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Anchor or No Anchor??

well I am just starting to learn how to shred and I wanna know if anchoring will limit my atlernate picking speed or not
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what the hell does it mean to anchor?
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I don't know if it really matters much, but I've heard anchoring slows you down.
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yeah anchoring is either using your pinkie or three fingers for support i just wannt find out so i can change now so it wont be harder to change later if i need to and i dont want to limit myself
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Congratulations you have just posted thread number 100000000 on this topic. Do a search before you start threads.
But anyway there are to many awesome guitarists that anchor their pinkie or palm or whatever for it to be a problem. eg. John Petrucci, Marty Friedman, Joe Stump, Michael Angelo Batio, Steve Morse just to name a few.
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John Kimble
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Anchoring will not slow you down, anyone who says it does is just being anal.
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steve vai82
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i have read from several different sources that say anchoring is bad. Now, if virtuoso's like Pertrucci, MAB, and Marty anchor than obviously anchoring can be good too. But as for me, I was reading a different thread on this topic today and I tried to get used to not anchoring and I can tell you honestly my speed has already improved a little. Its hard to get used to not anchoring (primarily dealing with accuracy) but I think its worth it. That way your wrist is not restricted as much.
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i was always told anchoring your pinky was good.
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I anchor my pinky wihtout thinking about it, sometimes.

or do mean anchor your palm to the bridge sort of speak ?
Just a slight movement of my palm gose from mutting to ring.
I don't even think about it.

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I anchor.
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I anchor. Don't worry about it, I'd say you're fine doing it.
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steve vai82
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I think though, in terms of shred its better to not have an anchor. That frees up your wrist and alternate picking is all in the wrist.
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alright thanks, i just needed to know because when i was picking sometimes my pinkie ankor would keep rubbing on the pick gaurd thus slowing me down so ill try both ways and see which one helps me better
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I wouldnt anchor. You can't do it without creating tension, it limits your movement, and it creates friction. What advantages does it have? None.
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Smokey Amp
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MAB doesn't anchor...Well, from what I've seen anyway...
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Sir Edwin CBE
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It's preference. Any type of tension will make you slow down so just make sure that you're not creating tension. Also try playing without anchoring too - just see which one you prefer.
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i used to anchor. after reading a lot on the subject i decided to stop. it is a hard habit to break, but my speed went up 10 fold, there was LESS tension in my hand/wrist/arm, and my accuracy even improved. i would recommend not anchoring. i will be hard at first, but worth it in the end. btw, i have NEVER read anything on technique that said you should anchor. (really, the most important thing you can do with your playing is to work out/get rid of any tension. for me, although i didn't realize it, i was creating tension by anchoring)

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There are LOADS of these threads floating around, and please DON'T ANCHOR, for reasons that I'm sure have been explained above.

Seriously, don't.
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thanks guys then i wont anchor
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