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50 worst things to happen to music

Blender's 50 worst things to happen to music

#50 is sh!t in my opinion,but #24,#12,and #6 are easily the best one's on the list.

Feel free to post your favorites and if you feel like it,your own lists
When your body's tired, exercise your mind.
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i took one look at this list and knew it was bad!!
sgt peppers is one of the BEST things to have ever happened to music!!
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silent caution
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courtney love, the worst thing ever
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Yeah *winks*
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my chemical romance *shudders*
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tard on tour
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who's blender?

Not only did the split force us to endure Slash's Snakepit

endure? what the fuck is this guy on about?
you cant spell manslaughter without laughter

Originally Posted by ACG
I like my women how I like my cookies. Smothered in diarrhea.

Last edited by tard on tour : 04-27-2006 at 05:07 PM.
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legalize it.
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how about the 80's as a whole (lol i kidd)

no really how about
britney spears
back street boys
The wee baby seamus
Originally Posted by Spaceonaut
You'd fall in love? GAY! Quit gaying up this already gay thread.

check out my amp build

get at me on xbox1/PS4: gnarkoala
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Originally Posted by silent caution
courtney love, the worst thing ever

Signatures fucking suck.
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#14. Florida
Let us be perfectly clear: We are not besmirching Florida, the strong African-American matriarch of TV's 'Good Times.' We are besmirching Florida, the Sunshine State, unholy font of the BACKSTREET BOYS, 'NSYNC, O-TOWN, LIMP BIZKIT, 2 LIVE CREW, dangling chads and an army of drum-pummeling, grizzly-bear-mimicking death-metal bands with names too "evil" (i.e., moronic) to mention.

A curse upon the balmy southern realm!

this one was my favorite.
The trouble with nude dancing is that not everything stops moving when the music does.

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Not just 50, the whole G-Unit.
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Metal Matt
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1 is pretty damn funny, and although I take personal offense to the comment about the army of death metal bands from florida.... I guess they might have a point.
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Nearly Every Hip-Hop Videos:
We get it.

Your ride is pimped, your crib is a castle and at the drop of an ice-encrusted hat, you can have tons of scantily clad ho's pouring bottles of Cristal down your gullet while you kick it in the hot tub. Congratulations to a generation of hip-hop video directors for making decadence seem so ? boring.

I agree.
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Art is Resistance
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I took offense to the stab at Progressive Rock in #50... and the whole Jazz Fusion thing where they complain about time sigs... That stuff isnt for the faint of heart(or uneducated, pompous dickhead writters for a lame magazine about pop music and famous people)

#1 is by far too true to ever fully appreciate though.
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next satriani
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lol, some of those are so true, but all the hip hop and rap stuff didn't deserve to be on there, thats not music, that fast talking and clapping half the time
Originally Posted by yawn
I heard Hitler was a pretty good guitarist back in his day...

pretty song (great name eh?)
hard rock/heavy metal
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frying nemo08
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that list sucks, as does blender
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:lol: at the Van Halen section

though yeah, that list is bull****
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rap, LOLz0rz

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Location: Wisconsin. Anti-Bush, LeDzEp LoVeRbOy is a pirate hooker and The Beatles Really Are The Greatest Club Members.
Blender is crap...
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Mr. President
da prez
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metallica cutting their hair.
The hourglass
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Fly on...
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Delighfully twisted
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Why was Kurt Cobain left off that list?
"There's Jimmy Page, one of the biggest thieves of American black music to ever walk the Earth."
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selfstyled voice o reason
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the ones i found funny:

41 - melisma
35-32 - four van halen things in a row
31 - jazz fusion
16 - replacement lead singers
13 - light aircraft
11 - you really have to see them live
1 - kids today
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