-7-8-7-5-7-5-3-5-3-1-------- G|-11h12p11-------------------------------------------------------------------------4-2-0-- D|----------14b-12-14---------------------------------------------------------------------- A|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|----------------------------------------------------- B|---------------------13-12-10-12-10-8-10-8-7-8-7----- G|-------------------------------------------------7--- D|-2------2-----2-------------------------------------- A|-2------2-----2-------------------------------------- E|-0------0-----0--------------------------------------

That's it for the first solo and I'm going to stop there because that should be more than sufficient to
give you a good exmaple of how riffs and a solos can be constructed using arepggios and other techniques.
All that's left is the 2nd solo anyway and it doesn't use very many arppeggios. At the end up
for the 2nd solo, however, the high hats cut out and I sweep 3 chords before going before going back
into the main riff. Those chords are Em, D and C.

So that's it for this week's lesson

Until next week,

Garett Spencley - RAW

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Well garett!! I first want to say "Thank you so much!!!" You know i have been asking for a transcription of one of your tabs for quite al long time now.
Although i'm in spain and have work to do, i have read your tut from beginning to end without stopping.

I really hate to be in spain without a guitar!! The first 2 weeks were bearable, but now i really feel the urge to play. Especially when i sit in the park on a sunny afternoon and i see some player playing in the park for money. Aaarrrrghhhh, i really want to try your tut and see what i make of it!!

anyway, top notch brotha!!


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Jeez man. I was wondering about this kinda stuff. I'm trying to start writing solos but I was having a bit of trouble. And you hit it.

Hmm I love this part it's beautiful, while I was reading the rest of the lesson my hands were palying this and moving it around the fret board..

The next part of the song is a pick sweep and is just an apreggio of Em. This is the part where
the sweep is done over the fast drum part. I'll use "///" to indicate what notes we sweep.

/ / / / / / / / /

After that they repeat each other so I'll skip to the first solo. c
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Sweet man...when will you be posting tabs to your other songs?
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its gonna take me a friggin long time to learn this
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i no understand you, but i am definitely going to be reading that cyberfret stuff alot from now on and hopefully ill pick something up from it.
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as much as i like this one... it's become the "monthly technique lesson"... any chance of something new anytime soon?
Originally posted by dmal
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taking dmal out of context... but i like the quote...
download my songs...
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Originally posted by ninjaadam44
as much as i like this one... it's become the "monthly technique lesson"... any chance of something new anytime soon?

I hate replies like this, i get the same kinda thing with GOTW, we are all well aware how long a particular sticky has been up. Garett probably has a lot of things going on at the minute like we all do. You gotta realise some of the mods are in full time work, have families etc, basically we have responsibilities which can take up a lot of our spare time. If people are so concerned they should step up and offer to do a lesson themselves. Rant over!
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