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I got this guitar and a Brian May Red Special in trade for my 07' Gibson Flying V. I'll never regret that trade. Sold the red special and thought that this korean Telecaster fmt was a keeper. When I spoke to the original owner, I got interested whe he told me that he had a mahogany set-in telecaster with Duncan PU's. I plugged it into my amp and felt in love with it's tone: It reminds me of a Gibson Sg due to the materials and PAF-like humbuckers (It has a Pearly gates and a 59') but it has much more bite thanks to the longer scale length. It is ultra comfy (contoured heel and belly cut -> WIN) and incredibly light. When coil-splitting, the guitar sounds incredibly well, clear but not thin, specially on the neck position. And the best thing is that is holds down-tuning pretty well: Now it is set in drop C and keeps sounding tight and full. On to the pics:

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You cannot go wrong with a Telecaster! HNGD! Enjoy it!
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Originally Posted by gregs1020
FatalGear41 knows the ways of the obscure. I hear it's just not with Gibsons. Beware, Halloween approaches...

Originally Posted by Spaz91
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Wow, that Tele is jaw-dropping beautiful. HNGD!
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Gorgeous! How's she sound?
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I guess it's very uncharacteristic of Fender to make a set neck Tele with a flame top, but it is very cool that they did. Schecter would be right at home on that headstock. That's a lot of plus points for weirdness right there - and I love Telecasters too.

Oh, I like the worn case. All mine are new and shiny still...

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Ahh ****.. I miss my amberburst now

Beautiful guitar, That pickup combo can cover pretty much everything you throw at it!!
I shouldn't post when drunk..

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Wow, it's beautiful! Enjoy!
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That thing is beautiful! Wish I could get my hands on one! Have fun!
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Hi mom!
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nice fender!
Originally Posted by Cathbard
I may just make you an honorary Aussie for that one greg.

if i've ever aspired for anything...
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Wow, have fun!
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sweet nice colour too
Originally Posted by lemurflames
I had a Blackstar. I felt like I was lied to by Chappers, that fat ****.

Originally Posted by Cathbard
Blackstar can blow me; dodgey ****ers.

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I bought one about a month or so ago. Such a GREAT guitar!
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Sexy tele man! I bet she screams.
Originally Posted by eGraham
I'm not artsy at all. At least not in the visual sense.

But, I did just eat some pizza so I am quite fartsy

Originally Posted by Axelfox
Dude i like rap and stuff. Im a furry and I also have a wolf plush with a hole that i use at times.

Only at times, though.
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That's definitely a sexy guitar, TS! Nice find!


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Will Lane
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Pearly gates is a beautiful pickup
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