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El Bastardo
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Love them. Morrissey is the man ffs.
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Originally Posted by MEmmett
The Smiths are great, Morrissey is just a bitter old so and so, plus his solo stff is terrible. Also, he didn't turn up to the Isle of Wight festival a year or so ago. That maddened me.

They arent the best British band since Beatles.
They arent even the best British band from Manchester - that one goes to Joy Division.

yeah Joy divison rule, great to c another JD fan!
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antennas to heaven
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Id love to start listening to this band, what are some of there better songs?
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271 pounds of charm
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Fantastic fantastic fantasic fantastic.

I'd rather listen to the Smiths than the Beatles.
Originally posted by fuzzybunny
I hereby dub you the UG's new God of Love. Really. That was brilliant.

Originally posted by someone i can't remember
the one called lukef speaks the truth.
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Parpsin' in your face
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Originally Posted by stratstrummer40
Id love to start listening to this band, what are some of there better songs?

Just get Louder Than Bombs, it's a compilation of singles and B-sides and it's bloody great.

If you want specifics though:
How Soon Is Now?
I Know It's Over
This Charming Man
That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
Is It Really So Strange?
Hand In Glove
The Queen Is Dead
Handsome Devil
Bigmouth Strikes Again
The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
Pretty Girls Make Graves
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
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antennas to heaven
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^ sweeet, thanks man, ill check that out.
'cause a dirty boy like me dont fight clean.
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^You'd be better to get the actual 'Singles' album or if you wanna buy a real album get the self titled.

Originally Posted by McClean05
Correction: Oasis are the best band since the Beatles . . .

Oasis are pish.
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Originally Posted by TheDarkestNights
Originally Posted by StuartR
Ian MacKaye
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Cause = time
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only recently started getting into this band. genuinely brilliant
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Radiohead is defenitely the best band since the beatles
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To Repel Ghosts
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The Beatles and Radiohead are worlds apart, but are still amazing bands.

Who cares who the best Band? It's ****ing music, The Beatles have left an unbeatable legacy.
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marine bioligist
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not the best british since beatles.
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I think the best brittish band since The Beatles have got to be The Stone Roses, they do everything for me. The Second Comming i think is just as good as there first album.
I really hate both Morrisey and The Smiths..
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Prologue to History
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I second the Stone Roses though i think new order could well be up there
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curtis uck
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radiohead. best brittish band ever. but the smiths were rather excellent even if morriseys an arrogant prick. but the ruled they did.
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Originally Posted by civildp1
Morrisey is number 3 on my most hated list.

You have a most hated list, you should get out more
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yea man i agree. oasis is the best british since the beatles, followed by the stone roses. morrissey is a twat and johnny marr is awesome, however noel still rules the roost.
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There's music in England that is derived from the Beatles and then music that is more Rolling Stones-ish. I would say the Smiths are most definitely on the side of the Stones. I'm a big fan of both camps, to be honest.

Morrisey's lyrics are amazing. Johnny Marr's got good style.

I'd say they're a great band, but unlike other bands to recently make it in the US (Radiohead, Coldplay, Oasis, to name a few) they really never "broke it big" here...

So I'm gonna have to say no.

Originally Posted by oasis247
morrissey is a twat and johnny marr is awesome, however noel still rules the roost.

And the Gallaghers and McGhee, the "Oasis Svengali" aren't twats?

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UG's 14 Year old Douche
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Better than The Beatles. They're music is really seems to connect with alot of people, myself included...no one likes their debut LP as much as i do, never understood why...
as far as Morrissey, he's one of my favorites. Hes an incredible man, but i could see why hes a very 'love him or hate him' kinda guy...

EDIT: best british band since Beatles...also:
New Order
My Bloody Valentine
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Disillusioned Member
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^^ [I absolutely adore their debut album, its easily on a par with the later stuff, despite being more despondent and edgy]

The Smiths are easily my favourite band, including the Beatles, and I think it's hard to argue that they are not also one of the BEST (if we're speaking in terms of importance, ingenuity and technical ability).

While I can understand, though not necessarily agree with , anyone who dislikes Morrissey's vocals, or even their sound and songs in general, in terms of quality I think they must surely be respected for what they achieved. Morrissey's lyrics are witty and observant, while Marr's guitar playing and compositions are easily some of the most complex and original ever attempted by a British guitar band. Not to mention the impossibly tight and steady rhythm section, who are so frequently overlooked.

So I suppose whether you like them or not is purely a matter of choice, but bear in mind that without the Smiths there would be no Noel Gallagher, Alex Turner, Jarvis Cocker, John Squire, etc etc etc... And for the most part you can take THEIR word for it.
"Scratch my name on your arm with a fountain pen - this means, you really love me" - Morrissey, 1985
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*Truly Ninja*
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radiohead is the best band ever.
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