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Question The Smiths..Best English band since The Beatles?

Excuse the ambitious title, but at least its attention grabbing. I wanted some views from all the UGer's out there as to what they thought/think of The Smiths, particularly Morriseys voice,are they Over-rated/Under-rated? Best work? Lasting contribution?

And when/where/if ever is it appropriate to cover one of their songs or will the poignancy and brilliance of Morriseys lyrics 99% pass over the average drunk pub/club go-er's head and be deemed "too serious"?

Personally, I think Morrisey is one of the greatest songwriters, certainly in a lyrical sense, of the past 50 years. And I think as a vocalist he has a wonderful voice.

Well if your a Smiths fan and you are as bored as I am hopefully replies will ensue.
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Morrisey is number 3 on my most hated list.
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never really been a fan of the smiths, and when i saw morrisey live in 2004 - it put the icing on the cake.

dire, imo.
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louis p
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Like em, but i prefer the jam.
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I love the Smiths. I hate Morrissey.
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i really don't like morrissey.

i dislike his voice and i haven't gotten into the smiths for this reason.

over rated in my opinion..
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Yeah, Morrissey has a very easily hateable voice.

Maybe take comfort in the fact that they have the best song titles since the Beatles, but few of their songs really grab me like the titles - What Difference Does it Make probably being one of the only tunes I really like.
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As far as I am concerned, The Smiths are an awesome band, and quite posibly one of the best since the beatles. To be honest, I'd rank them as third best behind Pink Floyd and Led Zep (excluding the beatles).

Morrissey's lyrics, especially during his time with The Smiths speak to me like no other lyrics ever have before. I find the guy to be a massive inspiration. Also, I look ayt Johnny Marr and I feel he is most probably the most underrated guitarist ever.

Perhaps the most underrated part of the asmiths is the bass and drums...the bass in 'This Charming Man', for example, is amazing, and keeps the song feeling bouncy...for lack of better word.

In my opinion, lyrically, and musically, the Smiths are one of the best bands to come around in years.

EDIT: To the thread starter, I agree with your views.
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Originally Posted by Caustic
I like this guy.

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I love The Smiths, but I like the Mozfather's solo stuff better. It just appeals to me more.
But The Smiths were how I got into him, so it doesn't really matter, I love them both.
The best Smiths album was Meat Is Murder. But that's just one thing. I believe The Smiths were the most important band since The Jam, lyrically and musically.
Andy Rourke was the best bassist of the new wave era, bar Bruce Foxton.
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I like the Smiths a lot, and I never seem to hear anything about them, so I guess I'd say underrated. Best English band since the Beatles? Def. not.
you tell me who's better. i think good charlote are better than the bealtes but that's only because their lyrics mean more and they are better musicians.

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hes a great writer and an annoying singer. smiths are cool.
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lo fi nights
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im down with the smiths, moz i just enjoi watching his decade long death rattle
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dont agree

i think radiohead
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I don't really know how a band can be considered 'the best'. I really like Morrisey's lyrics, although some are self-abosrbed and somewhat pretentious. Morrisey's voice is awful, IMO. The real talent lies within Marr and the jangling guitar pop he created. The Smiths would have been nothing without him. Meat is Murder was a pretty bad album though, in particular the failed protest of the title track. They probably rank with Led Zeppelin as the most influential British band since the Beatles.
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The Smiths are great, Morrissey is just a bitter old so and so, plus his solo stff is terrible. Also, he didn't turn up to the Isle of Wight festival a year or so ago. That maddened me.

They arent the best British band since Beatles.
They arent even the best British band from Manchester - that one goes to Joy Division.
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I love The Smiths but have never listened to Morrissey.
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The Smiths are simply amazing.

His lyrics.
The chiming guitars.

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it really depends on the songs. but i don't like them muck, i do like there's a light...

i mean how annoying his voice is
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the smiths were really great.
don't ask me to decide please.
i don't even know if i could decide between the smiths and joy division, much less the smiths, joy division and the beatles!

and for the record, morrisey is nothing without the rest of the smiths.
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I really love The Smiths, and Morrisseys voice.
But damn, his solo work pisses me off. He's become so damn self-righteous and irritating.
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