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What is the best advice you've received that's improved your playing?

As the title says.

It seems to me that it's just practice, practice, practice and try and use a metronome for scales, but anyone else got any hot tips.
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To only use JUST enough presure with your fretting hand to make a note sound, rather than wasting energy mashing down the fretboard when really playing guitar requires little energy.
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slow down......... then be amazed at how fast you learn to play =p
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For me, from my dad. Always told me to hit the strings harder, give some punch into it!
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Shallow and pedantic.
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Two things mainly:

1 - Speed comes from accuracy; speed doesn't matter unless it's accurate.

2 - To speed up your movements they should be not only fast but smaller as well; smaller movements allow you to make more in any given time so makes sure you're moving as little as possible.
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The best advice i've got is to play guitar becouse i want it, and not becouse i have to. Force myself to play wont improve anything. When your motivated, you can achieve anything.
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How about the simple, "Don't give up"?

That has helped every guitarist who didn't give up.
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do what you feel, feel what you do (do what you wont, have heart in what you do)
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steven seagull
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Never worry about speed, concentrate on playing accurately and the speed develops naturally.

Oh, and also...learn to use your ears as well as your fingers.
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People with a duck for their avatar always give good advice.

...it's a seagull

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i wanna see a clip of a recto buying some groceries.

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The best advice I have ever received about improving my playing was practicing with a metronome. Very helpful with learning to keep time and increase speed.
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the relative minor scale trick, which is when someone is playing in the key of Am and you want to solo over it you can play a minor pentatonic shape on the fifth fret, in Am, or on the second fret, the key of F# or Gb. Could also play an octave higher
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Have balls, especially when you solo.
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take time to stop and look at what your hand and body are doing. Don't tense up! --- 2 bad i suck and i cant use a pick =(

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legendary thread
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Originally Posted by metalimaster
slow down......... then be amazed at how fast you learn to play =p

and teh metronome
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practice foo!
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Just have fun with it. Practice and love what you're doing. I suggest songwriting. Thats why I started guitar in the first place.
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Also, listen to a lot of music! Hell, I only play by ear! What's theory?
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